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If you return a tech gift this Christmas, make sure you erase all your data first

The first tip that something wasn’t quite right about the open-box tablet I had purchased from Fry’s Electronics was that fact that Marvel Contest of Champions appeared on the home screen.I had sought out the most run-down, crappiest tablet I could buy for our buying guide on productivity tablets, as an example of what not to buy during the holiday seaso
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Which operating system is the most secure? Four points to remember.

No, you are almost certainly wrong if you tried to guess. A recent study shows that products from Apple actually are at the top when counting vulnerabilities, and that means at the bottom security-wise. Just counting vulnerabilities is not a very scientific way to measure security, and there is a debate over how to interpret the figures. But this is anyway a
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The latest Windows Phone 8.1 has been hacked

Operators of the XDA-developers forum explained how it is possible to hack Windows Phone 8.1 to run any app package in any Program directory. XDA-developers have discovered a new vulnerability in latest Microsoft OS Windows Phone 8.1 that could easily be exploited by attackers to compromise a Nokia Lumia phone running it
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Microsoft vows to clean away misleading apps from its Windows Store

Microsoft is vowing to clean up its Windows Store, after a survey of the app store found many scam apps for sale that were deceptively labeled with logos and names of legitimate apps.Last month, How-To Geek published an article in which it said Windows Store is a "cesspool of scams," with many apps ripping off logos from companies like Apple, Adobe and Googl
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Inspector Buddy — робот с сердцем смартфона Nokia

На прошлой неделе Inspector Buddy, проект робота на основе смартфона на Windows Phone созданный инди-разработчиком Робертом Ошлером, получил Гран-при конкурса разработчиков Accela Construct App Challenge 2014.Inspector Buddy — это доступный (если не сказать дешевый) робот, который призван помочь инспекторам по недвижимости в процессе обследования жилых и
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Полезные материалы для мобильного разработчика #65 (4-10 августа)

На это неделе мы узнали как стать ниндзя Xcode, возмутились политикой Google Play, рассмотрели ему альтернативы, научились делать прототипы и встраивать планшет в автомобиль. Мобильная разработка не затихает даже в жарком августе!Ниндзюцу XcodeВ этой статье речь пойдет о некоторых рабочих инструментах и подходах, которые накопились у меня за время програ
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