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CISA list of 95 new known exploited vulnerabilities raises questions

On Friday March 3, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) added a whopping number of 95 new known exploited vulnerabilities to its Known Exploited Vulnerabilities Catalog. This catalog provides Federal Civilian Executive Branch (FCEB) agencies with a list of vulnerabilities that are known to be exploited in the wild and gives the agen
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A week in security (January 4 – January 10)

Last week on Malwarebytes Labs, we released survey results about VPN usage and found that 36 percent of our respondents use it. We also talked about Adobe Flash Player reaching its end of life—meaning, Adobe won’t be supporting the updating and patching of its Flash Player software; covered the ransomware attack against Funke Media Group, one of German
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How to Uninstall Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player has had a long life as a tool for displaying multimedia content in web browsers, but as of December 31, 2020, this software reached the end of its life. From this date on, Adobe will not issue any updates for the software, and will prompt users to uninstall Flash Player as soon as possible. Here’s how to uninstall Flash Player on you
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Adobe Flash Player reaches end-of-life

“What now? My farm is no longer working. Can you have a look, honey?” Like millions of other people my wife likes to play online browser games. You know, the ones that don’t require a fast connection because your virtual life is not in constant danger, and an occasional harvest is enough to make progress in the game. So, when her browser refused to ope
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Today Adobe Flash Player reached the end of life (EOL)

Today Adobe Flash Player has reached its end of life (EOL), its vulnerabilities were exploited by multiple threat actors in attacks in the wild over the years. Adobe Flash Player has reached the end of life (EOL) today, over the years, threat actors have exploited multiple vulnerabilities in the popular software. Adobe will no longer release updates fo
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The History of Adobe Flash Player: From Multimedia to Malware

If you were an early adopter of the internet, you remember how the height of multimedia was the "blink" tag, that made text on a page flash. In order to go beyond the text and static image limitations of early web pages, a number of companies began developing tools to display rich multimedia content on the web, and the platform that became dominant
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Goodbye to Flash – if you’re still running it, uninstall Flash Player now

It’s time to say a final “Goodbye” to Flash.(Or should that be “Good riddance”?)With earlier this week seeing the final scheduled release of Flash Player, Adobe has confirmed that it will no longer be supporting the software after December 31 2020, and will actively block Flash content from running inside Flash Player from Janua
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Adobe Flash Player is dead, yet 10% of Macs are infected with fake Flash malware

A recent report (covered by Ars Technica, WIRED, and others) claims that OSX/Shlayer—first discovered by Intego in February 2018—continues to be the most prolific Mac malware in the wild, with 1 in 10 Macs infected by it.Although Intego does not currently maintain infection rate statistics of VirusBarrier X9 customers, our malware research team can confirm t
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Patch Tuesday, September 2019 Edition

Microsoft today issued security updates to plug some 80 security holes in various flavors of its Windows operating systems and related software. The software giant assigned a “critical” rating to almost a quarter of those vulnerabilities, meaning they could be used by malware or miscreants to hijack vulnerable systems with little or no interactio
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Adobe, Microsoft Plug Critical Security Holes

Adobe and Microsoft both on Tuesday released patches to plug critical security vulnerabilities in their products. Microsoft’s patch bundles fix close to 80 separate security problems in various versions of its Windows operating system and related software — including two vulnerabilities that already are being exploited in active attacks. Adobe
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Adobe patches only two critical vulnerabilities in Flash Player in September

This month, Adobe has patched only two vulnerabilities in Flash Player, both are critical issues that could be exploited for remote code execution. The vulnerabilities are tracked as CVE-2017-11281 and CVE-2017-11282, they were discovered by Mateusz Jurczyk and Natalie Silvanovich of Google Project Zero. Both vulnerabilities are caused by memory corruption i
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New Critical Fixes for Flash, MS Windows

Both Adobe and Microsoft on Tuesday issued patches to plug critical security holes in their products. Adobe’s Flash Player patch addresses 17 security flaws, including one “zero-day” bug that is already actively being exploited by attackers. Microsoft’s bundle of updates tackles at least 42 security weaknesses in Windows and associate
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Patch Your Flash: Another Zero-Day Vulnerability Hits Adobe Flash

Adobe has released an out-of-bound patch for Flash Player due to a zero-day vulnerability. According to Adobe’s bulletin (APSB16-36), versions of Flash from and earlier (released on October 11) are affected. (Adobe Flash Player for Linux uses a separate version numbering system; for that product versions and earlier are vulnerab
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Patch Tuesday, 2016 U.S. Election Edition

Let’s get this out of the way up front: Having “2016 election” in the headline above is probably the only reason anyone might read this story today. It remains unclear whether Republicans and Democrats can patch things up after a bruising and divisive election, but thanks to a special Election Day Patch Tuesday hundreds of millions of Adobe
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Microsoft: No More Pick-and-Choose Patching

Adobe and Microsoft today each issued updates to fix critical security flaws in their products. Adobe’s got fixes for Acrobat and Flash Player ready. Microsoft’s patch bundle for October includes fixes for at least five separate “zero-day” vulnerabilities — dangerous flaws that attackers were already exploiting prior to today
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