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ZDI Announces Rules, Prizes for Pwn2Own Tokyo 2020

Trend Micro’s Zero Day Initiative (ZDI) on Tuesday announced the rules and prizes for its Pwn2Own Tokyo 2020 hacking competition, which invites white hat hackers to demonstrate their smartphone and IoT device exploits.Pwn2Own Tokyo 2020 will take place on November 3-5 and it will coincide with the PacSec conference, which typically takes place in Tokyo that
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More Countries Waking up to Huawei Threats, US Say

A growing number of countries are recognizing the threat to data privacy from using mobile technology from the Chinese giant Huawei, and are likely to shun the company when building out their 5G networks, the top US security advisor said Wednesday."Each country is going to make their decisions for their own country, but I think there's a growing recognition
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UK to Exclude Huawei From Role in High-Speed Phone Network

Britain’s government on Tuesday backtracked on plans to give Chinese telecommunications company Huawei a limited role in the U.K.’s new high-speed mobile phone network in a decision with broad implications for relations between London and Beijing.Britain said it imposed the ban after U.S. sanctions made it impossible to ensure the security of Huawei equipmen
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Huawei Urges UK Not to Rush Into 5G Decision

Chinese telecoms giant Huawei urged Britain on Wednesday not to rush into taking any costly decision to phase out its equipment from the UK's 5G network because of US sanctions.The plea followed reports of Prime Minister Boris Johnson receiving a damning security agency reassessment about the long-term safety of Huawei.The British review was triggered by new
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Britain Set to Axe Huawei 5G Involvement: Report

China's ambassador to Britain on Monday warned that London faced a risk to its international reputation if it blocked Huawei from the nation's 5G network.The Financial Times said the government will decide this month to phase out the Chinese technology giant's equipment because of persistent concerns about spying.A UK security investigation, yet to be publis
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China Urges 'Fair' Treatment After France Restricts Huawei

China urged France Monday to guarantee a "fair and just" environment for its companies after Paris decided to restrict licenses for telecom operators using 5G technology from Huawei.The United States and Australia have banned Huawei from their 5G networks and the Financial Times reported Monday that Britain could decide this month to phase out the company's
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Huawei Not Totally Banned From France, Says Watchdog: Report

China's Huawei is not totally banned from France's next-generation 5G wireless market, but French operators using them will only get limited licences, the head of the national cybersecurity agency told Les Echos newspaper Sunday.The comments were the latest development in the controversy over Huawei's involvement, after several Western nations barred the com
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Chinese Companies Huawei and ZTE Declared National Security Threats by FCC

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on Tuesday designated Chinese telecommunications companies Huawei and ZTE as national security threats.In response to the announcement, China asked the U.S. to stop “oppressing Chinese companies,” accusing Washington of “abusing state power” and claiming that there was no evidence of wrongdoing.The FCC said th
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China: US 'Oppressing Chinese Companies' in New Huawei Move

China on Wednesday demanded Washington stop “oppressing Chinese companies” after U.S. regulators declared telecom equipment suppliers Huawei and ZTE to be national security threats.The Federal Communications Commission on Tuesday blocked the Chinese vendors from receiving subsidies from a government fund, stepping up efforts to limit their access to the U.S.
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US Eases Conditions for Working With Huawei on 5G Standards

The US is letting blacklisted Chinese technology giant Huawei back into the fold when it comes to companies working together to set standards for 5G telecom networks.US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross this week announced a new rule allowing companies to share technology with Huawei for the purpose of developing standards for the new generation of wireless
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New Eavesdropping Technique Relies on Light Bulb Vibrations

A group of security researchers has devised a new technique for eavesdropping on conversations that relies on the analysis of a light bulb’s frequency response to sound.Called Lamphone, the novel side-channel attack demonstrates that fluctuations in the air pressure on the surface of the hanging bulb can be exploited to recover speech and singing in real tim
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GTP Vulnerabilities Expose 4G/5G Networks to High-Impact Attacks

Vulnerabilities in the GPRS Tunnelling Protocol (GTP) expose 4G and 5G cellular networks to a variety of attacks, including denial-of-service, user impersonation, and fraud, Positive Technologies security researchers warn.The identified issues impact both mobile operators and their clients, and could result in attackers leaving entire cities without communic
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UK Set to Scale Back Huawei Role in 5G Network: Report

Britain will reduce Chinese tech giant Huawei's controversial involvement in its 5G network in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, the Daily Telegraph reported Saturday.Prime Minister Boris Johnson gave the green light to Huawei's participation in January, despite widespread domestic opposition and pressure from the United States.But he has now instructed
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Signal PINs Allow Users to Recover Data When Switching Phones

Encrypted messaging service Signal has announced the introduction of a new feature that allows users to recover their data if they switch to a new device.Offering end-to-end encrypted conversations, Signal was built by default in such a manner that users’ information is always kept private and never sent to a server. What this means is that, if a user’s phon
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US Threatens to Block China Telecom From American Market

The United States threatened Thursday to cut off Beijing-controlled China Telecom from serving the US market because of legal and security risks, the Justice Department announced Thursday.A recommendation by the government's top departments, including Defense, State and Homeland Security, said that the Federal Communications Commission should "revoke and ter
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