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UK National Lottery knocked offline by a DDoS attack on Saturday

The UK National Lottery was knocked offline by a DDoS attack on Saturday, experts speculate the involvement of the dreaded Phantom Squad group. On Saturday, a DDoS attack knocked offline the UK National Lottery impeding Britons to buy the tickets on the www.national-lottery.co.uk website or through its associated app. According to DownDetector reports, thou
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Webcam Blackmail Cases Doubled in Past Year, Says NCA

The United Kingdom’s National Crime Agency (NCA) found that webcam blackmail cases have doubled since 2015.According to BBC News, the NCA tracked 864 reported cases of webcam blackmail up to November 2016. That’s more than double the 385 instances it recorded in 2015.Police chalk up the increase to sextortion, a type of blackmail which targets ma
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Customers of Liechtenstein banks blackmailed after data breach

Hackers first breached Liechtenstein banks then tried to monetize their efforts by threatening to disclose customers sensitive information. Hackers are targeting Liechtenstein banks, they breached a financial institution and accessed its data threatening to disclose it. The situation is particularly concerning due to sensitive nature of the data that are sto
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Extorting money from Ashley Madison customers is actually pretty easy

In the wake of the recent Ashley Madison e-mail dump, some customers have gotten demand e-mails like this one. CloudmarkSo that begs the question: does it work? In the words of Omar Little, "Oh, indeed."Further ReadingAshley Madison hack is not only real, it’s worse than we thoughtIntimate data for more than 30 million accounts, keys to Windows domain pu
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100 Bitcoin bounty slapped onto head of blackmailer who DDoSed Bitalo

On Saturday, an attacker and blackmailer "DD4BC" sent a note to the Bitalo Bitcoin exchange threatening distributed denial of service (DDoS).DD4BC demanded 1 Bitcoin (about £206, $326) as protection money and for "info on how I did it and what you need to do to prevent it".HelloYour site is extremely vulnerable to ddos attacks.I want to offer you info how to
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Serial hacker pleads guilty to bank bitcoin blackmail

A 22-year-old with a lengthy history of convictions pleaded guilty last week to charges of blackmail and fraud, after threatening to reveal details of thousands of phished bank accounts if the bank involved refused to pay up.The man, Lewys Martin, originally from the town of Walmer near Deal in Kent, apparently got his hands on 28,000 sets of account details
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