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Signatures Not the Root of Prevention

Faulty file definitions strike once again! On April 24, anti-virus provider Webroot issued an automated update to its signature definitions. This inadvertently quarantined hundreds of critical customer files and applications that it erroneously flagged as malicious. At one time or another, it seems that every anti-malware endpoint security provider has fal
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Webroot started tagging Windows files, Facebook as malicious after a faulty update

Webroot home and business products are tagging Windows files and Facebook as malicious after a recent faulty update. Users are going crazy. The Webroot home and business defense solutions started tagging legitimate Windows and Facebook as malicious after a recent update. Many organizations claimed hundreds and even thousands of malfunctions to their endpoin
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Why 2015 will be the year of cloud attacks

Several cyber take downs occurred this year when hackers infiltrated Home Depot, Michaels, iCloud, JP Morgan and the list just goes on. And while consumers and companies have been hit hard in 2014, our 2015 security predictions show that this will be the year of the cloud attack. According to a recent IDC report, almost 90 percent of Internet spending (inclu
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