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China Slams US for 'Economic Bullying' of Huawei, ZTE

China on Tuesday blasted as "economic bullying" a US proposal to block telecom carriers buying from Chinese tech companies Huawei and ZTE.The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) said on Monday that the proposed rules -- which also require carriers to remove any existing Huawei and ZTE equipment -- were part of an initiative to "safeguard the nation's
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Huawei Lashes Out at Estonia for 'Unfounded' Security Claims

Chinese telecom company Huawei on Tuesday criticized the Estonian government and media for spreading what it says are “arbitrary and unfounded” allegations about cybersecurity risks related to the company’s mobile phones.Hong Yang, head of Huawei’s Baltic consumer business, said in a statement that the company “is always ready to defend its rights and intere
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German 5G Rules Avoid Huawei Ban; US Warns on Intel Sharing

Germany released draft security guidelines on Tuesday for next generation wireless networks that stopped short of banning Huawei, as the U.S. warned again it would reconsider intelligence sharing with allies that use the Chinese company’s equipment.The Federal Network Agency catalog of conditions for suppliers of new 5G networks include requiring certificati
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Majority of Simjacker Attacks Aimed at Mobile Phones in Mexico

Researchers believe hundreds of millions of SIM cards may be vulnerable to Simjacker attacks after determining that the targeted technology, despite being very old, is still used by at least 61 mobile operators across 29 countries.AdaptiveMobile Security, a firm that specializes in cyber telecoms security, last month warned of a new SIM card attack method du
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US Warns Italy Over China and 5G

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned Italy Wednesday of China's "predatory approach" to trade and investment, but Rome insisted its special powers over 5G supply deals would protect it."China has a predatory approach in trade and investment" and represents a "mutual threat" to the two countries, Pompeo said during a joint press conference with Italy's Fo
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Magecart Hackers Target L7 Routers

One of the financially motivated threat actors operating under the Magecart umbrella appears to be testing malicious code to inject into commercial-grade layer 7 (L7) routers, IBM reports.These devices are used by hotels, resorts, airports, and in other public locations. According to IBM, Magecart Group 5 (MG5) is attempting to load code into the JavaScript
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SAP Mobile Infrastructure Security

SAP, like any other large vendor, is evolving towards greater mobility and providing access to its applications from different devices located anywhere in the world. Therefore, its product portfolio includes solutions that allow mobile users to interact with business applications such as those based on ABAP, Java or HANA platforms. In this article, you
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Top 7 Ways to Use Wi-Fi Hotspots Safely

Often we find ourselves away from home with no internet connection; however, there are likely public Wi-Fi hotspots in the area that could be utilized. While it may be tempting to connect to the first hotspot that is not password protected, doing so can cause harm to privacy, and risk doing infecting your computer, cell phone, or stealing your identity
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Jailbreaking Your Smartphone

Introduction and Overview of the Last ArticleOur last few articles (specifically, the last four) have critically examined the Security threats and vulnerabilities that are posed to Smartphone devices today.We are often led to believe that we will be safe using our Smartphone devices because the mindset of not only the individual but also that of Corpor
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The Dangers of the Windows Mobile Phone

Introduction and Overview of the Last ArticleOur last article examined in greater detail the threats that are posed to the iOS Operating System, which in turn affects all of the wireless devices, which primarily include those of the iPhone and the iPad.There is often this feeling of safety when using these devices. The major part of this reasoning is t
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Think your iPhone Is Safe from the Cyber Attacker? Think Again

Introduction and Overview of the Last ArticleOur last few articles have reviewed some of the threats that have occurred to not only Smartphones but also to the software applications that reside in them. Our emphasis thus far has been on the Samsung devices, and the Android Operating System; with an introduction to threats posed to the iOS Operating Sys
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The Security Weaknesses of Smartphones

IntroductionBack a long time ago, one of the first computers at least came out was known as the “TRS-80”, which was manufactured by Radio Shack at the time. This computer came out in the late 1970s, and at the time, it was heralded to be a breakthrough in computer technology.It could run and execute software code quite efficiently, which wa
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An Ultimate Guide to Secure Mobile Authentication

In the early stage when the first mobile phone was introduced, it was owned, managed and secured to business standards. Now mobile devices have grown in billions that are used and owned by different people and organizations. Whereas, many devices that are operating critical task are secured by different security solution providers and techniques.The co
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Riffle Anonymity Network

Everyone wants to maintain privacy while surfing the internet and most of them rely on TOR network to achieve anonymity while online. As we all know TOR has its limitations and the anonymity of the users can be broken. In come the Riffle Anonymity Network; a prototype developed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the École Polytechnique
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Android Forensic Logical Acquisition

IntroductionThe following is a demonstration of how we will create an Android Emulator; then we will go through needed steps to acquire a logical image of the system and how we can start forensically analyzing it.In mobile forensic world (depending on the OS, the OS version, and the device) there are in general three main acquisition techniques:Direct
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