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Popular Sarahah App secretly uploads your phone contacts to the company’s servers

According to a report published by The Intercept, the popular Sarahah app silently uploads users’ phone contacts to the company’s servers. This summer, Sarahah became one of the most popular iPhone apps in the world for both iOS and Android. Sarahah has been created by Saudi Arabian developer Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq, it implements a social network
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A temporary profile picture but permanent app permissions

We are all sad about what’s happened in Paris last Friday. It’s said that the terrorist attacks have changed the world. That is no doubt true, and one aspect of that is how social media becomes more important in situations like this. Facebook has deployed two functions that help people deal with this kind of crisis. The Safety Check feature collects info abo
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App permissions – your last best hope for privacy

We have written a lot about how companies treat you as an asset. A source of data that can be monetized in a variety of ways. Spotify did recently change their terms and ensured that this topic stays in the headlines. They want to collect information stored on your mobile device, such as contacts, photos and media files. No thanks! My Spotify app plays music
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85% of apps not up to scratch on privacy, study finds

A coordinated study of apps run by a group of national privacy and data protection bodies from all around the world has found that the vast majority are failing to provide adequate information on the privacy implications of using the app.The study, conducted by the Global Privacy Enforcement Network (GPEN), looked at over 1200 apps with participants each tas
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Firefox OS app permissions will give users more privacy than Android

Mozilla's mobile platform, Firefox OS, is behind Android in just about every way.The year-old Firefox OS is not even in the same league in market penetration, and is available on just seven smartphones from five carriers and in 15 countries.But in one important respect, privacy, Firefox OS is trying to move ahead of Google's Android by offering granular appl
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Facebook wants you to know that Messenger is not spying on you

No, Facebook Messenger will not secretly take video of you, listen to your phone calls, or tap into your brain to get all your secret thoughts.After a long build-up of rumors surrounding the Messenger app's required permissions to access the device's camera and microphone, Facebook is finally attempting to set the record straight.Facebook recently began forc
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