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Crooks took control over operations of a Brazilian bank for 5 hours

Cyber criminals launched a sophisticated cyber heist that compromised the entire DNS infrastructure of a major Brazilian Bank. A cyber criminal organization took over online service of a major Brazilian bank for five hours. The hackers compromised the bank DNS system and intercepted all the connections to the financial institution. According to Kaspersky L
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Financial Industry Mobile Threats: How Banking Opportunity Meets Attack Liability

Financial companies see mobility as a competitive frontier for their business, and rightfully so. A superior mobile experience now does more to differentiate a bank than 1000 physical branches. As we’ve said before, killer banking apps are valuable assets to financial institutions, as customers expect to handle almost every aspect of managing money on the go
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RATANKBA: Delving into Large-scale Watering Holes against Enterprises

In early February, several financial organizations reported malware infection on their workstations, apparently coming from legitimate websites. The attacks turned out to be part of a large-scale campaign to compromise trusted websites in order to infect the systems of targeted enterprises across various industries. The strategy is typically known as a “wate
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Govern Your API Banking Environment

Mobile and online banking have already taken their place as conventional banking channels. But banks are constantly looking for new, alternative delivery methods to sell their products and distribute their services. This new channel seems to be application program interface (API) banking. As always, emerging opportunities come with emerging risks. Transition
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RTM gang is the cybercrime organization that targets remote banking system

Researchers at ESET are monitoring the activity of a cybercrime group tracked as RTM that focuses its criminal operations on Remote Banking Systems. Experts at software firm ESET are monitoring the activity of a cybercrime group tracked as RTM that using a sophisticated malware written in Delphi language to target Remote Banking Systems (RBS). The Remote Ban
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Experts at BAE Systems found false flags in the Lazarus malware

Security experts who analyzed the malware used in the attacks against the Polish banks discovered false flags in the Lazarus malicious code. A few weeks ago, security experts reported that the systems of several Polish banks were targeted by hackers. The systems were infected with a malware after their staff visited the site of the Polish Financial Supervisi
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New York state cyber security rules will be effective on March 1st

The New York state announced that a set of cyber security regulations that will take effect on March 1st to tackle cyber threats. On Thursday, the New York state announced that a cyber security regulation will take effect on March 1st. The regulations will require financial institutions and insurers to meet minimum cyber security standards and report cyber i
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Experts warn of the rapid growth of the Marcher Android banking Trojan

Malware researchers at the security firm Securify have published a detailed analysis of the Marcher Android banking Trojan. Security experts at the Securify have published a detailed analysis of the Marcher Android banking Trojan, a threat that has been around since late 2013. First variants of the malware were developed to trick users into handing over thei
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Indian Banking Customers, Beware! Hackers Have an Eye on Your Money

A couple months back, I received a phone call from a man claiming to represent my bank. He menacingly asked me to share my debit card details so he could stop my account from being blocked. I panicked for a few seconds, then asked him some probing questions. The caller hung up the phone. A call to my bank about the security of my account did not provide very
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Why 53 Percent of Banks Think Security Controls Negatively Impact Customer Experience

How do you tell if a legitimate customer or a fraudster is signing into your online banking platform? How do you know if the authentication measures your organization is using are effective? How important is it to your organization to provide a seamless customer experience while maintaining adequate security controls? The Problem With Customer Security These
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Last Dridex Trojan variant uses a new tactic to bypass Windows UAC

A new variant of the Dridex Trojan recently observed is leveraging a new tactic to bypass the UAC (User Account Control). Researchers at the security firm Flashpoint have discovered a new campaign leveraging on a new variant of the Dridex Trojan that uses a new tactic to bypass the UAC (User Account Control). The Dridex Trojan was first spotted in 2014, it i
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Designer Wallet or Mobile Wallet: Which One Do You Carry?

Nov. 8, 2016, is etched in my memory as the day the Indian government made a life-changing announcement regarding demonetization. With higher value currency being made invalid for transactions, my fancy Michael Kors wallet faced a sudden existential crisis. While the early days of demonetization brought a mad scramble to ATMs and banks, mobile wallet provide
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NeverQuest Banking Trojan Operator Arrested by Spanish Authorities

Spanish authorities have arrested a Russian national who they believe is responsible for having helped develop and operate the NeverQuest banking trojan.On 13 January, Spain’s law enforcement agency Guardia Civil placed 32-year-old Stanislav Lisov under arrest on charges of having used electronic means to hack computers and commit fraud.Authorities con
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Client Maximus: New Remote Overlay Malware Highlights Rising Malcode Sophistication in Brazil

The Brazilian malware landscape is notorious for its plethora of Delphi-based code and overall lack of sophistication. But much like the Russian-speaking malware scene, Brazilian cybergangs have been using better malware, such as the recently discovered Client Maximus, in their attacks. In the summer of 2016, malware like Zeus Panda and Sphinx were spotted i
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A fake Super Mario Run for Android is serving the Marcher Banking Trojan

Zscaler experts have found in the wild a fake version of the Super Mario Run Android App that could install the Android Marcher banking trojan. Bad news for mobile gamers, security experts at Zscaler have spotted a strain of the Android Marcher Trojan masqueraded as the recently released Super Mario Run mobile game for Apple’s iOS. Marcher is a sophisticat
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