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How Data Brokers Sell Your Identity

Our personal and professional lives are becoming increasingly intertwined with the online world. Regular internet usage has made us all prone to cyber-security risks. You leave a digital footprint every time you use the internet, which is a trace of all your online activities.   When you create new accounts or subscribe to different websites, you give them e
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What Personal Data Do Companies Track?

Private tech companies gather tremendous amounts of user data. These companies can afford to let you use social media platforms free of charge because it’s paid for by your data, attention, and time.   Big tech derives most of its profits by selling your attention to advertisers — a well-known business model. Various documentaries (like Netflix’s “The Social
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Google takes steps to better protect Play Store customers

Following the lead set by Apple, Google has promised to better protect the privacy of people who use Android-powered devices. This means that they are committed to removing apps from the Play Store that violate user privacy or that use sneaky tactics to harvest and resell personal data. And now Google is taking these promises seriously. Around 15 popular app
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UK Covid App Goes Offline

As winter sets in and Covid cases begin to rise again, governments are starting to reintroduce restrictions on social activities. Many countries are imposing additional restrictions for indoor venues like restaurants and bars for instance. Customers must show proof of vaccination before they are allowed entry. As part of these new containment protocols, most
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Analysis of a Parental Control System

Canopy was advertised to me through my child’s school. The company offers a multi-platform parental control app claiming various abilities to limit and monitor use of protected devices. Access to Canopy is billed monthly and includes a compelling list of features for concerned parents: From: https://app.canopy.us/?a=account/package (8/18/21) Severa
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Getting Application Security Back on the Rails

In its Interagency Report 7695, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) defined an application as “a system for collecting, saving, processing, and presenting data by means of a computer.” This broad term covers enterprise applications, consumer applications, and even phone apps. Security is important in all these types of applications
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Criminals arrested after trusting encrypted chat app cracked by police

Police in the Netherlands and Belgium have made hundreds of raids, and arrested at least 80 people, after cracking into an encrypted phone network used by organised criminals.In a press release, Europol said that crime-fighting authorities in France, Belgium and the Netherlands had not only arrested a large number of suspected criminals, but also shut down t
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Unsecured Cloud Configurations Exposing Information in Thousands of Mobile Apps

Abstract When approaching the development of a mobile application, one of the key design decisions revolves around the server side aspect of the application. Specifically, storage of information relevant to the app’s usage, as well as the backend API’s allowing the app to query the server for information in real time (as opposed to static data that’s stored
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Romance scams: FTC reveals $304 million of heartache

In 2020, reported losses to the FTC for romance scams went up by 50% from 2019, totalling $304 million. And things weren’t exactly good before: Romance scams have cost people a fortune for 3 years running, according to the FTC. Their latest report suggests a steady rise in these kind of scams generally and ponders the impact of the pandemic. If nobody
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Elaborate Scam App Impersonates Leading Asian Bank; Victims Duped into ‘Investing’

Campaign is still active and growing; second bank app identified Zimperium, in collaboration with a leading Asian bank, have uncovered the early stages of a coordinated effort by scammers to defraud existing and new bank customers. In this blog, we will: Alert the general public about the scam before it gains traction;  Outline the entire scam around the f
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Automate Mobile Application Security Testing from Jenkins

Mobile apps require continuous testing throughout the development process to ensure proper compliance and security measures are in place. If you are using Jenkins continuous integration server in your pipeline, continually testing your mobile app builds is simple with Zimperium’s mobile application security testing platform, zScan. Here we will descri
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Can you trust the Google Play Store?

For most people, smartphones and tablets are now essential to managing our lives. They allow us to shop, pay bills, manage accounts and communicate with the rest of the world. With so much valuable personal data available, our mobile devices are an extremely attractive targets for hackers. Unsurprisingly, this has led to a rise in malware that attacks Androi
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Top 3 Ways to Protect Microsoft Teams on BYO Mobile Devices

During a recent webinar on the Top Five Mobile Security Stories of a Crazy 2020, I listed my number one story around COVID-19 creating a situation unlike anything any of us have ever seen; yet one that will likely leave permanent changes in remote working and learning.  With the overnight shift towards entire workforces working remotely from home, on all va
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Top 5 Mobile Security Stories of a Crazy 2020

2020 has been crazy… to say the least.  But in many ways, 2020 has thrust a huge spotlight on something we’ve known for quite some time – – mobile threats are real and mobile devices and apps need protection. It truly is crazy how many stories we’ve seen – and the year isn’t over yet – where the need for mobile security is front and
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Joker Malware is no Joke

Google has recently removed 17 apps from the Play Store after discovering they were infected with the Joker malware. The move should help to prevent new infections. If you own an Android smartphone, you should urgently check to see if you have any of the following apps installed: All Good PDF Scanner Mint Leaf Message-Your Private Message Unique Keyboard &#
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