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5 Signs Your Cybersecurity Awareness Program Is Paying Off

Not too long ago, a client of ours who had just released a dynamic new cybersecurity awareness course told me how blown away he was with the response they were getting.His inbox was full of compliments, and his colleagues wanted to duplicate his training success in their own departments. He recounted how employees stopped him in the hallway to thank him for
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The Next Wave for Cybersecurity Awareness

The annual RSA Conference is a lot of things to a lot of people (43,000 this year!). For me, it’s become an annual opportunity to step out of the stream and to look back at what has happened in the last year and peer forward at what’s to come.This year, I think we have reached an inflection point around the way we as a profession treat the “human element,” a
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Sherlock Holmes for the InfoSec Crowd: 5 Steps to Becoming a Security Awareness Mastermind

The ever-fickle world of pop culture has seen a resurgence of interest in Sherlock Holmes in the last five years.Fresh re-imaginings of the detective residing at 221B Baker Street have come both to the big screen and small to varying degrees of critical acclaim. Robert Downey Jr.’s version premiered in 2009, while Benedict Cumberbatch’s modern interpretation
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Burgling From an OSINT Point of View

This is a more technology-based continuation of KGW Portland‘s story that it published discussing what 86 convicted burglars looked for in target selection. My aim is to add aspects of both Social Engineering and Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) into this to attempt to help raise awareness.The purpose behind the anonymous questionnaire, which was distr
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Security Pros Not Confident in Ability to Respond to Ransomware, Reveals Survey

On July 10th, we at The State of Security published our June 2016 ransomware roundup.It was a busy month for ransomware authors. The security industry witnessed the comeback of Locky, the rebranding of CryptXXX as UltraCrypter, and the emergence of educational ransomware, among other developments. Experts also saw some variants make unusually high ransom dem
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NCA launched #CyberChoice campaign, to prevent youngsters become cyber criminals

The Britain’s National Crime Agency (NCA) has launched this week #CyberChoices campaign that targets parents of youngsters aged 12-15 to explain them how it is easy to be involved in cyber criminal activities. Are script kiddies a real threat? The Britain’s National Crime Agency (NCA) thinks so and launch
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Enhancing Mobility Management with Cyber Security

        Mobile devices and ubiquitous wireless connectivity have triggered a new lifestyle. We now access information anywhere, anytime as do our adversaries. You should proceed with caution! The power enabling us to do more, also makes us vulnerable to cyberattacks. We at Zimperium are playing our part in mobile safety and would like to
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Security issues in DHS systems potentially exposes confidential data at risk

Despite DHS components have strengthened coordination in performing their cyber missions a recent audit made by the OIG has found several security issues. Among the missions assigned to the DHS there is the coordination of activities related to the prevention, mitigation and recovery from cyber incidents, the Department also o
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Three UK politicians hacked while using open WiFi networks

A team of experts hacked three UK politicians while they were using unsecured WiFi networks to demonstrate the risks they are daily exposed. Public Wi-Fi networks are dangerous places for our digital identity, we have explained several times the risks related to the connections to open WiFi hotspots. Security  experts have exp
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Escape the Echo Chamber: Educating End-Users and Non-Security People

You have secured every server, patched every bit of software, risk teams have vetted and locked down 10,000+ third-party applications, and a personal victory was won with the addition of the new canine unit added to the corporate campus lobby. Impossibly though, the news is reporting that your business assets have been exfiltrated to several competitive nati
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Hosted Payment Pages, the Payment Services Directive and PCI DSS Validation & Reporting

Following the release of PCI DSS v3.0 in November 2013, both the PCI SSC and Visa Europe sought to clarify the validation and reporting requirements for the e-commerce payment channel.The guidance from the PCI SSC (May 2014) and guidance from Visa Europe (July 2014) made it clear that either a full redirect or iframe method containing a hosted payment page (
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When Security Makes Users Asleep!

It’s a fact, in industries or on building sites, professional people make mistakes or, worse, get injured. Why? Because their attention is reduced at a certain point. When you’re doing the same job all day long, you get tired and lack of concentration. The same can apply in information security! For a long time, more and more solutions are deploy
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Fraud Can Happen Anytime, Anywhere, and to Anyone

We’re no strangers to fraud. Thanks to the digital age, most of us at least have an idea that stealing something doesn’t just involve money and physical things anymore. Criminals can steal card details, account credentials, and even another person’s identity. We also have a general idea of how these are done, usually without their victims k
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The 4 Phishing Commandments – #4 Unshare Thyself

We started this series with an introduction to how criminals have adapted their cyberattacks around the abundance of personal information available online, and continued with two posts highlighting key phishing identifiers: Email Addresses and Links. This post opens with a few more phishing related tips and wraps the series up with concrete steps you can tak
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How to Build a Successful IT Security Awareness Program

The first step towards creating a successful security awareness program is to recognize that this is not a project with a defined timeline and an expected completion date, but is instead a development of organizational culture.Akin to “safety first” cultures that develop in manufacturing and other heavy industries, there are large economic and regulatory pre
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