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The antivirus market continues to grow

A new report published by The Business Research Company has found that antivirus continues to be an essential tool for computer users across the world. According to the research, antivirus sales will continue to grow by 4% for the next four years. The report’s authors are clear about why the antivirus market continues to grow: cyberattacks involving malware
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What is Antivirus and What Does It Really Protect?

Authored by Dennis Pang What is antivirus? That’s a good question. What does it really protect? That’s an even better question.  Over the years, I’ve come to recognize that different people define antivirus differently. Some see it as way to keep hackers from crashing their computers. Others see it as a comprehensive set of protections. Neither definition is
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A Hacker Was Jailed for 20 Years: He Earned $27 Million on Viruses

November 04, 2022 8 0 Author: Amanda Johnson A Hacker Was Jailed for 20 Years: He Earned $27 Million on Viruses The District Court
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Hacking group abuses antivirus software to launch LODEINFO malware

The Chinese Cicada hacking group, tracked as APT10, was observed abusing security software to install a new version of the LODEINFO malware against Japanese organizations.The targeted entities are media groups, diplomatic agencies, government and public sector organizations, and think tanks in Japan, all high-interest targets for cyberespionage.According to
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EDR vs. Antivirus: How to Best Secure Your Endpoints

Nowadays your business and your data need a carefully thought protection suit for at least two reasons.First, cybersecurity threats are becoming more numerous and more sophisticated as time goes by. You are compelled to stay up to date with the newest malicious software and ahead of cybercriminals in an efficient, sustainable way.Second, the vulnerability of
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Threat actor abuses Genshin Impact Anti-Cheat driver to disable antivirus

Threat actors abused a vulnerable anti-cheat driver for the Genshin Impact video game to disable antivirus software. Threat actors abused a vulnerable anti-cheat driver, named mhyprot2.sys, for the Genshin Impact video game to disable antivirus software. According to Trend Micro, a cybercrime gang abused the driver to deploy ransomware. The driver prov
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Ransomware Operator Abuses Anti-Cheat Driver to Disable Antiviruses

A vulnerable anti-cheat driver for the Genshin Impact video game has been abused by a threat actor to disable antivirus programs to facilitate the deployment of ransomware, cybersecurity firm Trend Micro reports.The driver, mhyprot2.sys, provides anti-cheat functions, but can be used to bypass privileges from user mode to kernel mode and to kill the processe
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7 Signs Your Phone Has a Virus and What You Can Do

Our phones store a lot of personal data, including contacts, social media account details, and bank account logins. We use our smartphones for everything under the sun, from work-related communication to online shopping.  However, like computer viruses, our phones can be vulnerable to malware. Viruses are a type of malware that replicate themselves and sprea
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Hackers abuse Genshin Impact anti-cheat system to disable antivirus

Hackers are abusing an anti-cheat system driver for the immensely popular Genshin Impact game to disable antivirus software while conducting ransomware attacks.The driver/module, "mhypro2.sys," doesn't need the target system to have the game installed, and it can operate independently or even embedded in malware, offering the threat actors a powerful vulnera
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VirusTotal Data Shows How Malware Distribution Leverages Legitimate Sites, Apps

Google-owned malware analysis service VirusTotal has published a report showing how threat actors abuse trust to bypass defenses and deliver their malware.According to data collected by VirusTotal, legitimate websites and applications are often leveraged for malware delivery.In some cases, legitimate applications and websites are directly abused. For instanc
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Wolf in sheep’s clothing: how malware tricks users and antivirus

One of the primary methods used by malware distributors to infect devices is by deceiving people into downloading and running malicious files, and to achieve this deception, malware authors are using a variety of tricks.Some of these tricks include masquerading malware executables as legitimate applications, signing them with valid certificates, or compromis
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4 Common types of Malware and What’s the Difference (Trojan, Spyware, Viruses, Ransomware)

Malware is malicious code that threat actors use to compromise data collected, stored, processed, or transmitted by mobile devices, computers, servers, or any other internet-connected device or application. As part of an organization’s security and data protection program, it should have a plan in place that, at minimum, mitigates risk to systems and network
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Android Viruses Subscribe Users to Paid Services Without Their Knowledge

July 22, 2022 10 0 Author: Amanda Johnson Android Viruses Subscribe Users to Paid Services Without Their Knowledge Android owners a
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Can iPhones Get Viruses?

Yes, iPhones get viruses, but it’s very rare. A virus on a phone, like an iPhone, is a computer program targeting cellular devices. These viruses are linked to threats like the release of personal information, unauthorized use of credit cards, location tracking, spam and more. An iPhone is at risk for viruses if the phone is jailbroken or not recently update
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Does an iPhone Need Antivirus Software?

If you’re one of the countless Apple iPhone owners out there, there’s a good chance that one of the reasons you love your smartphone is because you’ve heard that Apple devices tend to have fewer vulnerabilities to viruses.   Because of their shared operating system, iOS devices enjoy Apple’s security measures, which keeps them protected from malware and viru
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