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Don’t let ransomware shut your business down!

If there is one characteristic that defines cybercrime today, it is the capacity to evolve and adapt to new environments and the ability to find ways of evading the cybersecurity measures taken by victims. Ransomware is no exception. One of the main features of ransomware as a threat, in addition to kidnapping data, is that it is constantly reinventing itsel
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Panda Security passes AV-Comparatives’ Business Security Test with flying colors

AV- TEST, the independent IT security research institute, has been testing international IT security products for many years. Its rigorous individual and comparative tests serve to ensure the quality of tested security products. Obtaining its official seals of approval and certifications, such as those earned by Panda Security, is a guarantee that the cyber-
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An analysis of Sodinikibi: The persistent ransomware as a service

If we take a look back, it is clear that one of the main features of ransomware as a threat is that it is continually reinventing itself, persisting in time and effectiveness. These types of attacks have evolved greatly since they first emerged, and today there are many different and varied families in existence. This also implies a greater effort from cyber
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Exchange servers are under attack: patch them without delay

Cyber-incidents that stem from security vulnerabilities have always been, and still are, a major cyber-security issue. Notable cyber-attacks that have exploited vulnerabilities include WannaCry, the Equifax data breach, and Stuxnet, among many others. There is a tendency to believe that zero-day vulnerabilities represent the greatest threat, as victims are u
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Bethesda Children’s Hospital and cybersecurity in the healthcare sector

Hospitals are probably one of the most important critical infrastructures in any country, given all the essential tasks they carry out. This year, however, hospitals have become one of the protagonists of the works global crisis this century: The COVID-19 pandemic. While most people did everything they could to facilitate their vital labor—even changing how
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The Cybersecurity Imitation Game, or how much is your security worth

Opinion Piece – Neil Martin, Panda Security Alan Turing, born on 23 June 1912, was recently announced by the Bank of England as the face of the new £50 note due to enter circulation next year. Alan Turing banknote concept – the Bank of England He joins a select group including politician Sir Winston Churchill (£5), writer Jane Austin (£10) and painter Joseph
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Wave of supercomputers hacked in Europe

In 2018, one of the leading cybercriminal trends was the so-called cryptojacking. This cybercriminal technique involves installing malware on victims’ computers and using their processing power to mine cryptocurrencies. That year, detections of this cyberattack grew 4,000% and, in the UK, as many as 59% of companies were affected by this kind of cyberi
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BazarBackdoor: A new gateway to corporate systems

In mid-March, the number of brute force attacks on RDP connections skyrocketed. The aim of these attacks was to take advantage of the sudden increase in remote workers and take over their corporate computers. Exploiting the current COVID-19 pandemic in this way is just one of the many techniques that cybercriminals have for gaining access to companies’
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Cybersecurity at the Budapest University of Veterinary Medicine

Universities are a popular target for cyberattacks. In fact, 79% of universities have had their reputation damaged by a cyberattack. The main reason for this is the kind of information these institutions store; as well as the personal data of students and staff, which can be sold if stolen, universities also store large amounts of research. This research can
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PASS2020: the 5 biggest cybersecurity challenges for IT professionals

-The 2020 edition of the Panda Security Summit will reveal the keys to tackling the five cybersecurity challenges that enterprises have to deal with nowadays, with real, effective and innovative tactics, techniques and procedures. -On June 18, IFEMA Municipal Palace will be the meeting point for over 1,000 IT professionals from the leading companies and inst
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Hacker attack on another DAX company detected

A spokesperson for the chemical company LANXESS has confirmed a hacker attack, which was discovered in the middle of last year. The extent of the damage is as yet unknown. Hacker group WinNTI suspected to be behind the attack According to research by Bayerischen Rundfunks and NDR, a hacker group called WinNTI was behind the attack. According to the company,
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Insider threats have increased 47%

Last year, a Canadian bank suffered a data breach that affected some 2.7 million people and around 173,000 companies. The stolen information included names, addresses, dates of birth, social insurance numbers, email addresses and information on customers’ transaction habits. The culprit of this breach? A malicious insider. According to the Ponemon Institute’
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Panda Security offers free cyber-risk assessments as it launches webinar series on building cyber-resilience

-Free, confidential cyber risk assessment reveals an organisation’s IT risks and vulnerabilities -Three-part webinar to explore how Endpoint Detection and Response technologies can provide an additional layer of protection as part of a holistic cyber security strategy The inherent weaknesses of traditional AV have enabled cyber-criminals to adopt a new array
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71% of ransomware attacks target SMEs

Cybercrime is an undeniable constant in the business landscape these days. The cost of cybercrime is constantly rising—it is estimated that by 2021, it will have reached $6 trillion. Cyberattacks on large companies tend to grab headlines all around the world because of their spectacular impact. However, there is one sector that, though it doesn’t normally ge
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German commercial companies in hacker focus – Panda protects you

Several German DAX companies were spied on by a hacker group called WinNTI in mid-2019. The German Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) assumes that the German industry will be an attractive target for ongoing waves of attacks. In December 2019, the BfV published a Cyber Brief with hints on current attack campaigns and sent it to many
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