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Kr00k Vulnerability Exposed Data From Over a Billion Wi-Fi Devices

A new vulnerability, which may have affected over one billion Wi-Fi-capable devices before patches were released, could have allowed hackers to obtain sensitive information from wireless communications, cybersecurity firm ESET revealed on Wednesday.Dubbed Kr00k and tracked as CVE-2019-15126, the vulnerability caused devices to use an all-zero encryption key
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Mobile Networks Vulnerable to IMP4GT Impersonation Attacks

A group of researchers at Ruhr-Universität Bochum and NYU Abu Dhabi have discovered a new attack on 4G and 5G mobile networks that can be used to impersonate users.Called IMP4GT (IMPersonation attacks in 4G NeTworks), the attack demonstrates that the currently used mutual authentication method, where the smartphone and the network verify their identities, is
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Huawei Loses Legal Challenge Against US Federal Purchase Ban

Washington has the right to block US federal agencies from buying products by Huawei on cybersecurity grounds, a judge has ruled, dismissing the Chinese telecom giant's legal challenge to a purchase ban.Huawei filed the suit nearly a year ago, claiming that Congress had failed to provide evidence to support a law that stopped government agencies from buying
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SweynTooth: Bluetooth Vulnerabilities Expose Many Devices to Attacks

Security researchers have discovered numerous vulnerabilities in the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) implementations of major system-on-a-chip (SoC) vendors.BLE is a wireless communication technology designed to reduce the battery drainage of mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Consisting of a set of standardized protocols, BLE provides connectivity betw
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Critical Bluetooth Vulnerability Exposes Android Devices to Attacks

One of the security flaws that Google addressed with the February 2020 set of Android patches is a critical vulnerability in Bluetooth that could lead to code execution.A total of 25 vulnerabilities were fixed with Android’s February 2020 security updates, and the most important of them are two critical severity issues is System.One of these is CVE-2020-0022
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US Says EU Understands 5G Risks But Pushes on Huawei

The United States on Thursday welcomed the European Union's new rules on fifth-generation internet but pressed them to go further after the bloc resisted Washington's pressure to ban China's Huawei directly.The European Union, setting guidelines that mirror those announced a day earlier by Britain, said Wednesday that countries should ban telecoms operators
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UK 'to Decide on Huawei 5G Next Week'

Britain is expected to announce next week whether to allow China's Huawei to develop its 5G network, an official said on Friday, setting out reasons for agreeing despite US opposition.The official said the decision had not yet been taken but it was likely to be next week.There had been speculation that Britain would allow Huawei into "non-core" elements of t
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New Bill Would Prohibit Intelligence Sharing With Countries That Use Huawei

A bill introduced this week by Senator Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas) would ban the sharing of intelligence with countries that use Huawei technologies in their fifth generation (5G) networks.The United States has long expressed concerns that Huawei equipment may contain backdoors that would allow for the Chinese government to conduct espionage operations, and some
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Critical Vulnerabilities Impact Ruckus Wi-Fi Routers

Multiple critical vulnerabilities in Ruckus Wi-Fi routers used throughout the world were disclosed at the 36th Chaos Communication Congress (CCC) in Leipzig, Germany, held from December 27-30, 2019.Ruckus offers high-end wirelesss networking gear that provides mesh Wi-Fi (called 'Unleashed') and regular routers to hundreds of thousands of customers. The mesh
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AirDoS: Hackers Can Block iPhones, iPads Via AirDrop Attack

One of the vulnerabilities addressed this week by Apple can be exploited to make iPhones and iPads unusable by getting them to continuously display a popup message.The denial-of-service (DoS) attack was discovered by researcher Kishan Bagaria, who dubbed the method AirDoS because it relies on AirDrop.AirDrop allows iPhone, iPad, Mac and iPod users to share p
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Huawei Asks Court to Throw Out US Telecom Funds Ban

Chinese tech giant Huawei is asking a U.S. federal court to throw out a rule that bars rural phone carriers from using government money to purchase its equipment on security grounds.The lawsuit announced Thursday is Huawei Technologies Ltd.’s second legal challenge this year to Trump administration efforts to reduce its already minimal U.S. market presence.
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US Regulators Bar Govt Telecom Funds for Huawei, ZTE

U.S. communications regulators have cut off government funding for equipment from two Chinese companies, citing security threats.The Federal Communications Commission also proposed requiring companies that get government subsidies to rip out any equipment from Huawei and ZTE that they already have in place.It’s the latest action by the U.S. government agains
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Canada Spy Agencies Split Over Proposed Huawei 5G Ban: Media

Canada's spy agencies are divided over whether or not to ban Chinese technology giant Huawei from fifth generation (5G) networks over security concerns, the Globe and Mail reported Wednesday.The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) and the Communications Security Establishment (CSE) were tasked with conducting a cybersecurity review to evaluate the
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Bug Hunters Hack Samsung Galaxy S10, Xiaomi Mi9 at Pwn2Own

Pwn2Own Tokyo 2019 has come to an end and on the second day of the hacking contest bug bounty hunters have earned a total of $120,000 for demonstrating exploits against Samsung Galaxy S10 and Xiaomi Mi9 phones and TP-Link AC1750 routers.Of the seven hacking attempts scheduled for day two, four were a complete success. Amat Cama and Richard Zhu of the Fluoroa
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China Slams US for 'Economic Bullying' of Huawei, ZTE

China on Tuesday blasted as "economic bullying" a US proposal to block telecom carriers buying from Chinese tech companies Huawei and ZTE.The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) said on Monday that the proposed rules -- which also require carriers to remove any existing Huawei and ZTE equipment -- were part of an initiative to "safeguard the nation's
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