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Lazy BlackHat Presentations Crawler

Many infosec professionals joined Las Vegas to attend the BlackHat security conference. As I’m not part of those lucky people so I’m waiting for the presentations (they are published when the talk is completed). But I don’t have time to lose sitting in front of my computer and pressing F5… So let’s crawl them automatically…
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Black Hat Europe 2015 Wrap-Up

[The post Black Hat Europe 2015 Wrap-Up has been first published on /dev/random] Here is my quick wrap-up of Black Hat Europe 2015 which just terminated today. Due to a high workload, I joined Amsterdam only today to attend the second day of briefings and… I’m not disappointed! As usual, there was very interesting sessions and other less attractive. I
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Locating SAT based C&Cs

Recently, Kaspersky published a research about how a russian APT group use hijacked satellite links to anonymise their malware command-and-control (C&C) servers (Satellite Turla: APT Command and Control in the Sky). As they say in their blog post, I researched and published how to abuse satellite DVB-S/2 internet communications, the technique used during
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Security Nightmare of Driverless Cars

The fear of malicious actors taking control of glaring flaws in smart cars is on the rise. This threat is therefore considered to be one of the major technical challenges confronting the automotive industry today.Car ManufacturersInitially, car manufacturers were not very familiar with the cyber security community. From a hacker’s perspective, as more and mo
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3D Imaging System in Driver-less Cars Can Be Hacked

The laser navigation system and sensors of driverless cars can be easily exploited by hackers as they can trick them into getting paralyzed thinking about a probable collision with another person, car or hurdle. Lidar 3D Imaging System is vulnerable to hack attacks. It is a system used by autonomous vehicles to create an image of the surroundings and naviga
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Experts Found a Unicorn in the Heart of Android

UPDATE: Zimperium’s Mobile Threat Protection customers are safe from this threat, even without updating the device to the latest Android version. Companies that have reasons to believe that they are under active Stagefright attacks, should contact us ASAP at stagefright-urgent@zimperium.com Zimperium Research Labs (zLABS) will release a video later this wee
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How to Protect from StageFright Vulnerability

Earlier this week, Zimperium (@ZIMPERIUM), the leader in mobile threat protection, unveiled a major vulnerability in Android – Stagefright. Joshua Drake (@jduck), VP of Platform Research and Exploitation and a senior member of Zimperium zLabs, proactively studied the code. According to a few firms, other people have identified vulnerabilities in Stagef
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ZHA – Accelerating roll-out of Security Patches

Reflecting on our collective experiences in the Android ecosystem, especially recent events around Stagefright, we were reminded of several deficiencies in the way that Android security update ecosystem works. To help address these issues, we are pleased to announce Zimperium’s Handset Alliance. The creation of this coalition will serve to support our goal o
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Stagefright wakes up the mobile eco-system

Not everyday you get to wake up an entire eco-system ! Stagefright discovery by Joshua Drake (@jduck) at Zimperium – Mobile Threat Protection. At the time of writing this blog, ZHA has more than 25 members, comprising top 3 Android smartphone vendors, and 5 out of top 10 mobile carriers (by revenue) globally. Zimperium Handset Alliance (ZHA) members ar
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Should Infosec Professionals Hack To Understand the Mind of the Attacker?

The fact that cyber threats are increasing in both variety and number is placing greater and greater demands on information security professionals, who are trying to stay one step ahead of the attackers. To anticipate where and how an attacker might strike next, security professionals are realizing the importance of being able to understand the mind of the a
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Forget Blackhat – The Best Hacking Movies of All Time

As someone who spends way too much time in Internet land, especially around the data protection and hacking crowd that I come across running a VPN review site, I wind up talking about hacker movies often.With Blackhat, starring Chris Hemsworth, stirring up interest in hacking movies again, we had a bit of a debate around the office. Not all hacker movies are
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How to Get Accepted at Blackhat

One of the most common things I get asked as part of my Review Board for the Blackhat security conference is, “How do I get my submission accepted?” It’s a fair question and it’s understandable how it would appear to be a total black box. But there are actually a fairly clear set of criteria that the board uses. We aren’t str
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Blackhat Gets Hacking Mostly Right, Makes a Few Hacks of Its Own

Director Michael Mann’s cyber-thriller, Blackhat, opened in theaters this weekend, and promised to be the most realistic portrayal of cybersecurity to date. So, of course, I just had to get down to my local theater and see it for myself. For those of you unfamiliar with the terminology, blackhat is a name derived from hacker slang for a person who hacks for
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Blackhat – A Review

Editor’s Note: Dan Lacey is a TRC Training Supervisor at WhiteHat Security and he recently blogged about the new move ‘Blackhat’ which was released in the theaters on Jan. 16 on his own personal blog. We have republished his movie review here as we are sure that many of our readers might be considering this movie as part of their upcoming e
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5 hacker myths squashed in 5 mins or less

Not a myth! Today, the Blackhat movie hit theaters with its surprisingly realistic portrayal of hacking (save for the shanking and guns). But while we’re impressed with it’s accuracy, we know there are plenty of hacker myths that need to be aired. In the past year, hacking stepped into the mainstream spotlight. Adversaries breached major household brand nam
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