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Educating Your Board of Directors on Cybersecurity

Many, if not the majority of, big decisions at organizations come from the boardroom. Typically, the board of directors focuses on driving the direction of the company. Because most boards approve yearly budgets, they have significant oversight of resources and areas of investment. As cybersecurity attacks continue to increase, organizations must make key b
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Zero Trust Data Security: It’s Time To Make the Shift

How do you secure something that no longer exists? With the rapid expansion of hybrid-remote work, IoT, APIs and applications, any notion of a network perimeter has effectively been eliminated. Plus, any risk inherent to your tech stack components becomes your risk whether you like it or not.  Organizations of all sizes are increasingly vulnerable to b
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Stay compliant and protect sensitive data with Zero Trust security

Regulatory standards frequently shift and tighten, especially with the rise of hybrid work environments. And with the explosion of data growth, organizations have seen a massive uptick in cybersecurity issues and needs. According to IBM’s 2022 Cost of a Data Breach Report, 83 percent of organizations experienced more than one data breach in their lifetime.1
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How Zero Trust Changed the Course of Cybersecurity

For decades, the IT industry relied on perimeter security to safeguard critical digital assets. Firewalls and other network-based tools monitored and validated network access. However, the shift towards digital transformation and hybrid cloud infrastructure has made these traditional security methods inadequate. Clearly, the perimeter no longer exists. Then
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Secure hybrid and remote workplaces with a Zero Trust approach

Productivity and innovation have become critical goals in many hybrid and remote work environments. Ensuring preventative and strong security, in turn, must be at the heart of that. In this blog series, we’ll discuss two Zero Trust business scenarios: enabling a more productive hybrid or remote work environment and rapidly modernizing your organization’s sec
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And Stay Out! Blocking Backdoor Break-Ins

Backdoor access was the most common threat vector in 2022. According to the 2023 IBM Security X-Force Threat Intelligence Index, 21% of incidents saw the use of backdoors, outpacing perennial compromise favorite ransomware, which came in at just 17%. The good news? In 67% of backdoor attacks, defenders were able to disrupt attacker efforts and lock digital
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Six Ways to Secure Your Organization on a Smaller Budget

My LinkedIn feed has been filled with connections announcing they have been laid off and are looking for work. While it seems that no industry has been spared from uncertainty, my feed suggests tech has been hit the hardest. Headlines confirm my anecdotal experience.  Many companies must now protect their systems from more sophisticated threats with fe
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The One Place IT Budget Cuts Can’t Touch: Cybersecurity

If IT spending is slowing, will business leaders follow a similar approach for cybersecurity budgets? Probably not. Gartner predicts that end-user spending on both security technology and services will see an annual growth rate of 11% over the next four years. And the market is anticipated to reach $267.3 billion in 2026.  Many security professionals a
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Join us at Microsoft Secure to discover the latest security solutions

Microsoft Secure is our first flagship event designed just for security professionals. On March 28, 2023, we will bring together security professionals from around the world to explore security information and event management (SIEM) and extended detection and response (XDR), threat intelligence, AI, data security, multicloud security, and more. In this one-
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Breaking Down a Cyberattack, One Kill Chain Step at a Time

In today’s wildly unpredictable threat landscape, the modern enterprise should be familiar with the cyber kill chain concept. A cyber kill chain describes the various stages of a cyberattack pertaining to network security. Lockheed Martin developed the cyber kill chain framework to help organizations identify and prevent cyber intrusions. The steps in
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How to Solve the People Problem in Cybersecurity

You may think this article is going to discuss how users are one of the biggest challenges to cybersecurity. After all, employees are known to click on unverified links, download malicious files and neglect to change their passwords. And then there are those who use their personal devices for business purposes and put the network at risk. Yes, all those peo
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SOAR, SIEM, SASE and Zero Trust: How They All Fit Together

Cybersecurity in today’s climate is not a linear process. Organizations can’t simply implement a single tool or strategy to be protected from all threats and challenges. Instead, they must implement the right strategies and technologies for the organization’s specific needs and level of accepted risks. However, once the dive into today&rsq
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The Microsoft Intune Suite fuels cyber safety and IT efficiency

Today marks a significant shift in endpoint management and security. We’re launching the Microsoft Intune Suite, which unifies mission-critical advanced endpoint management and security solutions into one simple bundle. The new Intune Suite can simplify our customers’ endpoint management experience, improve their security posture, and keep people at th
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5 reasons to adopt a Zero Trust security strategy for your business

Adopting Zero Trust security for your enterprise is no longer a wish-list item—it’s a business imperative. The workplace today extends to almost anywhere, anytime, from any device. Siloed, patchwork security solutions leave gaps that threat actors continue to exploit. A comprehensive Zero Trust model provides the integrated security today’s organizations req
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Cybersecurity health and how to stay ahead of attackers with Linda Grasso

The security community is continuously changing, growing, and learning from each other to better position the world against cyberthreats. In the latest post of our Community Voices blog series, Microsoft Security Senior Product Marketing Manager Brooke Lynn Weenig talks with Linda Grasso, the f
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