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Vimeo sued for storing faceprints of people without their say-so

byLisa VaasYou didn’t tell me that you’re collecting and storing my faceprint, you didn’t tell me why or for how long, you didn’t get my written OK to do it, and you haven’t told us how long you’re retaining our biometrics or how we can get you to nuke them, another Illinois resident has said in yet another proposed facial
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Biometrics: Forever the “next big thing”

It’s not every day we get to assess biometric systems from a security perspective, they are still somewhat esoteric and testing them doesn’t quite fit with the usual slew of things that come along with being a security consultant. Recent engagements reminded us of just how interesting this facet of the industry can be and so we decided to write u
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Is your sign signed?

Modern autonomous vehicles use a number of sensors to analyse their surroundings and act upon changes in their environment. A brilliant idea in theory, but how much of this sensory information can we actually trust? Cisco’s Security Advisory R&D team, a.k.a. Portcullis Labs, decided to investigate further. Various researchers have documented attack
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In India, Personal Data of Millions Exposed by Gov’t Mistake

Around 1 billion citizens registered with a twelve-digit number and recorded in a database with their biometric and personal information. India has scanned the iris and fingerprint of its citizens as part of the Aadhaar initiative, the largest biometric project on the planet, for identification purposes upon accessing social security and other services. Sinc
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US Defense is working on new multifactor authentication systems

DARPA is currently developing a multifactor authentication system that will replace the current common access card (CAC). According to a report published by American Security Today, the DARPA High-Assurance Cyber Military Systems (HACMS) program is designing technology for the creation of safe and secure cyber-physical systems. DARPA is currently developing
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Shakespeare, the Wizard of Oz and Multifactor Authentication

In 1601, William Shakespeare wrote a comedy called “Twelfth Night.” The story is about a pair of twins with identity issues. To illustrate that the characters share similar thoughts, Shakespeare wrote, “My purpose is, indeed, a horse of that color.” For many decades, a horse of the same color was analogous to similar thoughts or plans
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Two-Factor Authentication: A Little Goes a Long Way

Despite the security industry’s best efforts to educate users about the weaknesses of password authentication, awareness remains frustratingly low. Keeper Security recently analyzed 10 million compromised accounts and found that just 25 passwords made up more than half of the list. Nearly 17 percent of users were guarding their accounts with the passwo
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Hacked by a Kid?! A Story to Illustrate the State of Authentication Today

You may have seen the recent headlines covering the story of a snoozing mother who, while taking a nap on the couch, was innocently hacked by her 6-year-old. The child purchased $250 worth of toys on Amazon using her mother’s fingerprint for authentication. What an ingenious young one indeed! Humorous as this story may be, it points out one of the many
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Too Many Passwords: Is the End in Sight?

Since passwords are a shared secret between a user and a system, a threat vector exists at both the client and the service provider. Experts have declared for years that the password alone was never considered a long-term solution for securely identifying a user, according to CNET. End users are finding it increasingly difficult to protect their passwords fr
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Security Starts With People: Know Who They Are, Know What They Do

Each day, in every corporation, school, government organization and nonprofit, people are generating great value for the economy by creating, manipulating and interacting with precious information. In fact, much of the value in today’s economy is created and stored digitally, from intellectual property, trade secrets and customer lists to the actual do
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French plan for biometric database of 60 million people sparks outcry

When the French government quietly announced, in the middle of a holiday weekend, the merging of two files to create a megadatabase holding the biometrics of almost 60 million French citizens, it was clearly hoping to avoid an outcry.It failed.Among those lining up to criticize the government's move are its own minister of state for the Digital Sector an
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Cyber crooks focus on the future as ATM Biometric Skimmers go on Sale

Kaspersky Lab presented an investigation on the future of ATM Biometric Skimmers and how cybercriminals could exploit them. A recent investigation by Kaspersky Labs reports that a number of underground sellers are offering skimmers, which have the capability of stealing users biometric data such as fingerprints. A number of others are researching iris scanni
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Note7 iris scanner not quite ready for prime time (video)

Samsung's impressive new Galaxy Note7 smartphone is a genuine tech-spec powerhouse.Across the board, the Note7's hardware is top of the line. Its large display is glorious, for example. It comes with 64GB of built-in storage — and it supports microSD memory cards. The phone is made with premium materials, such as Corning Gorilla Glass and steel.
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Kill a smartphone password with a scan of your eye

Remembering passwords can be a headache; instead, why not log into your computer with a scan of your eye?The hardware and software to make iris scanning a key feature is now reaching smartphones and PCs. The process is simple: An infrared scanner on a device will scan your iris, and verify its authenticity against encrypted information stored on
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3D printing of a dead man’s fingers allows unlocking his phone

The US federal authorities asked a 3D printing lab to recreate a dead man’s fingers to unlock his smartphone … will it work? Do you remember the battle Apple vs FBI conducted to force the IT giant on unlocking the San Bernardino Shooter’s iPhone, well it has become a story of the past. The federal authorities are working on a new technique for
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