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How to root the LG Watch Urbane ( B285 )

A few days ago I've bought a LG Watch Urbane from the Google Store since it seemed to me the very first "elegant" wear device. I really like old fashioned wrist watches so I waited for something similar to be on the market before getting a Wear device. Unfortunately, being it a relatively new device, there aren't many informations on the web on how to root
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Android Wear App for iPhone and iPad compatibility may Launch Soon

As you may be aware, you need an Android smartphone to use an Android Wear smartwatch, but if you carry an Apple iPhone or iPad, you’ll soon be able to use the same Android Wear smartwatch, without relying on unofficial third-party app support.Google is reportedly going to release its a new iOS app over to the App Store that will allow iPhone and iPa
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How safe is your quantified self? Tracking, monitoring, and wearable tech

Each day, millions of people worldwide are actively recording every aspect of their lives, thoughts, experiences, and achievements in an activity known as self-tracking (aka quantified self or life logging). People who engage in self-tracking do so for various reasons. Given the amount of personal data being generated, transmitted, and stored at
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