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Lock and Code S1Ep3: Dishing on data privacy with Adam Kujawa

This week on Lock and Code, we discuss the top security headlines generated right here on Labs and around the Internet. In addition, we talk to Adam Kujawa, a director of Malwarebytes Labs, about the state of data privacy today, including how users and businesses can protect sensitive information when there are few laws to help them out, and whether we could
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Would ‘Medicare for All’ help secure health data?

DISCLAIMER: This post is not partisan, but rather focuses on risk assessment based on history and what threats we are facing in the future. We do not endorse any healthcare plan style in any way, outside of examining its data security risk. For many folks, the term ‘Healthcare for All’ brings up an array of emotions ranging from concern to happiness, and
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Introducing the brand new Malwarebytes Labs

Hey folks, Welcome to the new Malwarebytes Unpacked…err…Labs! It’s new, improved, and bigger than ever. Hope you like it. So why did we mess with a good thing? We decided that we wanted to provide you with even more opportunities for education, communication, and knowledge. So, we created Malwarebytes Labs, your one-stop shop for everything conce
Publish At:2016-06-14 01:00 | Read:3898 | Comments:0 | Tags:Malwarebytes news Product updates adam kujawa malwarebytes l

REDACTION: WinRAR Vulnerability

Hey Folks, We here at Malwarebytes take pride in our ability to find the latest threats that users face on daily basis and do our best to not only block and remove them with our products but also inform the general public about their danger through our blog. In a very few cases, we jump the gun in our efforts to explain a threat and end up posting informatio
Publish At:2015-10-08 01:40 | Read:3180 | Comments:0 | Tags:Malwarebytes News adam kujawa Malwarebytes winrar Vulnerabil

Imgur Abused in DDoS Attack Against 4Chan!

So a few of you might have noticed that we started blocking “Imgur.com” which is a popular image sharing website. The reason we did this is because of a vulnerability within their code that allowed cyber criminals to load malicious javascript code into the browsers of site users.  This in turn was used to turn each system into a DDoS weapon (Dist
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UPDATE NOW: Critical Patch Pushed by Microsoft

Hey Folks, We wanted to let you know that Microsoft has pushed out a new update in the last 24 hours. Usually updates are held off until “Patch Tuesday” but the severity of the vulnerability they are fixing requires immediate remediation. The update fixes a serious security flaw found within how Windows products read certain types of fonts. Basic
Publish At:2015-07-21 12:25 | Read:3103 | Comments:0 | Tags:Security Threat adam kujawa critical update opentype fonts p


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