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Immigration organisations targeted by APT group Evilnum

Organisations working in the immigration sector are advised to be on high alert for Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) attacks. Bleeping Computer reports that European organisations, specifically, are under threat from the Evilnum hacking group. Evilnum, on the APT scene since 2018 at the earliest and perhaps most well known for targeting the financial sect
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Securing the MSP: their own worst enemy

We’ve previously discussed threats to managed service providers (MSPs), covering their status as a valuable secondary target to both an assortment of APT groups as well as financially motivated threat groups. The problem with covering new and novel attack vectors, however, is that behind each new vector is typically a system left unpatched, asset manag
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Breach of Trump Data Shows Russian-Backed Hackers are Ready for 2016 Election

Russian-backed hackers have breached the network of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) in search of opposition research on likely Republican nominee for president Donald Trump, according to the Washington Post. The hack of the DNC network – apparently conducted by two separate threat families – was first noticed in April and finally cleared
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When a single e-mail gives hackers full access to your network

When you're a Fortune 500 company that's a favorite target of sophisticated hackers, it often makes sense to install security appliances at the outer edges of your network to stop attacks before they get far. Now, researchers say they have uncovered a vulnerability in such a product from security firm FireEye that can give attackers full network access.The v
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Relentless Sofacy APT Attacks Armed With Zero Days, New Backdoors

A new analysis of the Sofacy APT gang, a Russian-speaking group carrying out targeted attacks against military and government offices for close to a decade, shows a relentless wave of intrusions peaking this summer against victims in a number of NATO countries and the Ukraine.Researchers at Kaspersky Lab this morning released their update on Sofacy, which is
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How cyber criminals use Twitter to run their attacks

Over the past decade billions of us have taken to using third-party services — which we often get access to for free in exchange for our privacy — to promote ourselves, our businesses or to even launch new businesses. Cyber criminals never miss an opportunity. So as social networks have improved their encryption to protect users’ personal d
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China APT Gang Targets Hong Kong Media via Dropbox

An APT gang linked to China and alleged to be responsible for targeted attacks against foreign governments and ministries, has now pointed its focus inward at China’s autonomous territory Hong Kong.An August attack against several media companies in Hong Kong was carried out shortly after a high-profile controversy over an appointment at the prestigiou
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New Moker RAT Bypasses Detection

Researchers warned Tuesday the latest APT to make the rounds features a remote access Trojan that can effectively mitigate security measures on machines and grant the attacker full access to the system.Experts with the Israeli cyber security start-up enSilo discovered the RAT – which they refer to as Moker – lurking inside one of their customers&
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Targeted Attack Exposes OWA Weakness

Attackers aiming for lateral movement inside an enterprise network have done well in the past to target domain controller credentials.Researchers at Cybereason, however, have uncovered a targeted attack in which hackers were able to burrow onto the corporate network and steal thousands of username-password combinations via Outlook Web Access. “Securi
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F-Secure report details Russian cyber attacks on the U.S., NATO and others

Much of the world woke to headlines Thursday morning featuring revelations from a new F-Secure whitepaper on an advanced-persistent threat (ATP) group known as “the Dukes”. In our News from the Labs blog, Labs researcher Artturi Lehtiö wrote: We believe that the Dukes are a well-resourced, highly dedicated, and organized cyber-espionage group that has been
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How highly advanced hackers (ab)used satellites to stay under the radar

One of the world's most advanced espionage groups has already been caught unleashing an extremely stealthy trojan for Linux systems that for years siphoned sensitive data from governments and pharmaceutical companies around the world. Now researchers have discovered a highly unusual method that members of the so-called Turla group used to cover their tra
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Turla APT Group Abusing Satellite Internet Links

Poorly secured satellite-based Internet links are being abused by nation-state hackers, most notably by the Turla APT group, to hide command-and-control operations, researchers at Kaspersky Lab said today.Active for close to a decade, Turla’s activities were exposed last year; the Russian-speaking gang has carried out espionage campaigns against more t
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Darkhotel APT Latest to Use Hacking Team Zero Day

The fallout from the HackingTeam data dump shows no signs of abating. Since the controversial surveillance software maker was hacked and 400 Gb of its data posted online in early July, a handful of zero-day vulnerabilities and exploits were publicly leaked and continue to find their way into the hands of criminal and state-sponsored hacking groups.The latest
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APT Group Gets Selective About Data it Steals

LAS VEGAS – The Emissary Panda APT group has a long history of invading Western organizations—be they enterprises, government or political outfits—hungry for reams of intellectual property.Lately the group, however, has become a little more selective about what it steals. Researchers at Dell SecureWorks Counter Threat Unit (CTU) today at Black Hat released
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Back Doors: Are You Prepared?

“Honey… Did you make sure you locked the basement door and activated the security system? I can’t wait to get to the Big Rock Campground, the kids are going to love the waterslide…”Sound familiar? The majority of new homes today have some sort of physical security system protecting the property while the family is away, but are
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