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Romance scams: FTC reveals $304 million of heartache

In 2020, reported losses to the FTC for romance scams went up by 50% from 2019, totalling $304 million. And things weren’t exactly good before: Romance scams have cost people a fortune for 3 years running, according to the FTC. Their latest report suggests a steady rise in these kind of scams generally and ponders the impact of the pandemic. If nobody
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Elaborate Scam App Impersonates Leading Asian Bank; Victims Duped into ‘Investing’

Campaign is still active and growing; second bank app identified Zimperium, in collaboration with a leading Asian bank, have uncovered the early stages of a coordinated effort by scammers to defraud existing and new bank customers. In this blog, we will: Alert the general public about the scam before it gains traction;  Outline the entire scam around the f
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Automate Mobile Application Security Testing from Jenkins

Mobile apps require continuous testing throughout the development process to ensure proper compliance and security measures are in place. If you are using Jenkins continuous integration server in your pipeline, continually testing your mobile app builds is simple with Zimperium’s mobile application security testing platform, zScan. Here we will descri
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Can you trust the Google Play Store?

For most people, smartphones and tablets are now essential to managing our lives. They allow us to shop, pay bills, manage accounts and communicate with the rest of the world. With so much valuable personal data available, our mobile devices are an extremely attractive targets for hackers. Unsurprisingly, this has led to a rise in malware that attacks Androi
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Top 3 Ways to Protect Microsoft Teams on BYO Mobile Devices

During a recent webinar on the Top Five Mobile Security Stories of a Crazy 2020, I listed my number one story around COVID-19 creating a situation unlike anything any of us have ever seen; yet one that will likely leave permanent changes in remote working and learning.  With the overnight shift towards entire workforces working remotely from home, on all va
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Top 5 Mobile Security Stories of a Crazy 2020

2020 has been crazy… to say the least.  But in many ways, 2020 has thrust a huge spotlight on something we’ve known for quite some time – – mobile threats are real and mobile devices and apps need protection. It truly is crazy how many stories we’ve seen – and the year isn’t over yet – where the need for mobile security is front and
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Joker Malware is no Joke

Google has recently removed 17 apps from the Play Store after discovering they were infected with the Joker malware. The move should help to prevent new infections. If you own an Android smartphone, you should urgently check to see if you have any of the following apps installed: All Good PDF Scanner Mint Leaf Message-Your Private Message Unique Keyboard &#
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Android user? Update your Twitter app now

Have you ever landed on a website and had a pop-up warning about an infection on your computer? You must download an urgent update or risk all of your data being stolen. As you probably realised, these pop-ups are a scam. The urgent patch is the virus. If you click OK, you install the malware and infect your own computer. But sometimes you really do have to
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Is TikTok going to be banned?

TikTok, one of the most downloaded apps of 2019 in the USA, is on the brink of getting banned due to security concerns. President Trump initially stated that the app would be prohibited within 48 hours. However, Microsoft stepped in and expressed interest in purchasing it instead. The President then delayed the decision to get rid of the Chinese app for good
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Twitter Hack Highlights the Realities of Mobile Phishing

Additional light is beginning to shine on the July 15th Twitter breach, where accounts of some of its most high profile users –  including Tesla CEO Elon Musk and celebrities Kanye West and his wife, Kim Kardashian West –  were compromised. The attackers attempted to lure the celebrity followers into sending money to an anonymous Bitcoin account
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How to Know If Your Phone Has a Virus + How to Remove It

When you picture hackers you likely think of two things. Either large scale, enterprise attacks that cause millions in damage, or micro phishing attacks that prey on the most vulnerable internet users. Growing up in the internet age, with the said-to-be indestructible Apple products, it’s hard to fathom a virus wreaking havoc on your phone and mining your da
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‘Appathy in the UK’: 80% of Brits refuse to download Covid tracking apps

A new survey of nearly 2,000 people* in the UK from Cybersecurity specialists Panda Security, has further thrown in to doubt the ability of the government to effectively track and trace pub and restaurant goers who come in to contact with the COVID-19 virus. Despite the British Government recommending that venues notify customers that they should order food
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Mobile App Security vs. Web App Security | How They Differ

Mobile Apps Are Different Than Web Apps; Mobile and Web App Security Must Be Different Too From a security perspective, almost every company invests in technology to protect their organization’s network, resources, websites and data. Even given the fast-expanding attack surface that mobile, IoT and other technologies are driving, many enterprises are
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Top Mobile Finance Apps Consistently Failing Security and Data Privacy Tests

iOS and Android apps fail coding best practices, are susceptible to reverse engineering, and share sensitive user data  Executive Summary Top banks and mobile payment providers are putting their customers at risk for security and privacy by failing to adhere to coding best practices and continuing to share sensitive customer data with advertisers. According
Publish At:2020-06-03 10:09 | Read:1066 | Comments:0 | Tags:App Security Android apps banking apps iOS zDefend zScan zSh

Free up space on your iPhone or iPad by offloading apps

Increasingly, Apple devices have fixed internal storage you cannot expand. With Macs, this can be an inconvenience, but it’s usually possible to offload data to external drives. On iOS, that’s not the case. And although you can make use of cloud storage for documents, you’re stuck when apps and games are taking up precious space.On this blog, we’ve outlined
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