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Twitter makes the leap to Tor

Tor is getting another visibility boost for people who may not otherwise come into contact with it. The reason: an attempt to navigate increasing amounts of censorship. What is Tor? The Tor network is something designed to keep communications anonymous. A variety of tools exist to make use of it, including messaging, web browsers, and other clients. M
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Yik Yak “cyberbullying”: What can be done?

In August 2021, Yik Yak, the once-popular anonymous social media platform on Android and iOS, made a comeback after shutting its doors in 2017. Six months after its return, it’s started to gain attention once more, as a result of cyberbullying—the main reason why it declined years ago. However, this new Yik Yak has a new commitment: the new owners s
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Privacy, Identity, and Device Protection: Why You Need to Invest in All Three

Cybercriminals make people uneasy about the safety of their identity and online accounts. McAfee is your partner who’ll work tirelessly to restore your confidence in your online activities. Check out this roundup of privacy protection, identity protection, and device security best practices to boost your confidence in the safety of your personal information
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What is Tor?

Tor, The Onion Router Tor (The Onion Router) is free software used to keep your online communications safe and secure from outside observers. It’s designed to block tracking and eavesdropping, resist fingerprinting (where services tie your browser and device information to an identity), and to hide the location of the people using it. The network of we
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Would real identities make social media safer?

“Use real identities to reduce abuse online” is a talking point you’ve almost certainly seen down the years. It also seems to come around like clockwork every other month, and is currently a hot topic in the UK after prominent journalists / media personalities raised the issue. It’s an interesting idea, but the devil is in the details. “Verified ide
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Bring your own privacy: VPNs for consumers and orgs

VPNs (virtual private networks) have been popular for quite some time now, and they’re worth a huge amount of money for the companies working in this area. They’re also at the forefront of combating potential repression and censorship around the world. It might all sound a bit esoteric and unrelated to your general day-to-day requirements, but VPNs are absol
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Tor Project fixed TorMoil, a critical Tor Browser flaw that can leak users IP Address

The Tor Project fixed a critical vulnerability dubbed TorMoil that could leak users real IP addresses to potential attackers. Tor users must update their Tor browser to fix a critical vulnerability, dubbed TorMoil, that could leak their real IP addresses to potential attackers when they visit websites with certain content. The Tor Project released the Tor Br
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FBI masqueraded the NIT in a video-bait to unmask sextortionist on Tor

The FBI used a NIT involving a specially crafted video file to unmask a sextortionist that via Tor was threatening youngsters. The FBI has used once again the network investigative technique (NIT) for unmasking Tor users, this time the feds used it to arrest a suspected sextortionist. The man is accused of having tricked young girls into sharing nude pics o
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Tor launches Bug Bounty Program, hackers can earn between $2,000 and $4,000 for high severity flaws

The Tor Project announced the launch of a public bug bounty program. Bug hunters can earn between $2,000 and $4,000 for high severity flaws. It’s official, the Tor Project announced the launch of a public bug bounty program through the HackerOne platform, the initiative was possible with support from the Open Technology Fund. “With support from t
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AlphaBay Market, one of the largest Dark Web marketplaces is down. Is it an Exit-Scam?

The AlphaBay Market went down Tuesday night without any explanation, many users that have purchased products on the marketplace fear the Exit-Scam. The news is shocking, the AlphaBay Market, one of the largest Dark Web black markets is down. We have analyzed many times the popular black market where it was possible to buy any kind of illegal goods, including
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New Tor Browser 7.0 implements multiprocess mode, content sandbox, and Unix domain sockets

The Tor Project Team has announced the release of Tor Browser 7.0, it comes with multiprocess mode, content sandbox, and Unix domain sockets. The Tor Project has released the stable release of Tor Browser 7.0 that includes many security features and according to the development team, it also improved performance. The Tor network implements an anonymous c
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How to Browse The Internet Securely And Anonymously

These are some of the top methods you can use to browse the internet securely and anonymously. Even as the world becomes more aware of the imminent threat to our online privacy, few people understand the need to hide crucial information, such as IP addresses and private data streams, from entities such as our Internet Service Providers (ISPs), various online
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Privacy groups claim FBI hacking operation in the PlayPen case was unconstitutional

According to Privacy groups, the FBI search warrant used to hack into thousands of computers around the world in the PlayPen case was unconstitutional, Privacy groups are claiming the FBI hacking campaign against the Playpen child pornography community violated international law. According to the court documents, the FBI monitored the Playpen bulletin board
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Microsoft Windows DRM issue could be exploited to uncloak Tor Browser users

HackerHouse researchers have discovered that media content protected by Digital Rights Management (DRM) can be used to uncloak Windows Tor Browser users. The anonymity of the Tor users is threatened by a new issue related the Microsoft’s DRM. Windows users running the Tor browser can be de-anonymized with a trick based on the Microsoft DRM (Digital Rig
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Dozens of Android VPN Apps Fail to Protect Users’ Privacy, Study Reveals

One of the best friends a user can have in today’s digital age is a virtual private network (VPN). This tool masks a user’s IP address and tunnels their data through a network of servers. In so doing, a VPN helps a user anonymously and more securely browse the web.Unfortunately, not all VPNs fulfill that purpose. A group of researchers from Queen
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