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Is it OK to circumvent Netflix’s geo-blocking? [POLL]

A lot of wars going on nowadays. The Crypto Wars is making headlines and Netflix has started their own War on VPN. It is actually a battle in the content industry’s long lasting War on piracy, which in practice turned out to be more like War on the customer and War on new technology. Netflix has recently started to block users who access the service through
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Imgur Abused in DDoS Attack Against 4Chan!

So a few of you might have noticed that we started blocking “Imgur.com” which is a popular image sharing website. The reason we did this is because of a vulnerability within their code that allowed cyber criminals to load malicious javascript code into the browsers of site users.  This in turn was used to turn each system into a DDoS weapon (Dist
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Ghostery: A Tool that Stops Trackers

For those who feel they are being watched by a “big brother”, there are several tools that will help you in stopping some of the online tracking that is going on. If you are using Firefox I would like to recommend this post about hardening Firefox. One of the options my colleague posted was Ghostery. Ghostery is available on their website for many browsers a
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Block In-App Purchases on iPhone and iPad with Family Protector

You've heard the horror stories about parents whose children rack up thousands in bills due to inadvertent in-app purchases. But not you, not today. You refuse to be a victim.Parents of children among all age ranges are not alone in the never-ending quest to maintain control of their family's iOS mobile devices. Many parents have had "the talk" with their ki
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Who’s responsible for the kids, parents or government?

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has declared war on Internet porn. He wants both Internet service providers and search engine owners to protect UK families against pornography. Political initiatives to control the Internet are typically badly prepared and in conflict with central principles of the net. This case is no different and the reactions are mostly n
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