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Back to School with Cybersecurity on our Minds

The multitude of devices that have entered our lives over the past decade have also entered the classroom, and the security issues we face every day are just as real in the school as they are in our homes or businesses. Tablets, computers, even smartwatches can be useful educational tools, but the personal data that they store, belonging to students and teac
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Back to School Means Back to Security

Not a week goes by where we are not hearing about, reporting on, or providing comment to another major breach. From big box chains to mom and pop shops, it seems to be a constant source of news. Beyond the commercial and financial industries though are the education sectors, with colleges and private schools under attack at the same rate as their commercial
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Back to School Promo: Save 50% on Intego Software

It seems like summer just started, but parents and students are already preparing for back to school — and you know what that means: Time to organize and fortify your Macs!Whether you're going back to school or to work, it's a good time to make sure your Macs are protected from the dangers of the Internet. This means getting protected from viruses, malware a
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Heading Back to School? Don’t Forget About Your PC Security Basics!

You’re hanging out in a campus coffee shop, surfing the Internet on a public WiFi network. You’re paying bills, reading email, and posting some funny photos taken in your dorm room last night. And with each of those activities, you’re a potential target for cybercriminals, viruses, spyware, and other threats.Today’s students are used to being on the Internet
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