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How to protect hospitals against the ransomware Netwalker

Hospitals are one of the most important critical infrastructures at the best of times, and more so right now, with the global health emergency caused by COVID-19. At this time, it is imperative that hospitals function as well as they possibly can, with no setbacks. However, we must not lose sight of the fact that the entire sector is currently in the midst o
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A cyberattack paralyzes coronavirus testing center

Right now, many countries are in a state of alarm, and people and organizations around the world are coming together to face the current coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. Companies are also making efforts to streamline the adoption of new methodologies such as telecommuting in order to protect their employees’ health. However, it also also the case that t
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Microsoft discovers two new remote code execution vulnerabilities

On March 23, Microsoft announced that it had discovered two critical vulnerabilities in Windows. The announcement was made outside the company’s regular communications schedule, highlighting how critical these vulnerabilities are. These are remote code execution vulnerabilities, and Adobe Type Manager Library. Microsoft says it is aware of a limited nu
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An APT exploits coronavirus to spread malware

The world is currently living through an exceptional situation due to the current Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. To try to stop the spread of the virus, a large number of companies all over the world have started a new regime of telework. This circumstance has significantly increased the attack surface, representing a great challenge for companies when it co
Publish At:2020-03-23 13:02 | Read:160 | Comments:0 | Tags:Malware News apt b2b Virus exploit

Danger hiding in plain sight: the risks that your applications can pose

When many organizations think about cyberthreats, the first thing that comes to mind is malware. If a piece of malware makes its way into a company, it can cause serious damage. Back at the start of 2019, a piece of malware infected the servers of a Maltese bank, leading to the loss of €13 million. And ransomware, the malware that encrypts its victims’ files
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Working from home: 5 tips to protect your company

Technology changes, life habits change and the way we work changes too. And however we work, one thing that does not change is the inescapable duty we have to protect our assets in order to ensure perfect business continuity, to protect the information we manage, and to maintain business secrecy. Unsurprisingly, technical complexity and an increasingly scatt
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Ransomware has a new trick: pay up or suffer a data breach

There’s no denying the fact that in 2019, cybercrime’s biggest star was ransomware. Last year, successive waves of ransomware paralyzed public institutions, organizations, and companies all over the world. These attacks caused companies to lose data, brought organizations’ productivity to a halt, as well as provoking considerable economic losses due to the c
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Enforcement of the GDPR will be strengthened in 2020

At the end of 2019, German data protection authorities indicated that they would intensify the use of the framework of sanctions of the GDPR in 2020. Initially, authorities focused primarily on monitoring, advising and supporting companies in the implementation of GDPR. Enforcement of fines In the past, we have reported on several record breaking fines. For
Publish At:2020-03-09 09:44 | Read:299 | Comments:0 | Tags:Business Security b2b data control gdpr Germany

A malwareless attack: Adaptive Defense at work….

Cryptotrojans (like Emotet) have been all over the news recently. After all, these forms of malware cause a lot of damage. But it doesn’t always have to be malware that threatens your IT infrastructure and your data. For example, brute force attacks are still a popular method used by cyber criminals to gain access to a company network. In a brute force
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Aciturri Aeronáutica: cybersecurity in the manufacturing sector

These days, there’s no arguing the fact that all sectors are, to a greater or lesser degree, exposed to some kind of cyber-risks.  This is especially true in a world in which more and more organizations are using networks that are connected to external partners and providers, and are starting to adopt IoT systems, increasing the attack surface. One of the se
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Blackmail attempts by ex-employees

For German companies, the damage caused by cybercrime now totals more than 40 billion euros per year. And while it is often assumed that cyberattacks are carried out by external hackers or by state sponsored agents, the reality is quite different. For example, the German Federal Bureau for Information Security (BSI) sees so-called insiders as a greater dange
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Metamorfo: the banking Trojan with a long list of tricks

Banking Trojans are a constant danger for the financial sector. This kind of malware steals its victims’ online identity and use this information to trick financial institutions and steal money from their accounts. Over the last few years, we’ve seen many examples of this kind of cybercrime. Last year, one of the most noteworthy banking Trojans was BackSwap,
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WLAN: Emotet’s new distribution method

These days, Emotet seems to be an ever-present danger for organizational cybersecurity the world over. Just last month, it was discovered trying to make its way into the United Nations, and in 2019, it was a key player in the successive waves of ransomware that hit enterprises and public organizations from the USA to Europe. So prolific was the activity of t
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Cybertheft in Malta: How a bank lost €13 million

The banking sector suffers a great deal at the hands of cybercrime. In July last year, a cybercriminal managed to steal the personal data of some 100 million users of the bank Capital One. In June of the same year, a malicious insider gathered information from Desjardins Group and shared it with with a third party. The breach affected around 2.7 million peop
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A BEC scam leads to a healthcare data breach

BEC (Business Email Compromise) scams are an ever present problem in the business world. This scam consists of impersonating someone important within an organization’s structure in order to trick an employee into making a fraudulent bank transfer. According to the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), these scams generate around $301 million every m
Publish At:2020-02-17 13:04 | Read:376 | Comments:0 | Tags:Business News b2b bec Scam


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