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The InfoSecond, Oct. 19–23: Bitcoin, Polymorphic Malware and More!

Ready to get the week started with some of the top news about the InfoSec industry? This week’s edition of the InfoSecond features four stories: how banks have begun to invest in and experiment with Bitcoin and blockchain technology; the utilization of a polymorphic approach for security purposes; what you need to know about the new EMV chip-powered cr
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Crypto flaws in Blockchain Android app sent bitcoins to the wrong address

Blockchain, one of the Internet's most widely used Bitcoin wallets, has rushed out an update for its Android app after discovering critical cryptographic and programming flaws that can cause users to send digital coins to the wrong people with no warning.The vulnerabilities affect a subset of people who run Blockchain for Android on versions 4.1 or older
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MegaNet — New Decentralized, Non-IP Based and Encrypted Network

The Famous Internet entrepreneur and former hacker Kim Dotcom, who introduced legendary Megaupload and MEGA file sharing services to the World, has came up with another crazy idea — To start his very own Internet that uses the "blockchain".Just last month, Kim Dotcom, a German millionaire formerly known as Kim Schmitz, launched the public beta of its
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Hackers Phishing Leakers: A new BitCoin phishing social technique.

Recently I'm playing with a simple pastebin bot, basicaly it's a crawler for the pastebin.com website that applies a few regular expressions to new pastes and saves interesting ones. Services like this are all around the internet, one example is the leakedin website where you can find potential data leaks almost in real time and it's not new that hackers are
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Blockchain.info Second Website to Receive Tor Address

Blockchain.info has increased privacy and security measures for all its users by becoming the second website in the world to receive a .onion address. Users now have the ability to access their Blockchain online wallets directly through the Tor network. This eliminates the need to leave the network to access online wallets and prevents transaction intercepti
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Bitcoin Phishing Campaign Targets 400 Organizations

More than 400 organizations were recently targeted by a Bitcoin phishing campaign that intended to con users into disclosing their wallet passwords.According to Proofpoint, a California-based email security firm that recapped the campaign Wednesday, 12,000 messages were recently sent in two waves to a handful of representatives across the higher education, f
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