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Google removes a set of 21 malicious apps from the Play Store

Google has removed 21 malicious apps from the official Play Store because they were found to serve intrusive and annoying ads. Google has removed 21 new malicious apps from the official Play Store because they were found displaying intrusive ads. The following malicious apps were spotted by researchers from cybersecurity firm Avast: Shoot ThemCrush
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Top 5 Mobile Security Stories of a Crazy 2020

2020 has been crazy… to say the least.  But in many ways, 2020 has thrust a huge spotlight on something we’ve known for quite some time – – mobile threats are real and mobile devices and apps need protection. It truly is crazy how many stories we’ve seen – and the year isn’t over yet – where the need for mobile security is front and
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GravityRAT malware also targets Android and macOS

Researchers spotted new variants of the Windows GravityRAT spyware that now can also infect Android and macOS devices. Researchers from Kaspersky Lab have spotted new variants of the GravityRAT malware that now can be also used to infect Android and macOS devices. GravityRAT is a malware strain known for checking the CPU temperature of Windows computer
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GravityRAT Spyware Targets Android & MacOS in India

The Trojan once used in attacks against Windows systems has been transformed into a multiplatform tool targeting macOS and Android.Researchers have identified GravityRAT, a spying remote access Trojan (RAT) known to target devices in India, in an attack campaign against Android and MacOS devices. The activity was still ongoing at the time their findings were
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Android, macOS Versions of GravityRAT Spyware Spotted in Ongoing Campaign

Kaspersky security researchers have identified versions of the GravityRAT spyware that are targeting Android and macOS devices.Initially detailed in 2018, the RAT was previously employed in attacks targeting the Indian military, as part of a campaign that is believed to have been active since 2015. Targeting Windows systems, the tool has mainly been used for
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Windows GravityRAT malware now also targets Android, macOS

GravityRAT, a malware strain known for checking the CPU temperature of Windows computers to detect virtual machines or sandboxes, is now multi-platform spyware as it can now also be used to infect Android and macOS devices.The GravityRAT Remote Access Trojan (RAT) has been under active development by what looks like Pakistani hacker groups&nbs
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Creepy covert camera “feature” found in popular smartwatch for kids

byPaul DucklinIf you nearly didn’t read this article because you thought the headline sounded unsurprising, like “Dinosaurs Still Extinct” or “Sun to Rise in East”……then be aware that we nearly didn’t write it for the same reason.Bugs and vulnerabilities in built-down-to-a-price devices made for kids are, very
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Android Locker Variant Uses Innovative Sequence to Load Ransom Note

A new variant of a sophisticated Android locker family used an innovative sequence to load its ransom note on infected devices.On October 8, Microsoft Defender Research Team revealed that it had spotted a new Android locker variant using novel techniques to display its ransom note to its victims.This threat specifically targeted two components on Android dev
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Microsoft Warns of Android Ransomware Abusing Notification Services

Microsoft warned users on Thursday that it has spotted a sophisticated piece of Android ransomware that abuses notification services to display a ransom note.Android ransomware typically allows cybercriminals to make a profit not by encrypting files — such as in the case of ransomware targeting desktop systems — but by displaying a full-screen ransom note th
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Android's October 2020 Security Update Patches 48 Vulnerabilities

The October 2020 security updates for Android patch a total of 48 vulnerabilities, including critical-severity flaws that affect Qualcomm closed-source components.Twenty of the vulnerabilities described in the latest Android Security Bulletin were patched as part of the 2020-10-01 security patch level, the most important of which is a high-risk bug in System
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Android Camera Bug Under the Microscope

Critical Android vulnerability CVE-2019-2234 could enable attackers to take control of a victim's camera and take photos, record videos, and learn location.Before it was patched last year, critical Android vulnerability CVE-2020-2234 could have given attackers the means to access the camera app in some smartphones from vendors including Google and Samsung. A
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Google Announces Android Partner Vulnerability Initiative

Google on Friday announced the Android Partner Vulnerability Initiative (APVI), an effort aimed at improving patching of security issues specific to Android OEMs.Through the new initiative, the tech giant also expects to improve transparency around vulnerabilities identified by Google’s own researchers, but which impact device models coming from the company’
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IPStorm botnet evolves to infect Android, Linux, and Mac devices

Researchers from Intezer reported that the IPStorm botnet has evolved to infect other operating systems, including Android, Linux, and Mac devices. The IPStorm botnet was first uncovered in May 2019 while targeting Windows systems, not experts from Intezer reported that the bot evolved to infect other platforms, including Android, Linux, and Mac devices.
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Google now discloses Android vulnerabilities for 3rd-party devices

Google today announced the launch of a new program specifically designed to deal with security vulnerabilities the company finds in third-party Android devices and software serviced by Android OEMs."Google’s Android Security & Privacy team has launched the Android Partner Vulnerability Initiative (APVI) to manage security issues specific
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Lockphish phishing attack: Capturing Android PINs & iPhone passcodes over https

Introduction to LockphishPhishing attacks are a common tactic for gaining initial access to a system. If an attacker can convince their target to hand over their login credentials or install and execute malware on their machine, this provides an attacker with a foothold that can be used to expand their access and achieve their operational objectives.Th
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