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Which are the most dangerous mobile app stores online?

An interesting report published by RiskIQ on 2019 Mobile App Threat Landscape, lists the most dangerous mobile app store online. Mobile users downloaded over 200 billion apps in 2019 and the overall expense in app stores worldwide has been estimated in more than $120 billion. Threat actors don’t want to miss this amazing business opportunity and
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App Stores that Formerly Coddled ZNIU Found Distributing a New iXintpwn/YJSNPI Variant

by Lilang Wu, Ju Zhu, and Moony Li We covered iXintpwn/YJSNPI in a previous blog post and looked into how it renders an iOS device unresponsive by overflowing it with icons. This threat comes in the form of an unsigned profile that crashes the standard application that manages the iOS home screen when installed. The malicious profile also exploits certain fe
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Kemoge Android Adware Campaign Can Lead to Device Takeover

Google has been busy removing a number of apps from Google Play that are disguised as popular selections that are actually pushing what starts out as adware but eventually turns more malicious.Google has already yanked down a file-transfer app called ShareIt, developed by Zhang Long of China, who was posting benign versions of his app to Google Play, but hos
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