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Sophos discovered new tricks to poison Google Search engine

Hackers are using a new search engine poisoning method to circumvent Google’s page ranking-algorithms, the technique relies on PDF documents. Researchers from Sophos discovered the new search poisoning method used to circumvent cloaking-detection mechanisms implemented by Google. The experts found hundreds of thousands
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Rich Snippets in Black Hat SEO

Competition in search marketing can be tough. Regardless of number of businesses/products/services relevant to a specific keyword there is only one top position and unless it’s your site at the top you miss out on the hefty share of the search traffic generated by that keyword. The lower the result is displayed the less attention it gets. Even if you a
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Cloaking: Think Outside of [Your] Box

Cloaking in SEO is defined as a technique in which the content presented to the search engine spider is different from that presented to the user’s browser (Wikipedia). But in case of hacked sites, cloaking is more tricky than just different content for search engines and for real users. It can also be different content for different types of users. Mo
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Analyzing [Buy Cialis] Search Results

A few days ago I was updating the spammy word highlighting functionality in Unmask Parasites results and needed to test the changes on real websites. To find hacked websites with spammy content I would normally google for [viagra] or [cialis], which are arguably the most targeted keywords used in black hat SEO hacks. However after the Google’s June up
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Reporting Suspicious Styles

Back in 2008, the very first task that I created Unmask Parasites for was scanning web pages for hidden links. I read an article about thousands of WordPress blogs being stuffed with dozens of invisible spammy links. I had a self-hosted WordPress blog too and that article made me think if there was some easy way to figure out whether my blog was hacked, some
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Google -> Doorway -> Google -> Spam

Just a few thoughts about an interesting behavior of a black-hat SEO doorway. Typically hackers create doorways on compromised sites to make search engines rank them for certain keywords and then, when searchers click on the links in search results, those doorways redirect them further to a site that hackers really promote. Sometime that redirect may go thro
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