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These Cybersecurity Trends Could Get a Boost in 2020

The events of early 2020 have prompted organizations to shift priorities across the board, and security processes are no exception. While the current working environment has presented numerous short-term challenges, it has also caused security leaders to take a fresh look at what really matters to their businesses. The cybersecurity trends that emerge could
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Why Mobile Threat Defense is an Absolute Requirement to Protect O365/Teams Users & Zero Trust Efforts

Government agencies’ usage of Microsoft Office 365 and Teams has skyrocketed (over 900% for some agencies). Unfortunately, the cyber threats to the GFE and BYOD mobile devices that are accessing O365 has also significantly increased. Without implementing mobile threat defense (MTD) solutions, agencies and their “Zero Trust” initiatives are exposed and
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Three Key Pillars of Smart Identity

For years, identity and access management (IAM) was that painful necessity that businesses knew they had to spend time and resources on, but it was always done kind of grudgingly. Oh, how times have changed! CIOs and CISOs alike have recognized the critical role that identity plays in an overall digital transformation and security program centered around Zer
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How Zero Trust Will Change Your Security Design Approach

As a security architect within IBM Security Services, I often get asked the question, “What exactly is a Zero Trust architecture?” Well, there is no single or unique answer to that question for two reasons. First, Zero Trust is not an architectural model but rather a set of guiding principles that should be applied to existing and new designs. W
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It’s Time to Take a Fresh Look at Zero Trust

With millions of employees across the U.S. experimenting with work-at-home scenarios for the first time, many organizations are taking a fresh look at a Zero Trust security strategy. A convergence of trends and technologies, combined with a new awareness of the risks of relying solely on perimeter defenses for protection, may make this the right time for Zer
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Advocating Security Fundamentals During and After COVID-19

The COVID-19 health crisis almost instantly changed how the world works, bringing with it new security threats and challenges. As organizations work to find the path forward and emerge stronger on the other side, it’s important to take stock of where we are and where we need to be. Working Together While Apart Like many other organizations, ours transitioned
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IBM Named a Leader in ‘The Forrester Wave™: Risk-Based Authentication, Q2 2020’

In today’s hybrid multicloud environment, users expect to be able to access their work and personal resources from wherever they are, whenever they need them. With this expanded security perimeter, and especially considering this year’s tectonic shift in remote work, organizations need to be prepared with a distributed security strategy that incorporates pri
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Global 1000 Security Execs: Mobile No Longer “The Forgotten Endpoint”

As the global leader in mobile security, Zimperium is proud of the companies and governments that trust us to protect their mobile endpoints and applications. Our customers are not only well-known for their brands, they are known for being some of the most sophisticated and knowledgeable security organizations in the world. We recently spoke with several of
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What the Data Is Telling Us About the Current Rise in Security Threats During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The current pandemic has shown us what humanity stands for: kindness, care, sharing, giving and all the great values that we have as a global community, especially in hard times. In these times of need, there are multiple initiatives that are being driven by individuals and organizations alike asking for help — both in kind and cash. And, as one would expect
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Switching from a “Just in Time” delivery system should include planning ahead

As it becomes clear that some things will never again be the same after the global coronavirus pandemic, it is time to prepare for the future. The cybersecurity implications of upcoming changes will be most noticeable in organizations that rely on security models like the software defined perimeter. The software defined perimeter is a model closely relat
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Explained: the strengths and weaknesses of the Zero Trust model

In a US court of law, the accused are deemed to be innocent until proven guilty. In a Zero Trust security model, the opposite is true. Everything and everyone must be considered suspect—questioned, investigated, and cross-checked—until we can be absolutely sure it is safe to be allowed. Zero Trust is a concept created by John Kindervag in 2010 during his
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Is that really you? The importance of identity in breach response and recovery

Presentation on Zero Trust and the importance of identity in breach response and recovery (as given at InfoSec Europe 2019 on the tech talk track). Richard Dean, Cisco’s EMEAR Head Of Security Advisory Services looks at Cisco’s approach to zero trust. This talk discusses the need to monitoring your users’ access and privileges and how securing t
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