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3 essential security tasks - have you done them yet?

As part of National Cyber Security Awareness Month last October, we suggested three essential tasks you could do for your family to improve their cyber security.Tomorrow marks a year since we published that advice, so we thought we'd revisit it to ask if you've done them all.If you haven't, there's still time! All three are simple but important things that a
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5 excuses for doing nothing about computer security!

Let's be honest: computers and websites are often easier and quicker to use if you do nothing about security.You could save several minutes each day!That's why it can be handy to have some really good excuses for doing nothing.Sadly, as we're sure you have found, once a friend or family member has latched onto a security avoidance excuse, it can be hard to t
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College GPA hack for newly admitted freshmen

Protip: Take a summer course before your first full fall semester. Get an A+, giving you a great cumulative GPA and then reap the Dean’s List benefits in your first full semester while your college life is easiest and your peers are still establishing themselves.
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The Following Information Security Counter Arguments are Invalid

After bringing attention to the inability to terminate a session in some popular open source web application frameworks, many of the counterarguments fell into the following bins:We already knew about thisWhy is it still an issue? Too few people know about it; other developers, even users need to be informed and heard from.Developers already know about thisT
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