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Stealthy Symbiote Linux malware is after financial institutions

Symbiote, a new “nearly impossible to detect” Linux malware, targeted financial sectors in Latin America—and the threat actors behind it might have links to Brazil. These findings were revealed in a recent report, a joint effort between the Blackberry Research Team and Dr. Joakim Kennedy, a security researcher with Intezer. Despite its name, t
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Cars and hospital equipment running Blackberry QNX may be affected by BadAlloc vulnerability

Following an announcement by Blackberry the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) have put out alerts that vulnerabilities found in the Blackberry QNX real-time operating system (RTOS) may introduce risks for certain medical devices. Manufacturers are assessing which devices may be affe
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Ennetcom – Dutch Police confirmed to have decrypted BlackBerry PGP messages in a criminal case

The Dutch police decrypted a number of PGP messages sent by crooks through their BlackBerry mobile devices for the criminal investigation on Ennetcom. PGP is an open source end-to-end encryption standard that can be used to sign emails, files, documents, or disk partitions. On April 2016, the Dutch Police arrested a 36-year-old man on suspicion of money laun
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Bye Bye BlackBerry. There’s a new kind of smartphone security.

BlackBerry used to define the Smartphone sphere. Once popular for its physical keyboard and exclusive-for-users IM service, now BlackBerry has been left out in the cold. The Canadian company recently announced that they will no longer make the devices. However, they will continue to market the phones that will be manufactured by other companies. So, why buy
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Zimperium Partners with BlackBerry to Provide Mobile Threat Detection

I am very excited our strategic partnership with BlackBerry is gaining momentum. zIPS and BlackBerry’s Good Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform and BES12 are integrated to deliver enterprise and government customers with comprehensive mobile threat detection, risk analysis and prevention for both iOS and Android devices.  “Good Dynamics and BES12 integrated wi
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Road Warriors: Beware of ‘Video Jacking’

A little-known feature of many modern smartphones is their ability to duplicate video on the device’s screen so that it also shows up on a much larger display — like a TV. However, new research shows that this feature may quietly expose users to a simple and cheap new form of digital eavesdropping. Dubbed “video jacking” by its master
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Canadian law enforcement obtained BlackBerry Global encryption Key

A report published by the VICE News confirmed that the Canadian law enforcement obtained the BlackBerry encryption Key under the investigation Op Clemenza. BlackBerry is probably the first mobile vendor that implemented end-to-end encryption to protect communications of its users. Now an embarrassing report published by Vice News revealed that BlackBerry h
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BlackBerry sets up cybersecurity consulting service

BARCELONA -- BlackBerry on Wednesday announced a new 60-person cybersecurity consulting service, which will include staff from its recent acquisition of UK-based Encription Limited.The purchase of Encription was completed Feb. 19, but terms were not disclosed.BlackBerry officials at Mobile World Congress said cybersecurity consulting is a lucrative field
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Targeted Mobile Implants in the Age of Cyber-Espionage

Background When mass-produced electronic spying programs became widely known by the public, many email providers, businesses, and individuals started to use data encryption. Some of them have implemented forced encryption solutions to server connections, while others went further and implemented end-to-end encryption for data transmission as well as server s
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What 'El Chapo,' Sean Penn and BlackBerry teach us about encryption

Have you heard the one about the Mexican drug kingpin, the eccentric movie star and the Ugly Duckling smartphone that's all of a sudden the talk of the tech town for all the wrong reasons?No? Me neither, but recent reports about the role Sean Penn and BlackBerry phones allegedly played in the capture of two-time prison escapee and illegal-substance peddl
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BlackBerry Warns Many Products Vulnerable to FREAK Attack

BlackBerry is warning customers that a large portion of the company’s product portfolio is vulnerable to the FREAK SSL attack. Many versions of the BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry Enterprise Server are vulnerable to FREAK, as are a number of versions of BlackBerry Messenger.The advisory from BlackBerry says that there are no workarounds for the attack on
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Hackers target Facebook users exploiting Same Origin Policy vulnerability

Security Experts at Trend Micro discovered a series of hacking attacks targeting Facebook users and exploiting the Same Origin Policy vulnerability. A serious security vulnerability affects the default web browser of the Android OS lower than 4.4, according the data provided by Google official dashboard nearly the 66% of And
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Don’t Jailbreak Your iPhone if You Want to Avoid the Cloud Atlas Malware

Cloud Atlas is the latest purported example of sophisticated state-sponsored malware, said to have snooped on diplomats, oil industry workers and the financial industry, intercepting communications and recording phone calls.And iPhone and iPad users don't escape entirely unscathed.According to detailed reports published by Blue Coat and Kaspersky, victims in
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BlackBerry 10 Devices Open to Bug That Allows Malicious App Installation

BlackBerry has patched a vulnerability in its BlackBerry 10 devices that could allow an attacker to intercept users’ traffic to and from the BlackBerry World app store and potentially install malware on a targeted device.The vulnerability is a weakness in the integrity checking system that BlackBerry uses to verify the apps that users download. If an a
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Linux hits 23 - the Time Machine that changed the world!

Linux reached the entirely respectable age of 23 this week, more or less.More or less 23, that is, not more or less respectable.25 August 1991 was the day that a Finnish student named Linus Torvalds announced that he was working on a hobby operating system, and invited people to say what they'd like to see in it.Ironically, because his project didn't have a
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