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How to troubleshoot hardware problems that look like malware problems

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what exactly is going wrong with your computer. What do you do if you’ve run all the scans, checked all the files, and everything says the PC is malware free? Here’s a list of common problems that resemble cybersecurity issues, but could be caused by something hardware-related instead. My computer is overheating Some t
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Tech Support Scams: a Beginner’s Guide

Tech Support Scams: a Beginner’s Guide Posted by David Harley on November 26, 2015.IntroductionI’ve spent a lot of time over the last few years writing and talking about tech support scams. That is, scams implemented by persuading victims that they need help to deal with a
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Microsoft Fixes Broken Security Patch MS14-045

Microsoft today re-released security bulletin MS14-045, which was pulled shortly after the August Patch Tuesday updates because a number of users reported crashes and blue screens. The patch was removed from Windows Update on Aug. 15, three days after it was released as part of Microsoft’s monthly patch cycle.“As soon as we became aware of some problems, we
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SSCC161 - What do you mean, "Trade him for Edward Snowden"? [PODCAST]

Sophos Security Chet Chat - Episode 161 - August 20, 2014News, opinion, advice and research!Here's our latest security podcast, featuring Sophos experts and Naked Security writers Chester Wisniewski and Paul Ducklin.(Audio player above not working? Download the MP3, or listen on Soundcloud.)Stories covered in this episode of the Chet Chat[1'17"] Microsoft p
Publish At:2014-08-21 19:00 | Read:4990 | Comments:0 | Tags:Apple Apple Safari Data loss Featured Law & order Microsoft

Microsoft pulls Patch Tuesday kernel update – MS14-045 can cause Blue Screen of Death

Microsoft has pulled one of its August 2014 Patch Tuesday updates.MS14-045, which fixes various security holes in the Windows kernel, can cause a Blue Screen of Death (BSoD), thus forcing a reboot.Apparently, the BSoD is caused by incorrect handling of the Windows font cache file - and because that happens during boot-up, you end up stuck in a reboot loop.(Y
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