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Cybercriminals Riding Tax Filing Tides: Tax Fraud Season in Effect

Data theft is a year-round, opportunistic crime, but seasonal events often trigger rises in spam and fraud. The most significant such example is tax fraud riding the wave of tax filing season. It’s That Time of Year Again Every year, tax filing season, which extends from January to April in the U.S., is one of the most popular opportunities for cybercr
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The NukeBot Trojan, a Bruised Ego and a Surprising Source Code Leak

An Uncommon Tale of a Failed Banking Trojan Vendor In early December 2016, IBM X-Force researchers noticed the emergence of a new banking malware advertised for sale in a few underground boards. The malware’s vendor, who went by the online moniker Gosya, was a Russian-speaking member who introduced himself as the developer of Nuclear Bot, or NukeBot, a
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CAPEC: Making Heads or Tails of Attack Patterns

When reading summaries of prevalent cyberattacks, I often find myself puzzled. Sometimes it’s because the name of an attack is too ambiguous to know what it is referring to, forcing the reader to make assumptions about the meaning. Many security analysts report attack types using the consequence of the incident, the attack pattern, the name of the de
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Churn Under the Surface of Global Cybercrime

Global cybercrime actors generally adhere to the same principal as a handyman: If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. But that’s not so easy when malware works in one area and attackers want to use it to target a new audience or geography. Moving malware across borders to a new target geographic means more resources for everything, from a relati
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Showcasing Threat Intelligence at IBM InterConnect

I am coming up on my third year of planning a topic track for IBM Security at the IBM InterConnect conference, and each year brings even more exciting content. This year, the introduction of Watson for Cyber Security adds yet another dimension to the usefulness and applicability of external threat intelligence. If you aren’t able to attend, fear not! T
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An IoT Love Story: Always Apart, Never Disconnected

An IoT Love Story This is the true story of when my personal life and my security research world collided. It’s also a love story, but it’s not really that mushy. Let’s start with the love story. I used to have a great convertible car. It brought me joy to cruise around Austin, wind blowing through my thinning hair and The Black Keys on the
Publish At:2017-02-18 05:50 | Read:2408 | Comments:0 | Tags:X-Force Research Connected Devices Internet of Things (IoT)

The Full Shamoon: How the Devastating Malware Was Inserted Into Networks

Authored by the IBM X-Force Incident Response and Intelligence Services (IRIS) team Researchers from the IBM X-Force Incident Response and Intelligence Services (IRIS) team identified a missing link in the operations of a threat actor involved in recent Shamoon malware attacks against Gulf state organizations. These attacks, which occurred in November 2016 a
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X-Force Red Launches in Latin America and Takes on the Evolution of Cybersecurity

It has been almost three months since I joined IBM with the mission of leading the X-Force Red team in Latin America and heading up some of our special initiatives. For the past few years, I have worked closely with security professionals in Latin America to fight against targeted attacks in which cybercriminals do whatever it takes to gain and maintain acce
Publish At:2017-02-07 11:30 | Read:1946 | Comments:0 | Tags:Advanced Threats Data Protection Infrastructure Protection X

Going Inside an Arbitrary Kernel Write Vulnerability in the Nexus 9 (CVE-2016-3873)

The IBM X-Force Application Security Research Team recently discovered an arbitrary write vulnerability in Nexus 9’s kernel (the Tegra kernel branch). Google’s Android Security Team acknowledged the vulnerability, which allows a privileged attacker to arbitrary write values within kernel space, and assigned it a high severity rating. Kernel arbit
Publish At:2017-01-17 18:05 | Read:2989 | Comments:0 | Tags:Mobile Security Software & App Vulnerabilities X-Force Resea

Attacks Targeting Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Up 110 Percent

Since IBM X-Force published its report, “Security Attacks on Industrial Control Systems,” last year, we have observed a startling increase in the number of attacks against these systems. Attacks Against Industrial Control Systems Increasing According to IBM Managed Security Services (MSS) data, attacks targeting industrial control systems (ICS) i
Publish At:2016-12-27 17:15 | Read:3001 | Comments:0 | Tags:Infrastructure Protection X-Force Research Energy and Utilit

Attackers Targeting Retail Are Shopping for Low-Hanging Fruit

The end of the year is often a time of reflection. What went wrong? What went right? If you’re a retailer that experienced a security breach in 2016, you’re likely reflecting on what went wrong and seeking to identify the gaps in your security landscape. Why? Because breaches are costly. In fact, the Ponemon Institute’s “2016 Cost of
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Year in Review: Top Three Cybercrime Threats of 2016

2016 saw cybersecurity become a national issue, reportedly affecting the U.S. presidential election, and impacting businesses and devices Americans have come to rely on. IBM X-Force researchers monitor 35 billion security events per day for over 4,500 companies in 133 countries. In this endeavor, they have found that among the many aspects of cybercrime thre
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Hacked for the Holidays: When You’re Asked to Fix the Family Computer

Whether hanging stockings, lighting candles on a menorah or gathering for an Airing of Grievances, if you are an IT professional visiting family this season, you will inevitably be asked to fix the family computer, tablet, smartphone or programmable thermostat while you’re there. As an introvert, I use the hour I might have to spend uninstalling browse
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Turn Scrap Paper Into Security Investigations With IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence

Written by Stefan Walter, Front-End Developer, IBM Security. According to a recent study from Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), nearly one-third of organizations have trouble operationalizing threat intelligence despite the plethora of sources of threat data. Open standards have helped tremendously in the effort to incorporate threat intelligence into existin
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Ransomware Report: Top Security Threat Expected to Continue Rising in 2017

Digital extortion by means of ransomware or a systems breach was one of the most prominent threats to consumers and businesses in 2016. It seems IBM Security’s prediction materialized quite excessively this past year. Ransomware is a generic name for a family of computer bugs programmed to lock up endpoints, such as PCs, servers or mobile devices, in v
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