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Career Choice Tip: Cybercrime is Mostly Boring

When law enforcement agencies tout their latest cybercriminal arrest, the defendant is often cast as a bravado outlaw engaged in sophisticated, lucrative, even exciting activity. But new research suggests that as cybercrime has become dominated by pay-for-service offerings, the vast majority of day-to-day activity needed to support these enterprises is in fa
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Dual-Use Software Criminal Case Not So Novel

“He built a piece of software. That tool was pirated and abused by hackers. Now the feds want him to pay for the computer crooks’ crimes.” The above snippet is the subhead of a story published last month by the The Daily Beast titled, “FBI Arrests Hacker Who Hacked No One.” The subject of that piece — a 26-year-old America
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Breaching Physical Security and Causing Mayhem with Wireless Signals

Wireless technology is fast replacing wired technology in most industry sectors where some form of communication between devices is required. The recent surge in Internet Of Things (IoT) devices has also pushed wireless communication to be implemented on more devices than ever before.Benefits such as ease of setup, flexibility in device placement, and improv
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DNI: Putin Led Cyber, Propaganda Effort to Elect Trump, Denigrate Clinton

Russian President Vladimir Putin directed a massive propaganda and cyber operation aimed at discrediting Hillary Clinton and getting Donald Trump elected, the top U.S. intelligence agencies said in a remarkable yet unshocking report released on Friday. Russian President Vladimir Putin tours RT facilities. Image: DNI The 25-page dossier from the Office of the
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Fiat Chrysler and Harman International Slammed with Class-Action Lawsuit in Wake of Jeep Hack

Fiat Chrysler and Harman International, the maker of the Uconnect dashboard computer, have been slammed with a class-action lawsuit after two security researchers successfully exploited a vulnerability in uConnect to hijack a 2014 Jeep.As reported in The State of Security’s July 24th security roundup, researchers Chris Valasek and Charlie Miller last m
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Skynet actually exists!!! Skynet is a top secret program of NSA

National Security Agency (NSA) actually has a real program named Skynet Skynet, which was an evil military computer system that launches war on human race in the Terminator movies franchise, it is learnt that NSA has a program with the same name. As per The Intercept reports, the NSA does have a program called Skynet. However, it has a less lethal but lega
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Operation Tornado – FBI Used Metasploit to unmask Tor users

Operation Tornado is the first time that FBI deployed a tracking code broadly against every visitor to a website, instead of targeting a particular user. The Wired portal has published a detailed post to describe how the FBI used a collection of freely available exploits and hacking tool to de-anonymize users in the Tor networ
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