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Biometrics: Choosing the Right Option for Your Security

Do you know who your customers are? Not their demographics, but each customer as they enter your online portal and provide their name, address and credit card number. Or, what about the customer who requests the right to be forgotten and have personal information deleted from your system? Identity verification is required in many, if not most, online transa
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When Your Heartbeat Becomes Data: Benefits and Risk of Biometrics

Knowing who your users are today is more important than ever. This explains, in part, why integrating biometric usage into identity and access management (IAM) appears appealing. Throw in some artificial intelligence (AI) to help manage all these data points, and the future of biometrics looks pretty wild. The appeal of using biometrics for identity and acc
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Facial recognition: tech giants take a step back

Last week, a few major tech companies informed the public that they will not provide facial recognition software to law enforcement. These companies are concerned about the way in which their technology might be used. What happens when software that threatens our privacy falls into the hands of organization which we no longer trust? In general, being awar
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Clearview AI facial recogition sued again – this time by ACLU

byPaul DucklinThe facial recognition company that everyone – or at least a large chunk of everyone – loves to hate, Clearview AI, is to get yet another day, and perhaps very much longer than that, in a Chicago courtroom.The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), together with four community organisations based in the US state of Illinois, has bro
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Lock and Code S1Ep5: Mythbusting and understanding VPNs with JP Taggart

This week on Lock and Code, we discuss the top security headlines generated right here on Labs and around the Internet. In addition, we talk to JP Taggart, senior security researcher at Malwarebytes, about VPNs—debunking their myths, explaining their actual capabilities, and providing some advice on what makes a strong VPN. Tune in for all this and m
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The passwordless present: Will biometrics replace passwords forever?

When it comes to securing your sensitive, personally identifiable information against criminals who can engineer countless ways to snatch it from under your nose, experts have long recommended the use of strong, complex passwords. Using long passphrases with combinations of numbers, letters, and symbols that cannot be easily guessed has been the de facto sec
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As if the world couldn’t get any weirder, this AI toilet scans your anus to identify you

byLisa VaasYes, your continuous health monitoring Internet of Things (IoT) wrist wrapper well may track your sleep quality and how many calories you burn, but answer me this: does it stick artificial intelligence (AI) sensors up in your business to capture your urine flow and the Sistine Chapel-esque glory of the unique-as-a-fingerprint biometric that is you
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Two schoolkids sue Google for collecting biometrics

byLisa VaasTwo schoolchildren have sued Google, alleging that it’s illegally collecting their voiceprints, faceprints and other personally identifiable information (PII).The students were identified only as HK and JC in the complaint, which was filed on Thursday in San Jose, CA, in the US District Court of Northern California. The children are suing th
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NIST shared dataset of tattoos that’s been used to identify prisoners

byLisa VaasIn 2017, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit looking to force the FBI and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to cough up info about Tatt-C (also known as the Tattoo Recognition Challenge): a tattoo recognition program that involves creating an “open tattoo database
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Clearview AI loses entire database of faceprint-buying clients to hackers

byLisa VaasClearview AI, the controversial facial recognition startup that’s gobbled up more than three billion of our photos by scraping social media sites and any other publicly accessible nook and cranny it can find, has lost its entire list of clients to hackers – including details about its many law enforcement clients.In a notification that
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Vimeo sued for storing faceprints of people without their say-so

byLisa VaasYou didn’t tell me that you’re collecting and storing my faceprint, you didn’t tell me why or for how long, you didn’t get my written OK to do it, and you haven’t told us how long you’re retaining our biometrics or how we can get you to nuke them, another Illinois resident has said in yet another proposed facial
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Biometrics: Forever the “next big thing”

It’s not every day we get to assess biometric systems from a security perspective, they are still somewhat esoteric and testing them doesn’t quite fit with the usual slew of things that come along with being a security consultant. Recent engagements reminded us of just how interesting this facet of the industry can be and so we decided to write u
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Is your sign signed?

Modern autonomous vehicles use a number of sensors to analyse their surroundings and act upon changes in their environment. A brilliant idea in theory, but how much of this sensory information can we actually trust? Cisco’s Security Advisory R&D team, a.k.a. Portcullis Labs, decided to investigate further. Various researchers have documented attack
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In India, Personal Data of Millions Exposed by Gov’t Mistake

Around 1 billion citizens registered with a twelve-digit number and recorded in a database with their biometric and personal information. India has scanned the iris and fingerprint of its citizens as part of the Aadhaar initiative, the largest biometric project on the planet, for identification purposes upon accessing social security and other services. Sinc
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US Defense is working on new multifactor authentication systems

DARPA is currently developing a multifactor authentication system that will replace the current common access card (CAC). According to a report published by American Security Today, the DARPA High-Assurance Cyber Military Systems (HACMS) program is designing technology for the creation of safe and secure cyber-physical systems. DARPA is currently developing
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