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German commercial companies in hacker focus – Panda protects you

Several German DAX companies were spied on by a hacker group called WinNTI in mid-2019. The German Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) assumes that the German industry will be an attractive target for ongoing waves of attacks. In December 2019, the BfV published a Cyber Brief with hints on current attack campaigns and sent it to many
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ClarkeModet: industrial and intellectual property protected with Panda Security

Cybercrime can have many ambitious objectives: sabotaging a business; stealing money; exfiltrating customers’ personal data and the company’s sensitive information; and even causing physical damage. For certain kinds of companies, there is a objective of cybercrime that can lead to serious financial losses: industrial espionage. For a technological, pharmace
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Panda Security promotes “Global security in the age of hybrid conflicts”

The 35th International Workshop on Global Security was presented in Paris on April 16 and 17 last year, with the theme of “Global Security in the Age of Hybrid Warfare and the Cyber Threat.” The alignment between the Workshop and Panda Security’s quality standards allowed us to take part in this event as a technology partner. The subjects covered
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2019: The ransomware tsunami

This has been another record-breaking year for ransomware attacks. The waves of attacks seen in the USA at the start of the year, followed by attacks on public administrations all over Europe, and the latest breaches detected in Spain have all led to ransomware keeping its place on the list of the most important cyberthreats in 2019. And the statistics speak
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Over 1 billion people’s data leaked in an unsecured server

Data enrichment companies are big business these days. They merge the data stored by other companies with third-party data in order for these companies to be able to take more informed decisions. Enriched data provides deeper insights into the companies’ customers, which allows them to adjust their business model so that it better adapts to their current or
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PureLocker: the unusual ransomware that encrypts servers

In 2019, the resurgence of ransomware is still in full swing. Since the beginning of the year, a veritable litany of companies and organizations have suffered at the hands of this kind of malware: local governments, manufacturers, hospitals, producers, critical infrastructure… While we know who the victims of these ransomware attacks are, more often th
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The state of cybersecurity in 2019: What do the experts think?

This Saturday, November 30, is Computer Security Day. The aim of this annual event is to increase knowledge and awareness of the risks that users’ computers, devices and systems are exposed to all over the world. Download the eBook here Since this initiative was launched by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) in 1988, the technological landscape h
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José Manuel Díaz-Caneja: “At times it is easier to corrupt an employee than to use cyberattacks to bring down a system”

When it comes to protecting organization’s corporate cybersecurity, there are several fronts. Two of them, however, are particularly important: first, monitoring the human factor, which is often the main trigger for cyberattacks or data leaks. The second is applying intelligence to all processes so that advanced cyberdefense isn’t reactive, but instead is ba
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Georgia suffers the largest cyberattack in its history

These days, every organization is a potential victim of a cyberattack. This year we’ve seen a wide range of organizations fall into the trap of cybercrime, from oil companies and banks, to public administrations such as city halls or critical infrastructure. All of them are susceptible to becoming targets of serious cyberincidents. These IT security intrusio
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Halloween: take your cybersecurity to the next level

It’s Halloween, a great time to scare and be scared. These scares can come from horror films, video clips, or worse yet:  a cyberattacker The game against your enemies has begun, and you won’t win without taking your cybersecurity to the next level. These days, cyberthreats can cause huge financial losses—a total of $45 billion in 2018—be it through the loss
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800 cyberattacks an hour in the United Kingdom

In 2019, public administrations have suffered a great deal at the hands of cybercriminals. In January, the city hall of Del Rio, Texas, suffered a ransomware attack that forced its employees to carry out their work with pen and paper. This incident was first in a wave of ransomware attacks on public administrations all over the world, which is still affectin
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RobbinHood: the ransomware that exploits its own reputation

Back in May, the city of Baltimore was brought to a standstill. All of the city hall’s systems were infected with a new ransomware variant called RobbinHood. The cyberattacker demanded a 13 bitcoin ($76,000; €68.9612) ransom to decrypt the systems. This same variant was first seen in an attack on the city of Greenville, North Carolina in April. RobbinHood us
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Bidfreight Port Operations and logistics industry cybersecurity

The logistics industry is a vital part of the modern economy. The services provided by this sector ensure the availability of goods and products as essential as food and medicine. It could be seen as the backbone of the economy in many senses. The cybersecurity issues in the industry are, therefore, particularly worrying. A recent report reveals that only 35
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Post-vacation cybersecurity tuneup: Get your company ready!

It’s that time of the year when most of us return to the stress of our jobs after having enjoyed a well-deserved summer vacation. But, if getting over the post-vacation blues is hard for anyone, for the members of the IT team it is a real nightmare: out-of-date computers, new software vulnerabilities, systems that do not work, organizational changes
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Enterprise Security in the Age of Advanced Threats

The malware and IT security panorama has undergone a major change, and enterprise security will never be the same. Hackers have improved drastically, both in terms of volume and sophistication, new techniques are allowing threats to remain on corporate networks for much longer periods than ever before. Webinar  on the topic presented by Panda’s own Luis Cor
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