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Bogus Mobile-Shortcuts WordPress Plugin Injects SEO Spam

Here at Sucuri we see countless cases of SEO spam where a website is compromised in order to spread pharmaceutical advertisements or backlinks to sites selling luxury goods. Most of the time this involves injecting hundreds of spam links into the site’s database but in this case a deceptive, fake plugin called mobile-shortcuts was able to be a bit more
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AdSense Abused with Malvertising Campaign

Last weekend we noticed a large number of requests to scan websites for malware because they randomly redirected to some “magazine” websites. Most of them mentioned the lemode-mgz .com site. In all cases, the symptoms were the same. Some users randomly got redirected when they clicked on links or loaded new pages. They all reported that the new page would sh
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IIS, Compromised GoDaddy Servers, and Cyber Monday Spam

While doing an analysis of one black-hat SEO doorway on a hacked site, I noticed that it linked to many similar doorways on other websites, and all those websites were on IIS servers. When I see these patterns, I try to dig deeper and figure out what else those websites have in common. This time I revealed quite a few GoDaddy Windows servers have been pwned
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Leveraging the WordPress Platform for SPAM

We’ve all seen WordPress comment and pingback spam, but thanks to strict moderation regimes and brilliant WordPress plugins that focus strictly on SPAM comments, comment spam isn’t a major problem for most websites these days. I have seen however, a new trend starting to emerge when it comes to spam involving WordPress. In recent years WordPress has become
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Combat Blackhat SEO Infections with SEO Insights

Blackhat SEO spam is the plague of the internet, and the big search engines take it seriously. One of the worst spam tactics on the internet is becoming more common every day: innocent websites are hacked, and their best pages begin linking to spam. These Blackhat SEO spam tactics are fighting for expensive, high-competition keywords like: viagra, payday lo
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Website Security: A Case of SEO Poisoning

There are so many ways your website can be co-opted by hackers for many different reasons, targeting the value created via your SEO is highly attractive. It provides an attacker the opportunity to cheat the system by quickly benefiting from your raw traffic, your audience. In this post we will share details of a recent case in which an attacker leveraged a w
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