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Panda Security Warns of a New Phase in Cybertheft

Cybercrime is a very profitable and attractive business. This is a new phase of cyber theft that involves stealing money directly from banks, rather than from their customers, using phishing attacks to infect the computers of bank employees. The million-dollar question is: where are the largest sums of money? They are, without a doubt, in the financial insti
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Carbanak gang makes the headlines again, hackers refined intrusion tactics

The notorious cyber crime gang Carbanak is back and it is continuing to refine its techniques and tactics and developed new tools for its attacks. The cyber crime gang Carbanak continues to refine its techniques and tactics. According to a new analysis conducted by the security firm Trustwave,  the group has refined its intrusion strategy and developed new t
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The Carbanak gang is with a new modus operandi, Google services as C&C

The infamous Carbanak cybercrime gang is back and is leveraging Google services for command-and-control of its malicious codes. The dreaded Carbanak cybercrime gang is back and is adopting a new tactic for its attacks, it is leveraging Google services for command-and-control of its malware. The criminal organization is named Carbanak cybergang because of the
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Is the Infocube firm tied to the Carbanak cybercrime gang?

The security expert Brian Krebs investigated the links between the Carbanak cybercrime gang and the Infocube security firm. Today I want to share with you the findings of an investigation of the popular cyber security expert Brian Krebs. This time, Krebs investigated the link between a cybercrime gang and a security firm. The security company is the Russian 
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Note to Banks: Proactively validate your DDoS mitigation

Banks around the world are in the cross fire of the hacktivist group Anonymous who launched campaign Op-Icarus (#OPIcarus), against global financial institutions. Anonymous wants to bring public attention to what they call ‘corruption’ inside the financial industry. The first victims of Op-Icarus were Bank of Greece, and Bank of Cyprus both of wh
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Carbanak cybergang is back and it is not alone

Experts at Kaspersky Lab discovered that Carbanak cybergang is back and other groups are adopting similar APT-style techniques to steal money. Security researchers at the 2016 edition of SAS in Tenerife revealed that the infamous Carbanak gang is back, and it is not the unique group that is adopting APT-style techniques to steal money from banks. Last year,
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Avoid this Lloyds Bank Phish Attempt

Customers of Lloyds Banking Group should steer clear of the following phishing email, which plays on the “We noticed you’re logged in from different locations, and now you have to do something about it” trick to entice potential victims into logging in on a site they should avoid. The email reads as follows: You Have One New Message You
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Hacker Holds United Arab Emirates Bank to Ransom, Demands $3 Million

A malicious hacker that successfully breached the IT systems of a large bank in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) demanded nearly $3 million worth of cryptocurrency or the financial information of hundreds of its customers would be leaked online.The hacker – who goes by the alias ‘Hacker Buba’ – reportedly gained access to the bank’s systems last month. He thre
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Very Soon, Swipes will be Out and Inserts will be In

On October 1, retailers across the United States are expected to fully implement EMV payment cards or smart cards and the technology used to authenticate them. This means that American customers will now be using debit and credit cards with computer chips on them—a technology that is commonly used in Europe, the U.K., and some Asian countries. This nationwid
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Carbanak trojan reloaded! A new variant spotted in the wild

The CSIS Security Group has spotted a new version of the notorious Carbanak Trojan in the wild targeting financial organizations in Europe and US. Do you remember the Carbanak gang? In February, researchers from Kaspersky discovered that a multinational gang of hackers dubbed Carbanak that swiped 1 Billion dollars from 100 fin
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Fake Bank of America Twitter Feed Leads to Phishing Page

Over the last day or so, a Twitter feed claiming to be a support channel for Bank of America has been sending links and messages to anybody having issues with their accounts. Here’s the dubious BoA Twitter account in question: The message reads as follows: Dear customer, as part of our security measures against fraud, we recommend all our customers pe
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Bank of America Phish Seeks Personal Data Bonanza

If you’re a Bank of America customer you’ll want to avoid this phishing URL, located at 74(dot)208(dot)43(dot)206/html/E-Alert(Dot)html The site says We need you to verify your account information for your online banking to be re-activated and asks visitors to “click the download button to receive your verification file”, then open i
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Carbanak cybergang swipes over $300 million from banks

Kaspersky discovered that a multinational gang of hackers dubbed Carbanak cybergang has stolen at least $300 million from 100 financial institutions. A group of cybercriminals used a malware to steal at least $300 million from banks and other financial institutions worldwide, according to a report published Saturday by The New
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Crooks steal money from Standard Chartered Accounts by hacking ATMs

A Group of hackers has stolen money from Standard Chartered Bank Accounts by hacking the ATMs of the organization in Pakistan. Recently Pakistan customers of the Standard Chartered Bank have received transaction alerts via email and SMS that alerted them about alleged withdrawals of Rs.50, 000 ($500) cash from their bank accou
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Irregular Activities On Your Account: A‏ Chase Bank Phish

From the spam traps: a fake Chase Bank “Security Warning” email, claiming to have noticed something peculiar going on with your account. The mail reads as follows: SECURITY MESSAGE - Irregular Activities On Your Account‏ Dear Chase Online Customer, We're currently upgrading our systems to bring enhanced features to your Online Banking expe
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