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Fresh Phish. (So Many Puns, So Little Time.)

Today’s phish blog breaks our format a bit so we can bring you lots of examples. Enjoy. And then get protected! Phishing is prevalent because it works. Even savvy users can be tricked into opening the wrong emails. I’ve seen a couple of clear examples of this recently. The first is one that quite convincingly mimics the invoice emails from a fairly sig
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The 4 Phishing Commandments – #4 Unshare Thyself

We started this series with an introduction to how criminals have adapted their cyberattacks around the abundance of personal information available online, and continued with two posts highlighting key phishing identifiers: Email Addresses and Links. This post opens with a few more phishing related tips and wraps the series up with concrete steps you can tak
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Automatic MIME Parts Scanning with VirusTotal

Here is a Python script that I developed for my personal use: mime2vt.py. I decided to release it because I think it could be helpful for many of you. In 2012, I started a project called CuckooMX. The goal was to automatically scan attachments in emails with Cuckoo to find for potential malicious files. Unfortunately, the project never reached a milestone to
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