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Windows 10 Anniversary Update is infested with bugs

Last month, I warned readers that Microsoft's Windows 10 Anniversary Update would likely be somewhat buggy and suggested consumers should wait awhile before installing it. Unfortunately, my advice proved valid.Windows 10 Anniversary Update infestationThere are widespread reports of significant bugs in the update, and they're causing systems to fr
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Businesses failing to secure privileged accounts

Most companies fail to secure the "keys to the kingdom," according to a new benchmark survey .Last week, privileged account management (PAM) specialist Thycotic and research firm Cybersecurity Ventures released their 2016 State of Privileged Account Management security report, based on the responses of more than 500 IT security professionals who
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IT leaders pick productivity over security

Results from two recent studies suggest that cybersecurity needs an overhaul at most companies with root causes of the problem including poor communication, a lack of employee awareness, slowed productivity and a lack of budget.In its 2016 Cybersecurity Confidence Report, Barkly, an endpoint security company, surveyed 350 IT pros to determine the top sec
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Microsoft Patches 71 Flaws, Two Under Attack; Warns of Leaked XBox Live Cert

Forgive your local Windows admin if they’re a little shy on holiday cheer in the coming days. Blame instead Microsoft for foisting upon them on Tuesday 71 security patches, including two for vulnerabilities in Office and the Windows kernel currently under attack.Microsoft also issued a separate advisory that warns users of a leaked Xbox Live certificat
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Microsoft Blocking Potentially Unwanted Programs

Microsoft has taken steps to address deceptive software, otherwise known as potentially unwanted programs or applications, with new opt-in protections for Windows users in the enterprise.The new protection blocks behaviors such as ad-injection, or the bundling of nuisance programs with software legitimately downloaded by users. “These applications ca
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Bringing Layers of Security to Your Home Computer

When it comes to protecting your personal information in our ever-expanding cyber world, there are many ways to defend yourself. Since the vast majority of attacks originate on the Internet, it is smart to use multiple layers of security to ensure your computer (and the information it contains), stays secure. One of the most common forms of protection is a F
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Why Windows 10 is the most secure Windows ever

Microsoft added two game-changing security features for enterprise users in Windows 10, but until recently, the company has been relatively quiet about them.So far the buzz has mainly been about Windows Hello, which supports face and fingerprint recognition. But Device Guard and Credential Guard are the two standout security features of Windows 10 -- they pr
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Microsoft Patches USB-Related Flaw Used in Targeted Attacks

It used to be that dropping a USB stick in a parking lot in the hope that someone plugs the malicious peripheral into an important computer was the realm of penetration testers and ambitious nation-state actors.That’s just not so anymore. The practice has gone mainstream, even infiltrating popular hacker dramas on television. Microsoft yesterday patc
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NSA will lose access to 'historical' phone surveillence data Nov. 29

The U.S. National Security Agency will lose access to the bulk telephone records data it has collected at the end of November, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence announced Monday.Congress voted in June to rein in the NSAs mass collection of U.S. phone metadata, which includes information such as the timing and location of calls. The Foreign
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UPDATE NOW: Critical Patch Pushed by Microsoft

Hey Folks, We wanted to let you know that Microsoft has pushed out a new update in the last 24 hours. Usually updates are held off until “Patch Tuesday” but the severity of the vulnerability they are fixing requires immediate remediation. The update fixes a serious security flaw found within how Windows products read certain types of fonts. Basic
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18-year-old Unpatched Vulnerability Affects All Versions of Microsoft Windows

Security researchers have unearthed a serious security flaw in all supported versions of Windows that could let hackers steal users’ credentials from computers, tablets or servers running any version of Windows operating system, including the as-yet-released Windows 10.This vulnerability in Windows was first discovered 20 Years ago:The critical bug,
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Patched Windows Kernel-Mode Driver Flaw Exploitable With One Bit Change

The vulnerabilities addressed in this month’s Patch Tuesday security bulletins from Microsoft have been a mashup of critical bugs affecting most supported versions of Windows and Internet Explorer that could pave the way for attackers to gain complete control of affected systems.Sounds like most months, for sure.But what sets this month apart is the re
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Microsoft Ready with 16 Patch Tuesday Bulletins; 5 Critical

Microsoft today provided its Patch Tuesday advanced notification, giving IT managers a head’s up about 16 bulletins that are scheduled to be delivered next week, including five rated critical for remote code execution and privilege escalation issues.The heavy patch load is an anomaly for 2014, which has been relatively quiet. The last time Microsoft re
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Attackers Exploiting Windows OLE Zero Day Vulnerability

Attackers are using a zero day vulnerability in nearly all supported versions of Windows in a series of targeted attacks. The flaw is in the OLE technology in Windows and can be used for remote code execution is a targeted user opens a rigged Office file.Microsoft is warning customers that there is no patch available for this new vulnerability. The company h
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Microsoft Extends SHA-2, TLS Support for Windows

One by one, tech companies have been tossing aside the SHA-1 cryptographic algorithm like the unreliable collision-prone mess that it is.Microsoft was among the first to steer its customers away from SHA-1 and established an internal edict that its developers would no longer use it for code-signing or its certificates after January 2016.Yesterday among the f
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