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Exchange servers are under attack: patch them without delay

Cyber-incidents that stem from security vulnerabilities have always been, and still are, a major cyber-security issue. Notable cyber-attacks that have exploited vulnerabilities include WannaCry, the Equifax data breach, and Stuxnet, among many others. There is a tendency to believe that zero-day vulnerabilities represent the greatest threat, as victims are u
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Bethesda Children’s Hospital and cybersecurity in the healthcare sector

Hospitals are probably one of the most important critical infrastructures in any country, given all the essential tasks they carry out. This year, however, hospitals have become one of the protagonists of the works global crisis this century: The COVID-19 pandemic. While most people did everything they could to facilitate their vital labor—even changing how
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PonyFinal: The new data-stealing ransomware

Between the Q3 and Q4 last year, the average ransom demanded in a ransomware attack increased 104%, reaching $84,116. However, some variants of ransomware demand even more, especially if the malware targets large companies, as is the case with Ryuk. Given that this ransomware targets corporate environments, focusing on the Enterprise segment, it demands an a
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Thirty years of Panda Security: 30 years of cybersecurity

In 1971, an American researcher called Bob Thomas created an IT program designed to travel across a network This program left a trace on all the computers it entered, printing a message saying “I AM THE CREEPER:  CATCH ME IF YOU CAN.” This program became the first computer virus, spreading to mainframe computers manufactured by Digital Equipment Corporation.
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The Cybersecurity Imitation Game, or how much is your security worth

Opinion Piece – Neil Martin, Panda Security Alan Turing, born on 23 June 1912, was recently announced by the Bank of England as the face of the new £50 note due to enter circulation next year. Alan Turing banknote concept – the Bank of England He joins a select group including politician Sir Winston Churchill (£5), writer Jane Austin (£10) and painter Joseph
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Seventy-three percent of SMBs pay up after a ransomware attack

SMBs account for 99% of all businesses in the USA, and create 1.5 million new jobs every year, 64% of the total. This means that SMBs are a true economic powerhouse in the States. Although many of these companies believe that they are too small to be attacked by cybercriminals, almost half of all cyberattacks in the world target this kind of business. SMBs a
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How to mitigate the most important vulnerabilities in 2020

Toward the end of March, a new vulnerability was discovered in Windows operating systems. This remote code execution vulnerability could allow a cyberattacker to compromise her victim’s computer with just one click on a malicious document. Shortly after it was discovered, groups of hackers were spotted exploiting this vulnerability to carry out attacks
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Patch management: A pressing need

In mid-March of this year, the attack surface suddenly increased in size. From that moment on, a large proportion of the world’s population have been working from home, outside the company network. Some of them have even been using their personal computers. All these factors increase IT systems’ exposure to multiple cyberthreats, since IT teams h
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Data breach leads to the theft of $10M from a Norwegian investment fund

Data breaches lead to a multitude of different costs, both direct and indirect. The immediate financial impact may involve fines imposed by data protection authorities, such as those related to the GDPR. But there are also costs that have a more medium term, indirect impact. In fact, the largest cost from a data breach is the loss of business caused by reput
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Wave of supercomputers hacked in Europe

In 2018, one of the leading cybercriminal trends was the so-called cryptojacking. This cybercriminal technique involves installing malware on victims’ computers and using their processing power to mine cryptocurrencies. That year, detections of this cyberattack grew 4,000% and, in the UK, as many as 59% of companies were affected by this kind of cyberi
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BazarBackdoor: A new gateway to corporate systems

In mid-March, the number of brute force attacks on RDP connections skyrocketed. The aim of these attacks was to take advantage of the sudden increase in remote workers and take over their corporate computers. Exploiting the current COVID-19 pandemic in this way is just one of the many techniques that cybercriminals have for gaining access to companies’
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Cybersecurity at the Budapest University of Veterinary Medicine

Universities are a popular target for cyberattacks. In fact, 79% of universities have had their reputation damaged by a cyberattack. The main reason for this is the kind of information these institutions store; as well as the personal data of students and staff, which can be sold if stolen, universities also store large amounts of research. This research can
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Austrian city falls victim to Ransomware attack

The ransomware group NetWalker has published extracts of data stoeln from the network of the Austrian city of Weiz. Among the published extracts are, among other things, building applications and building inspections. The group has infected the municipality with Ransomware. The small town of Weiz is considered to be the economic centre of the Oststeiermark r
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Hospitals targeted in ransomware attacks

Over the last few months, hospitals around the world have had to deal with some of their most difficult moments. The current Covid-19 pandemic has pushed this critical infrastructure to its limits. It is so important that they function properly right now that some cybercriminal groups have even pledged not to attack hospitals during the pandemic. Others, how
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One million brute force attacks on RDP connections every day

Two months ago, the number of people working from home skyrocketed. Remote work has now become the new normal for many companies the world over. Although this change was brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, for many organization, remote work is likely here to stay as a permanent part of their corporate culture. To make remote work easier, many companies r
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