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The Super-Dangerous Rex Botnet Has Only Around 150 Bots

The Rex Linux malware is not as widespread and efficient as initially thought, and currently, the multi-featured Rex malware is only in command of a tiny botnet of around 150 devices.Discovered this May, researchers initially thought this malware was a ransomware that exploited vulnerable Drupal sites to encrypt their files and ask for a ransom fee.A later a
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Hungarian Developer Most Likely Behind Hucky Ransomware

A new ransomware is going around that's trying to disguise itself as the more dangerous Locky, but is, in fact, a cheap knock-off, which based on available evidence, might be the work of a Hungarian malware author.The name of this ransomware strain is Hucky, as in Hungarian Locky, nicknamed so by Jakub Kroustek, the Avast malware analyst that came across
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Locky Adds Support for a New "S**T" Extension

Security researcher MalwareHunterTeam tells Softpedia that the infamous Locky ransomware has returned today with a new spam campaign that's spreading a new version of the ransomware.Last week, Microsoft's Malware Protection Center had revealed that the group behind Locky had reduced its spam efforts and was testing a new distribution method that reli
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Malware Authors Adopting the Freemium Model Spells Bad News for the Rest of Us

Malware authors offering free-to-download versions of their malicious software lower the bar and skills needed to enter the cyber-crime scene.The freemium model has long been around in software development. Since the early days of e-commerce, software developers have figured out that by offering a free but feature-limited version of their apps, they could dr
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Hajime IoT Worm Considerably More Sophisticated Than Mirai

Security researchers have discovered a new IoT worm that appears to share behavior with the more popular Mirai IoT malware, but which is far more sophisticated than the latter.Because Mirai is the Japanese word for "future," they named this new variation Hajime, the Japanese word for "beginning."Responsible for Hajime's discovery are
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Exotic Ransomware Author Tries to be Friends with Security Researchers

A new ransomware appeared this past week and in the span of two days it went from version 1.0 to 3.0, as its author, a German developer known as EvilTwin, or Exotic Squad, really wanted to impress security researchers with his "work of art."Called Exotic, this ransomware is your run-of-the-mill ransomware that locks files, shows a ransom note and a
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Android Trojan Asks Victims to Submit a Selfie Holding Their ID Card

Untrained and gullible Android users are now the target of an Android banking trojan that asks them to send a selfie holding their ID card.The trojan's name is Acecard and is considered one of the most dangerous and intrusive Android banking trojans known today, according to a Kaspersky analysis from last February.To stay ahead of security researchers, a
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Youndoo Adware Keeps Coming Back via Chrome Profile and Windows Scheduled Task

The creators of the notorious Youndoo adware have come up with a new trick to ensure their annoying browser hijacker is harder to detect, and then keep showing up over and over again.The most recent variants of this adware are now capable of hijacking Chrome browsers by creating a hidden Chrome user profile.Chrome user profiles are a set of specific browser
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A New Linux Trojan Called NyaDrop Threatens the IoT Landscape

The Krebs DDoS attacks have proven that the IoT landscape is a fertile ground that can breed huge botnets capable of launching massive DDoS assaults. As such, it should be to no surprise that malware authors are now focusing their efforts on this sector and putting out new threats in the hopes of building the next Mirai botnet.One of the latest additions to
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New Odinaff Trojan Targeting Banking Sector Linked to Carbanak Gang

Symantec has discovered evidence that a new trojan that's predominantly targeting the banking sector has ties with Carbanak, a cybercrime gang responsible for stealing more than $1 billion from 100 banks across 30 countries in 2013 and 2014.Identified for the first time in January 2016, this new trojan, named Odinaff, has been discovered on compromised n
Publish At:2016-10-12 11:15 | Read:3991 | Comments:0 | Tags:Virus alerts

DXXD Ransomware Shows Ransom Note Using Windows Legal Notice Screen

A new ransomware that goes by the name of DXXD uses the Windows Legal Notice screen to show a ransom note even before the user logs on his computer.The Windows Legal Notice screen is an intermediary screen that appears before the Windows login form and as its name hints, is there for the purpose of showing various types of legal notices and other messages be
Publish At:2016-10-10 22:45 | Read:4525 | Comments:0 | Tags:Virus alerts

New JavaScript Malware Shuts Down Your PC If You Terminate Its Process

Researchers from Kahu Security have come across a new malware variant, coded in JavaScript, which hijacks your browser's homepage but will also shut down your computer if you detect the intrusion and attempt to terminate its process.Variants of this malware have been spotted online since 2014, but not as aggressive in their behavior as this latest variat
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After Researchers Crack Wildfire Ransomware, Crooks Return with Hades Locker

The group behind the Wildfire ransomware don't seem to have lost interest in the malware scene after security researchers cracked their first ransomware's encryption scheme at the end of August and destroyed their operation.In fact, it appears that the group spent all last month working on a new version, which at the time of writing doesn't featu
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FastPOS Malware Abuses Windows Mailslots to Steal POS Data

The group behind the FastPOS malware has updated their trojan with a new data exfiltration mechanism that abuses the Windows Mailslots mechanism to store data before exfiltration from infected systems.This new version of POS (Point Of Sale) malware came to light this past summer, in June, when Trend Micro security researchers discovered ads for it on undergr
Publish At:2016-10-06 09:10 | Read:4390 | Comments:0 | Tags:Virus alerts

New Backdoor Trojan Spreads Through RDP Brute-Force Attacks

A new malware family called Trojan.sysscan has the potential to wreak havoc in enterprise networks that feature poorly protected RDP servers.Discovered by security firm Guardicore, attackers utilize this malware as a backdoor trojan, collecting data from compromised hosts, and exfiltrating it to an attacker's remote server.Attacker infects systems after
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