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Best Buy fails to erase some returned devices before re-selling them

It's never a good idea to return a computer or other gadget to a store without first erasing all your personal data. Stores with good policies and training will generally wipe devices back to factory settings before selling them again, but you never know when one might slip through the cracks.Further ReadingBest Buy’s surprisingly insecure approach
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Spammers Cast Email Snares for Holiday Shoppers

ThreatTrack Security Labs recently identified some unsurprising holiday shopping threats via a seasonal malware delivery ploy: malicious holiday shopping spam. This particular campaign targeted customers of major retailers with a Thanksgiving Day message, but it would be best to stay on guard for similar ploys throughout the holiday season as predicted recen
Publish At:2014-12-03 23:00 | Read:8033 | Comments:0 | Tags:Featured Scams ThreatTrack Security Labs asprox best buy hol


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