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Billions more Android devices will reset risky app permissions

Google announced today that support for a recently released Android privacy protection feature would be backported to billions of devices running older Android versions later this year.The permission auto-reset feature, first introduced with Android 11, is designed to protect users' privacy by automatically removing runtime permissions for apps that haven't
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Microsoft shares fix for 'camera upload is paused' Android OneDrive error

Microsoft says a OneDrive issue prevents some Android users from uploading photos and videos from their camera roll to the cloud.According to stats available on the OneDrive app's Google's Play Store entry, more than 1 billion users worldwide have installed the Android app.Based on user reports on the Microsoft Community site and other social
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Android malware distributed in Mexico uses Covid-19 to steal financial credentials

McAfee Mobile Malware Research Team has identified malware targeting Mexico. It poses as a security banking tool or as a bank application designed to report an out-of-service ATM. In both instances, the malware relies on the sense of urgency created by tools designed to prevent fraud to encourage targets to use them. This malware can steal authentication fac
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Windows 11 Android support spotted online ahead of launch

Microsoft has confirmed that Android apps are coming to Windows 11 and users will be able to try mobile apps on the desktop operating system soon, but the general availability has been delayed.Ahead of the beta testing with Insiders, Microsoft has already published the placeholder for the Android subsystem in the Microsoft Store. According to
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Google implements new Private Compute Services for Android

Google introduces Private Compute Services, a collection of services aimed at designing to improve privacy in the Android operating system. Good news for Android users, Google has implemented the Private Compute Services, a set of features aimed at improving their privacy. “We introduced Android’s Private Compute Core in Android 12 Beta. Today,
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New SOVA Android Banking trojan is rapidly growing

SOVA is a new Android banking trojan that targets banking applications, cryptocurrency wallets, and shopping apps from the U.S. and Spain. Researchers from cybersecurity firm ThreatFabric have spotted in the beginning of August a new Android banking trojan, dubbed SOVA, that targets banking applications, cryptocurrency wallets, and shopping apps from the
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Google Introduces Private Compute Services for Android

Google this week introduced a new suite of services designed to improve privacy in the Android operating system.The new features add to the previously introduced Private Compute Core in Android 12 beta, an open source, secure environment designed to be completely isolated from the Android platform itself, as well as from other applications.For the time being
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CSAM, GDPR, and Android Updates – Intego Mac Podcast Episode 204

Apple pauses their new CSAM image scanning rollout, WhatsApp gets slapped with a big GDPR fine in Ireland, and Germany is mandating seven years of updates for all mobile phones. We also discuss new Mac malware, and Intego’s 100% virus detection rating.Apple Event, September 14Michael K. WilliamsOSX/Adload: Mac Malware Apple Missed for Many MonthsIntego
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Google Android Security Update Patches 40 Vulnerabilities

Google on Tuesday published the Android Security Bulletin for September 2021 with patches for a total of 40 vulnerabilities, including seven that are rated critical.A total of 16 issues were patched with the first part of this month’s security updates – the 2021-09-01 security patch level – including one critical issue in the Framework component. Tracked as
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A week in security (August 30 – September 5)

Last week on Malwarebytes Labs ProxyToken: another nail-biter from Microsoft ExchangeMacs turn on apps signed by Symantec, treat them as malwareGoogle Play sign-ins can be abused to track another person’s movementsFTC bans SpyFone and its CEO from continuing to sell stalkerwareBrakTooth Bluetooth vulnerabilities, crash all the devices!Vulnerable WordPress
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Phishing Android Malware Targets Taxpayers in India

Authored by ChanUng Pak   McAfee’s Mobile Research team recently found a new Android malware, Elibomi, targeting taxpayers in India. The malware steals sensitive financial and private information via phishing by pretending to be a tax-filing application. We have identified two main campaigns that used different fake app themes to lure in taxpayers. The first
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Google App bug blocks Android users from receiving, making calls

Google says that users of some Android phone models are affected by a Google App bug preventing them from making and receiving calls."After the latest update to the Google Search App on Android, the users of certain mobile phones are experiencing difficulty in receiving and making calls," a Google community manager said earlier today.The company has released
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A week in security (August 23 – August 29)

Last week on Malwarebytes Labs: Patch now! Microsoft Exchange is being attacked via ProxyShellRealtek-based routers, smart devices are being gobbled up by a voracious botnetCriminals exploited weak checks and old tech to pull off vast COVID benefit fraudMice “taking over the world!”, one Windows machine at a timeThe best browsers for privacy and securityC
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Malicious WhatsApp mod infects Android devices with malware

A malicious version of the FMWhatsappWhatsApp mod delivers a Triadatrojan payload, a nasty surprise that infects their devices with additional malware, including the very hard-to-remove xHelper trojan.FMWhatsApp promises to improve the WhatsApp user experience with added features such as better privacy, custom chat themes, access to other social networks' em
Publish At:2021-08-25 04:25 | Read:410 | Comments:0 | Tags:Security android

Accept Facebook friend requests without unlocking your Android [Unpatched]

Author - Sivanesh Ashok | @sivaneshashok | stazot.comDate : 2021-08-03Vendor : https://facebook.com/Version : *Tested on : Version 329., Android 10Last Modified : 2021-08-10--[ Bug DescriptionFacebook for Android is vulnerable to a permission issue which allowsanyone with physical access to the Android device, to accept fr
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