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Silence Hacking Crew threatens Australian banks of DDoS attacks

DDoS extortionists are blackmailing Australian banks asking for payments of large sums in Monero cryptocurrency threatening DDoS attacks. Cybercriminals are threatening Australian banks of DDoS attacks if they will not pay large sums in Monero cryptocurrency. The extortion campaign was observed over the past week, attackers are sending emails to the ba
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Metamorfo: the banking Trojan with a long list of tricks

Banking Trojans are a constant danger for the financial sector. This kind of malware steals its victims’ online identity and use this information to trick financial institutions and steal money from their accounts. Over the last few years, we’ve seen many examples of this kind of cybercrime. Last year, one of the most noteworthy banking Trojans was BackSwap,
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Cybertheft in Malta: How a bank lost €13 million

The banking sector suffers a great deal at the hands of cybercrime. In July last year, a cybercriminal managed to steal the personal data of some 100 million users of the bank Capital One. In June of the same year, a malicious insider gathered information from Desjardins Group and shared it with with a third party. The breach affected around 2.7 million peop
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Nedbank client data compromised in security breach at third-party provider

Nedbank bank announced on Thursday that a security breach at a third-party supplier has compromised the details of as many as 1.7 million of its clients. Nedbank bank disclosed on Thursday a security breach at a third-party supplier that has compromised the details of as many as 1.7 million of its clients. The bank revealed that the service provider C
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South Korean Woori Bank is accused of unauthorized use of customer data

Unauthorized use of customer information by Woori Bank, ‘crime act’ for customers. The bank changed 23,000 passwords in 2018 without consent. It is controversial that Woori Bank changed the passwords of 23,000 customer dormant accounts without consent in July 2018. The accounts are deactivated if there is no transaction for one year after t
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A cyber-attack on major banks could trigger a liquidity crisis, ECB President Christine Lagarde warns

The president of the European Central Bank (ECB), Christine Lagarde, is warning that a cyber-attack on a major financial institution could trigger a liquidity crisis. The president of the European Central Bank (ECB), Christine Lagarde, has warned that a coordinated cyber-attack on major banks could trigger a liquidity crisis. President Lagarde cited f
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PSD2 – Mandatory Account Access for Third Party Providers

On September 14th the final deadline of complying with the new Payment Service Directive PSD2 will be reached. Among other things, this directive will bring quite a few technical challenges for credit institutions. These include new requirements on two-factor authentication and API access for third parties. In this blog post we will give a short overview of
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The NIC Asia Bank is the last victim of the SWIFT hackers

The NIC Asia Bank requested the support of the Central Investigation Bureau of Nepal Police to track down the crooks who hacked the SWIFT server. Once again hackers targeted SWIFT systems to steal money from a financial institution. The victim is the NIC Asia Bank that once discovered illegal fund transfer with its SWIFT server requested support from the Cen
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Silence Group is borrowing Carbanak TTPs in ongoing bank attacks

A cybercrime gang called Silence targeted at least 10 banks in Russia, Armenia, and Malaysia borrowing hacking techniques from the Carbanak group. A cybercrime gang called Silence targeted at least 10 banks in Russia, Armenia, and Malaysia borrowing hacking techniques from the dreaded Carbanak hacker group that stole as much as $1 billion from banks worldwid
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Open Banking Is Here — Is Your Bank Positioned to Lead?

Banking is set to significantly change as Payment System Directive 2 (PSD2) regulations are introduced across Europe. In fact, open banking regulations are being considered in a number of regions around the world. The directives will require financial institutions to adopt open banking by safely and securely allowing customers to view account information and
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Ursnif Campaign Waves Breaking on Japanese Shores

According to IBM X-Force data on the activity of financial malware operated by organized cybercrime groups, the Ursnif (aka Gozi) banking Trojan was the most active malware code in the financial sector in 2016 and has maintained its dominance through 2017 to date. Ursnif’s activity is marked by both frequent code modifications and campaign activity in
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Credentials (UN)Management in home banking.

Introduction Out of the five main information security pillars, namely confidentiality, integrity, availability, authenticity and irrefutability, common users give more attention to the first one. But in real life even though in general people agree with the importance of backup, not many actually implement this security mechanism. What one says and what one
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FICO reports a 39 Percent Rise in Debit Cards Compromised in US

The analytic software firm FICO Reports a 39 Percent Rise in Debit Cards Compromised at ATMs and Merchants in the United States. According to a report published by the analytic software firm FICO, US Debit Cards compromised raise up to 39% in the first six months of 2017 compared to the same timeframe one year prior. In the same period, FICO reported an in
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Cyberheists and the Most Common Tactics for Carrying Them Out

As we explained in our “Survival Guide for Million-Dollar Cyberattacks”, cyberheists are evolving at breakneck speed. For financial institutions, this is obviously a major concern. These institutions are coming up against ever more sophisticated malware and very well coordinated, and, in short, completely professionalized targeted attacks. In fact, according
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Experts found critical flaws in Diebold Opteva ATM that allow to vend notes from the machine

Experts at the US firm IOActive have discovered a critical physical and authentication bypass vulnerability in the Diebold Opteva ATM. The researchers have found two vulnerabilities in the Diebold Opteva ATM machines with the AFD platform that could be chained to allow an unauthorized user to vend notes from the device. “IOActive has discovered two vul
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