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Auto Industry at Higher Risk of Cyberattacks in 2023

Cyberattacks are an increasingly common occurrence for a spectrum of industries. Rising cybercrime affects everyone, but certain sectors are more at risk than others. In 2023, the auto industry could face particularly significant dangers.Attacks in the automotive space can impact automakers, automotive fleets, and consumers alike. Reducing these risks will b
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CAN Bus protocol Penetration testing and forensics

Introduction CAN (Controller Area Network) is a vehicle bus protocol standard which allows microcontrollers and ECU (electronic control units) to communicate which each other without a host computer. It is a message-based protocol, designed originally for multiplex electrical wiring within automobiles to save on copper, but can also be used in many other
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An unpatchable flaw in CAN protocol expose modern cars to hack

Experts discovered a flaw in CAN protocol that could be exploited by an attacker to disable safety systems of connected cars, including power-steering. Almost any function in modern vehicles, from brakes to accelerator, is electronically controlled, this means that the surface of attack is dramatically enlarging. We discussed car hacking several times, ex
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Flaws in the Bosch Drivelog Connector dongle could allow hackers to halt the engine

Security experts discovered vulnerabilities in the Bosch Drivelog Connector dongle that could be exploited by hackers to stop the engine. Security Researchers at automotive cybersecurity firm Argus discovered vulnerabilities in Bosch Drivelog Connect solution that can be exploited by hackers to inject malicious messages into a vehicle’s CAN bus. The Bosch Dr
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Volkswagen to Launch New Automotive Cybersecurity Firm

Volkswagen announced it’s partnering with top Israeli experts to establish a new cybersecurity company aimed at protecting connected cars.In a press release on Wednesday, the German automaker said the newly founded firm – called CyMotive Technologies – will develop advanced security solutions for next-generation vehicles and mobile services.Former head of th
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Hacking Tesla Model S, too much noise around a great research

Last week at the CeBIT the Lookout’s Co-Founder and CTO Kevin Mahaffey talked about hacking Tesla Model S providing indications on possible countermeasures. Last week at the CeBIT conference held in Hanover, the Lookout’s Co-Founder and CTO Kevin Mahaffey talked about hacking Tesla Model S providing indications on possible countermeasures. Unfort
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Remotely hacking a Nissan LEAF via vulnerable APIs

The security expert Troy Hunt discovered that it is possible to remotely control features of a Nissan Leaf via API. The popular security expert Troy Hunt discovered a security vulnerability affecting the API implemented by Nissan to manage the LEAF cars from a mobile device. Other experts have confirmed the existence of the flaw, the vulnerability had been d
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Hundreds of thousands of engine immobilizers remotely hackable

A New Zealander expert has found hundred of thousands of vulnerable engine immobilizers are remotely hackable due to a flaw. The New Zealander Lachlan Temple (@skooooch) has discovered hundred of thousands of vulnerable engine immobilizers are remotely hackable. The expert discovered a flaw in a popular cheap car tracking and
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Intel sets up talking shop to improve automotive security

The dramatic hack of a Jeep Cherokee, which resulted in Fiat Chrysler Automobile recalling over one million vehicles, has also prompted Intel to take action.Security researchers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek remotely hacked their way into the Jeep's Uconnect navigation and entertainment system via its connection to Sprint's wireless network, taking contro
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Hacking driveless-cars using a simple Laser and a Raspberry Pi

The security researcher and scientist Jonathan Petit claims to be able to hack a driveless-cars by using a simple Laser and a Raspberry Pi. Driverless-cars are the final goal of the principal car manufacturers that are working on several projects to introduce this new revolution in the automotive. Lexus, Mercedes and Audi a
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Fiat Chrysler voluntarily recalls 7,810 SUVs over software issues

Fiat Chrysler said Friday it is voluntarily recalling 7,810 SUVs due to a software glitch that could make the vehicles vulnerable to remote control.Half of the vehicles, which are 2015 Jeep Renegade SUVs equipped with 6.5-inch touchscreens, are still at dealerships, the carmaker said in a statement.The company downplayed the risk to drivers, saying it was un
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Fiat Chrysler recalls thousands Jeep Renegade SUVs due to hacking risks

Fiat Chrysler has recalled nearly 8,000 Jeep Renegade SUVs in the US to update the software that could be exploited by attackers to hack the vehicles. No peace for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles after the disclosure of the attack against its Jeep Cherokee model made by the popular hackers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek. The duo o
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Fiat Chrysler distributes the fix for flawed Jeep via mailed USB

The decision of Fiat Chrysler for providing a software update via Mailed USB is considered disconcerting for the security industry. Do you remember the hack of the Fiat Chrysler Jeep? In response to the disclosure of the details of the successful attack, the company recalled nearly 1.4 vehicles in the US in order to update the
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When car hacking has become a scaring reality

Security experts have no doubt about the evolution of the car hacking, we are just at the beginning and we need improve cyber security urgently. The last weeks were very interesting for the security experts interested in the cyber security of modern connected cars. People is even more curious about the car hacking following th
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Security Slice: Automotive Exploits

For a recent Wired article, two researchers remotely hacked a jeep carrying security reporter Andy Greenberg. In response, Fiat Chrysler issued the first automotive recall to resolve an information security issue. Approximately 1.4 million vehicles require emergency security patches.How will this exploit impact the automotive industry?Listen to our latest Se
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