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YouTube creators’ accounts hijacked with cookie-stealing malware

A Cookie Theft malware was employed in phishing attacks against YouTube creators, Google’s Threat Analysis Group (TAG) warns. Financially motivated threat actors are using Cookie Theft malware in phishing attacks against YouTube creators since late 2019. According to Google’s Threat Analysis Group (TAG) researchers, who spotted the campaign, t
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Bug bounty hunter awarded $50,000 for a Microsoft account hijack flaw

A researcher received a $50,000 bug bounty by Microsoft for having reported a vulnerability that could’ve allowed to hijack any account. Microsoft has awarded the security researcher Laxman Muthiyah $50,000 for reporting a vulnerability that could have allowed anyone to hijack users’ accounts without consent. According to the expert, the vu
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Several High-Profile Twitter accounts hacked in a Bitcoin scam

The social media platform Twitter suffered one of the biggest cyberattacks in its history, multiple high-profile accounts were hacked. Social media platform Twitter has suffered one of the biggest cyberattacks in its history, hackers breached a number of high-profile accounts, including those of Barak Obama, US presidential candidate Joe Biden,
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Yahoo awarded $7,000 a bug hunter for Flickr account hijacking vulnerability

Yahoo awarded $7,000 to the bug hunter Michael Reizelman, aka mishre, for Flickr account hijacking vulnerability. Reizelman was a popular bug hunter that discovered vulnerabilities in many web services, including Badoo, Dropbox, GitHub, Google, Imgur, Slack, Twitter, and Uber. The expert has discovered three vulnerabilities in the company’s image and video
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How to easily hack a WhatsApp Account?

TheHackerNews has reported a simple trick that allows to hijack a WhatsApp account easily on every mobile platform by knowing the victim’s phone number. The popular mobile messaging app WhatsApp is vulnerable to hijacking exposing hundreds of Millions of users vulnerable to attack. It could be quite easy to take over a
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Drupal Patches Denial of Service Vulnerability; Details Disclosed

Details on a patched denial of service vulnerability in the open source Drupal content management system have been disclosed.The vulnerability, patched yesterday, could be abused to crash a website running on the CMS.Related PostsAngler Exploit Kit Adds New Flash Exploit for CVE-2014-8440November 20, 2014 , 8:02 amNasty Security Bug Fixed in Android Lollipop
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Facebook and Yahoo team up to block account hijackings via recycled accounts

Remember the Very Bad Idea of giving away dormant account user names that Yahoo came up with last year?We didn't like it. Nor did other security-minded people, who pointed out that attackers could request a password reset email from popular websites - say, Google or Facebook - in order to hijack the accounts belonging to the original Yahoo account owner.It c
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