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Will iPhone replace your passport and driver’s license soon?

Apple has actively been working on making iPhone the sole thing people have to carry while out and about. The company has successfully eliminated the need to carry items such as diary, laptop, car insurance card, credit card, home keys, etc. They also recently announced plans to help humanity get rid of the need for car keys. However, in the USA iPhones have
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Should you jailbreak your iPhone?

Simple and reliable, Apple iPhones are believed to be some of the most secure mobile devices available. Apple security comes down to one factor – very tight control of the operating system and hardware. To better protect users, Apple iPhones and iPads can only install apps from the official App Store. Every app is checked by Apple’s security experts to verif
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An Apple a Day: Treating BYOD Pains with Apple User Enrollment

Even with workers returning to the office—it might be a trickle or a flood depending on the organization—the shift towards remote work is moving from just a short-term necessity to a long-term reality. That shift has changed the face of business worldwide. This change makes it more important than ever for IT and Security teams to prioritize endpoint manageme
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Apple’s New Plans for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac Unveiled at WWDC 2020

It was a different type of presentation at this year’s WWDC. Gone was the venue packed with thousands of developers and journalists, cheering at the announcements of new features, now relegated to memories for this year because of the coronavirus. Instead, Apple presented a very fast-paced pre-recorded keynote outlining where the company is going with
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The Pros and Cons of Apple’s iOS App Store

If you use apps on your iPhone or iPad, other than those included in iOS, you get them from Apple’s App Store. Since Apple’s App Store is the only way to install apps on iOS devices (unlike with macOS where you can obtain apps from the Mac App Store or from developers) you have to use Apple to provide these apps. The App Store has lots of advanta
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Why Apple Is Missing the Boat on Home Wi-fi

In April 2018, Apple announced that it was discontinuing its AirPort home wi-fi products. The AirPort Extreme, AirPort Express, and Time Capsule were easy-to-use routers and wi-fi access points that fit perfectly into the Apple ecosystem. The AirPort Express was the first easy way to stream music to devices in your home using AirPlay (initially called AirTun
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Apple fixes CVE-2020-9859 zero-day used in recent Unc0ver jailbreak

This week Apple released security patches to address the CVE-2020-9859 zero-day vulnerability that had been used to jailbreak iPhones devices. Apple released security patches to address the CVE-2020-9859 zero-day vulnerability in the iOS kernel that had been used to jailbreak iPhones. The flaw was discovered by a team of cyber-security researchers and
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Expert earns $100,000 for ‘Sign in with Apple’ authentication bypass bug

The expert Bhavuk Jain received an award of $100,000 for reporting a severe security issue in ‘Sign in with Apple’ authentication bypass bug that could allow the takeover of third-party user accounts.  The bug hunter Bhavuk Jain received an award of $100,000 by Apple, as part of its bug bounty program, for reporting a severe vulnerability that could allow
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No password required! “Sign in with Apple” account takeover flaw patched

byPaul DucklinA security reseacher from Delhi in India is a tidy $100,000 richer thanks to a bug bounty payout from Apple for an account takeover flaw that he discovered in the Sign in with Apple system.Bhavuk Jain, a serial bug bounty hunter, has described how he found the sort of bug that leaves you thinking, “It can’t have been that simple!
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Pablo Escobar’s brother sues Apple for $2.6b over FaceTime flaw

byLisa VaasRoberto Escobar’s company has reportedly filed a $2.6 billion lawsuit against Apple for purportedly having lame-o security – security so bad, his address purportedly got leaked through FaceTime and has led to subsequent assassination attempts.According to TNW and TMZ, former accountant and co-founder of the Medellín drug cartel Roberto
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New iPhone jailbreak released

byPaul DucklinApple’s latest iOS versions have only been out for a week.The updates are new enough that Apple’s own Security updates page still lists [2020-05-26T14:00Z] the security holes that were fixed in iOS 13.5 and iOS 12.4.7 as “details available soon”.But there’s a jailbreak available already for iOS 13.5, released by th
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Reduce animations on your Mac and iOS devices

Accessibility to computing devices is often equated with physical or visual impairment. But inroads are being made to ensure that technology is accessible to a much wider range of users with assistive needs. And Apple is, and has long been, at the forefront of such efforts.Some conditions – such as hearing or motor functions – are relatively well understood.
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A week in security (April 27 – May 3)

Last week on Malwarebytes Labs, we looked at how secure the cloud is, understood why unexpected demand can influence an organization to consider their “just in time” (JIT) system, speculated on why the threat actors behind the Troldesh ransomware suddenly released thousands of decryption keys, preached the good news about VPN being mainstream, touched on the
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iOS Mail bug allows remote zero-click attacks

On Monday, ZecOps released a report about a couple concerning vulnerabilities with the Mail app in iOS. These vulnerabilities would allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code in the Mail app or the maild process that assists the Mail app behind the scenes. Most concerning, though, is the fact that even the most current version of iOS, 13.4.1, is vulnerable.
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Millions of Apple devices vulnerable to hackers

A major security flaw was recently discovered in the operating system running on hundreds of millions of Apple devices. If you’ve received a blank email from someone over the last few years, this might have been a hacker’s attempt to get unauthorized access to content stored on your Apple devices. According to Reuters, Apple is planning to fix the bug with t
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