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Announcing Intego Antivirus for Windows

Intego has always been a brand that’s closely associated with the Mac.We launched our first antivirus product for Macintosh in 1997; back then it was called Rival, rather than VirusBarrier, and the operating system of the day was Mac OS 8.At Intego, we love Apple products, and we enjoy the opportunity to make them even better by developing the best too
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Microsoft releases emergency security updates to fix Windows codecs

Microsoft has silently released an emergency security update through the Windows Store app to address two vulnerabilities in Windows codecs. Microsoft has silently released two out-of-band security updates through the Windows Store app to address two vulnerabilities in the Windows Codecs Library. The two issues are remote code execution vulnerabilities
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Experts saw 100k+ daily brute-force attacks on RDP during COVID-19 lockdown

Researchers revealed that the number of daily brute-force attacks on Windows RDP has doubled during the pandemic lockdown. Security experts from ESET revealed that the number of daily brute-force attacks on Windows RDP has doubled during the COVID-19 lockdown. The phenomenon is not surprising because during the COVID-19 lockdown employees were forced t
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Lucifer Malware Abused Windows Exploits for Cryptomining, DDoS Attacks

New malware called “Lucifer” came with numerous exploits for conducting cryptomining functionality and performing distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks on infected Windows machines.Palo Alto Networks’ Unit 42 research team identified two versions of Lucifer in their research. (Both variants bore the name “Satan DDoS,” but
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NitroHack Modifies Windows Discord Client into Infostealing Trojan

Security researchers discovered a new malware threat called “NitroHack” that modifies the Discord client for Windows into an infostealing trojan.MalwareHunterTeam observed malicious actors abusing DM’s from infected Discord users as a distribution vector. Specifically, they leveraged those accounts to inform a victim’s friends that th
Publish At:2020-06-22 12:37 | Read:134 | Comments:0 | Tags:IT Security and Data Protection Latest Security News Discord

Microsoft squishes 129 bugs with Patch Tuesday updates

byDanny BradburyWhoosh. You hear that? It’s the sound of Microsoft’s security fire hose spraying out a river of CVE fixes. That’s right – Patch Tuesday was this week and the software giant released patches to fix 129 CVEs.The lion’s share of the bugs are rated important, but there are 11 CVEs rated critical. They are remote code
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Stealthworker botnet targets Windows and Linux servers

Researchers uncovered a malware campaign that is targeting Windows and Linux servers with a Golang-based malicious code called Stealthworker. Akamai researchers uncovered a malware campaign spreading a Golang-based malicious code tracked as Stealthworker. The malware targets Windows and Linux servers running popular web services and platforms including (i
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Windows 10 adds new security and privacy features in May update

byDanny BradburyWindows 10 release 2004 is out, with a slew of new features. They include several updates to its security and privacy. Here’s what you get when you download it, as outlined in the company’s blog post.Microsoft has updated its System Guard Firmware Measurement. This feature, launched in Windows 10 1903, helps guarantee the integrit
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Docker Desktop danger discovered, patch now

byDanny BradburyDocker has fixed a vulnerability that could have allowed an attacker to gain control of a Windows system using its service. The bug, discovered by Ceri Coburn, a researcher at security consultancy Pen Test Partners, exposed Docker for Windows to privilege elevation.Docker is a container system that lets administrators run applications in thei
Publish At:2020-05-26 12:55 | Read:150 | Comments:0 | Tags:Vulnerability Windows Docker Desktop for Windows Docker Desk

Why Your Cyber Resilience Plan Doesn’t Include Windows 7

Reading Time: ~ 2 min. Our 2020 Threat Report shows increasing risks for businesses and consumers still running Windows 7, which ceased updates, support and patches earlier this year. This creates security gaps that hackers are all too eager to exploit. In fact, according to the report, malware targeting Windows 7 increased by 125%. And 10% of consumers and
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Update now! Windows gets another bumper patch update

byJohn E DunnAfter a flurry of zero-day vulnerabilities in recent editions, May’s Patch Tuesday finally gives Windows users a month off having to fix ‘big’ exploited or public flaws.The catch is it’s still one of the biggest patch rounds Microsoft has ever released, featuring 111 CVE-level bug fixes (the record being March’s 115 fixes), nearly half of which
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PrintDemon – patch this ancient Windows printer bug!

byPaul DucklinThis month’s Patch Tuesday fixes just came out in what we’re calling a “bumper update“.Microsoft pushed out fixes for 111 different CVE-tagged vulnerabilities, 16 of which are deemed critical.That includes bugs that could in theory be remotely exploited, for example via rogue attachments or booby-trapped web pages, to im
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Microsoft addresses three Windows issues actively exploited

Microsoft Patch Tuesday security updates for April 2020 address 113 flaws, including three Windows issues that have been exploited in attacks in the wild. Microsoft Patch Tuesday security updates for April 2020 address 113 flaws, including two remote code execution flaws in Windows that are actively exploited. 17 vulnerabilities are rated critical, the
Publish At:2020-04-14 19:20 | Read:756 | Comments:0 | Tags:Breaking News Security information security news it security

Zoom client for Windows could allow hackers to steal users’Windows password

The popular Zoom app is under scrutiny, experts have discovered a vulnerability that could be exploited to steal users’ Windows passwords. Experts warn of a ‘UNC path injection’ flaw that could be exploited by remote attackers to steal login credentials from Windows systems. Security experts and privacy advocates believe that the Zoo
Publish At:2020-04-01 18:48 | Read:545 | Comments:0 | Tags:Breaking News Hacking information security news it security

Experts published PoC exploits for CVE-2020-0796 privilege escalation flaw on Windows

Researchers published proof-of-concept (PoC) exploits for the CVE-2020-0796 Windows flaw, tracked as SMBGhost, that can be exploited for local privilege escalation. Researchers Daniel García Gutiérrez (@danigargu) and Manuel Blanco Parajón (@dialluvioso_) have published proof-of-concept (PoC) exploits for the CVE-2020-0796 Windows vulnerability, tracked a
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