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2021: Our cybersecurity predictions for the new year

However you look at it, 2020 has been one of the strangest years ever. Many of us were able to work from home for the first time, online shopping became the norm, and for long periods of time, video calling was the only way we could talk to our loved ones. So what can we expect in the new year? An increase in scammer activity Security researchers have recent
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What to expect from 2021?

Waving goodbye to 2020 is certainly not the hardest thing to do, there are not that many people who would miss the year humanity got ravaged by a deadly pandemic. A lot of things changed in our lives over the last twelve months, and many of those changes are destined to become part of the new normal. The cybersecurity world experienced some drastic changes,
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Do you know the Impact of COVID-19 on the Security Threat Landscape?

Q3 2020 Internet Security Report sheds light on COVID-19 threat trends, growing network attacks, malware targeting U.S. SCADA systems, and more. Panda, a WatchGuard brand, announced the release of its Internet Security Report for Q3 2020. Top findings from the research reveal how COVID-19 has impacted the security threat landscape, with evidence that attacke
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COVID-19: the impact of the pandemic in three IT areas

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on society has led to a digital transition period with organizations and businesses having to rapidly rewrite their plans for the immediate future. As companies set out to address these new scenarios, the need for expert technical support has become increasingly evident, and vital in order for investment and implementation
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Cybersecurity predictions for 2021: automation set to drive spear phishing campaigns

In August, a cybersecurity webinar for US federal agents set out the leading security trends in their field. The event was attended by leading experts and cybersecurity directors from organizations such as the public/private partnership ACT-IAC and the US space agency NASA. The latter’s CIO, Mike Witt, explained, “We’ve got to get away from the mind-set of ‘
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WatchGuard Technologies Completes Acquisition of Panda Security

WatchGuard partners to realize immediate value from Panda Security’s advanced EDR solution through the Panda Security Early Access Program SEATTLE and MADRID – June 2, 2020 – WatchGuard Technologies, a leading global provider of network security and intelligence, secure Wi-Fi and multi-factor authentication, today announced that it has closed the acquisition
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WatchGuard Technologies to Acquire Panda Security

WatchGuard Technologies to Acquire Panda, Extending Simplified Security from Network to Endpoint The combined entity will provide centralized management of advanced threat detection and response functionality fueled by artificial intelligence (AI), behavior profiling techniques, and cutting-edge security event correlation. WatchGuard Technologies, a leading
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