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Hacktivity 2018 badge - quick start guide for beginners

You either landed on this blog post because you are a huge fan of Hacktivityyou bought this badge around a year agoyou are just interested in hacker conference badge hacking. or maybe all of the above. Whatever the reasons, this guide should be helpful for those who never had any real-life experience with these little gadgets. But first thing
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Troopers 19 – Badge Hardware

This post by Jeff (@jeffmakes) was delayed due to interferences with other projects but nevertheless, enjoy! This year, it was my great honour to design the hardware for the Troopers19 badge. We wanted to make a wifi-connected MicroPython-powered badge; something that would be fun to take home and hack on. It was a nice opportunity to use a microcontroller p
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Your Mouse Got Sick and You Don’t Know it. aka “Reverse Shell via Mouse”

Ever got a backdoor installed on your computer by your beloved mouse? Here’s the story of a poor mouse that got really, really sick. Agent “Danger Mouse” Do you remember the times where people put Teensy-boards and USB hubs in their mouses? [Chris? ;)] Their aim was to attach an additional Human Interface Device (HID, like keyboards or mous
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Area41 Conference 2016

Last Friday, Brian and I were at the  Area41 Security Conference. The conference is a branch of Defcon conference and is more or less a small conference of the Swiss hacker community. Being in a “rock music club”, the speakers presented on a stage where usually the rock stars are performing – which gives the conference a very special flair
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