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New AgentTesla variant steals WiFi credentials

AgentTesla is a .Net based infostealer that was first seen in 2014 and has been frequently used by cybercriminals. During the months of March and April 2020, it was actively distributed through spam campaigns in different formats such as ZIP, CAB, MSI, IMG files, or Office documents. Newer variants of AgentTesla seen in the wild have the capability to col
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CVE-2019-8804: An inconsistency in Wi-Fi network configuration 

Researcher: Christy Philip Mathew (@christypriory) Relevant Devices: iPhone 6s and later, iPad Air 2 and later, iPad mini 4 and later, and iPod touch 7th generation CVE: CVE-2019-8804 Summary An attacker in physical proximity of an Apple Store or an Apple retailer may be able to force a user onto a malicious Wi-Fi network during device setup, if the device
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WiNX: The Ultra-Portable Wireless Attacking Platform

When you are performing penetration tests for your customers, you need to build your personal arsenal. Tools, pieces of hardware and software are collected here and there depending on your engagements to increase your toolbox. To perform Wireless intrusion tests, I’m a big fan of the WiFi Pineapple. I’ve one for years (model MK5). It’s not
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Tips to Stay Secure on Summer Vacations

In the excitement of summer vacations, most of us forget to equip ourselves with the privacy tools and needed security measures. Yet, such flawed data security could ruin your vacations as the cyber goons always remain on work. Therefore, here we have listed some essential steps that are must to secure your sensitive information you carry with yourself while
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RSA Conference 2017 attendees hacked with rogue access points

Experts at Pwnie Express discovered multiple rogue access points on the show floor that were used to hack the RSA conference attendees. The news is very curious, the attendees at the 2017 RSA conference, one of the world’s largest security events, may have been hacked. Security researchers at reports at Pwnie Express were scanning the conference floor
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The Infernal-Twin tool, easy hacking wireless networks

The Infernal-Twin is an automated tool designed for penetration testing activities, it has been developed to automate the Evil Twin Attack. The Infernal-Twin is an automated tool designed for penetration testing activities, it has been developed to assess wireless security by automating the Evil Twin Attack. “The tool wa
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Beware, connected ikettles can leak WiFi passwords

The Pen Test Partners researcher Ken Munro mapped and hacked connected iKettles across London demonstrating they leak WiFi passwords. The Pen Test Partners researcher Ken Munro has conducted a very singular experiment, he mapped and hacked connected kettles across London, demonstrating they leak WiFi passwords. Once again Inte
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Hackers can disable high-tech sniper rifles and change the target

A couple of married researchers demonstrated hot to disable high-tech sniper rifles and change their targets with unpredictable consequences. Hacking, hacking, always hacking … this time we will discuss remote hacking of High-tech Sniper Rifles. Hackers can compromise High-tech Sniper Rifles and causing problems pointin
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Mythbusters: Is an open (unencrypted) WiFi more dangerous than a WPA2-PSK? Actually, it is not.

IntroductionWhenever security professionals recommend the 5 most important IT security practices to average users, one of the items is usually something like: “Avoid using open Wifi” or “Always use VPN while using open WiFi” or “Avoid sensitive websites (e.g. online banking) while using open WiFI”, etc.What I think about
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Three UK politicians hacked while using open WiFi networks

A team of experts hacked three UK politicians while they were using unsecured WiFi networks to demonstrate the risks they are daily exposed. Public Wi-Fi networks are dangerous places for our digital identity, we have explained several times the risks related to the connections to open WiFi hotspots. Security  experts have exp
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Web Security for the Tech Impaired: Connecting to WiFi

We’ve all been at an airport or coffee shop and checked our phone to see that your internet connection is incredibly slow. You curse the heavens in frustration and then you notice that they offer free WiFi. “What fortuitous circumstances!” you think. You look on your phone for what networks are available around you and you see: Starbucks FREE_Starbucks Publi
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9 Ways to Avoid Online Shopping Traps (Just in Time for Mother’s Day)

 So it’s a week or so before Mother’s Day and you’re thinking about what to get for your mom. Buy her a book on Amazon? Send her a bouquet of flowers via an online florist? Buy tickets online for an upcoming show?If you’re like millions of sons and daughters, you’ll probably shop for your mother online this year. It’s a great convenience, that’s true, b
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4 Ways to Protect Your Privacy on Public WiFi

Public Wifi is convenient, but is it safe?Internet cafés are so 2014. Today, almost every café worth its coffee beans offers free public WiFi. So do fast food restaurants, bus stops, intercity trains, airports, malls, libraries, hotels, and public toilets. Yes, even public toilets.But the fact that WiFi is public and free doesn’t mean that it’s safe. To the
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How to Detect and Attack Evil Twin WiFi Access Points

The evil twin is not just a schlocky plot device for TV crime shows and absurd soap operas, it’s also a threat to your company’s data.It’s relatively easy for a criminal to set up an evil twin rogue wireless access point that mimics one that your users and visitors connect to, whether on your premises or in a public place, with the intentio
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Marriott Agrees to Stop Blocking Guest WiFi Devices

Marriott, which last year paid a $600,000 fine for blocking customers’ WiFi devices in its hotels, has said that it no longer will prevent guests from using personal hotspots or similar devices.The situation resulted from a complaint by a guest who stayed at Marriott’s Gaylord Opryland hotel in 2013 and found that he couldn’t use a personal
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