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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Embrace the Security Freeze

If you’ve been paying attention in recent years, you might have noticed that just about everyone is losing your personal data. Even if you haven’t noticed (or maybe you just haven’t actually received a breach notice), I’m here to tell you that if you’re an American, your basic personal data is already for sale. What follows is a primer on what you can do to
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HIPAA and the Anthem Hack – What You Need to Know

As you’ve certainly heard by now, as many as 80 million customers of the country’s second-biggest health insurer have been affected by a massive data breach. Names, birthdays, addresses, employment information and Social Security numbers were exposed, but it appears the attackers left patient medical histories untouched.THE MYTHI want to correct some misinfo
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Up to 18.8 Million Non-Anthem Customers Affected in Breach

In addition to roughly 80 million Anthem customers, nearly 20 million more individuals who aren’t customers of the health insurer could ultimately wind up implicated in this month’s massive data breach.The company disclosed yesterday that between 8.8 million and 18.8 million Blue Cross Blue Shield customers’ records may have been storoed in
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#HackerKast 21: GCHQ, Anthem Breach, TurboTax Fraud, Sony Incident Response, GPG Donations, iPhone App Rating Manipulati

Hey Everybody! Welcome to a romantic Valentine’s edition of HackerKast. We’ve got the gang all back together and are ready to talk about some of this week’s AppSec news. We started out with a story of the GCHQ, which is a British version of the Secret Service/CIA/NSA. It came out this week that they wrote a program to scrape Twitter feeds
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Anthem Data Breach — 6 Things You Need To Know

The Nation’s second largest Health insurer company, Anthem, alerted its customers on Wednesday that hackers had stolen the personal information of over 80 Millions of its customers, making it the largest data breach and double the number of payment cards affected by Target data breach occurred in 2013.The stolen personal information includes resident
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China To Blame in Anthem Hack?

Bloomberg reports that U.S. federal investigators probing the theft of 80 million Social Security records and other sensitive data from insurance giant Anthem Inc. are pointing the finger at state-sponsored hackers from China. Although unconfirmed, that suspicion would explain a confidential alert the FBI circulated last week warning that Chinese hackers wer
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Data Breach at Health Insurer Anthem Could Impact Millions

Anthem Inc., the nation’s second largest health insurer, disclosed Wednesday that hackers had broken into its servers and stolen Social Security numbers and other personal data from all of its business lines. Given the company’s size, this breach could end up impacting tens of millions of Americans. Anthem didn’t specify how many consumer r
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