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60% of institutions in Saudi Arabia hit by malware-based attacks

According to Kaspersky Lab, sixty percent of institutions in Saudi Arabia have experienced malware-based attacks over the past 12 months. Malware continues to be one of the most dangerous threats for organizations worldwide, and data recently disclosed by security firms. According to Kaspersky Lab, Saudi Arabia is under a constant malware-based attack, the e
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DNA virus brings malware full circle

In what sounds like a science fiction story, scientists have successfully infected a computer using a virus encoded in DNA. The experiment was designed to prove that DNA could be used to successfully infect computers in the future. During the test, engineers created an artificial strand of DNA and “programmed” malicious code inside it. The strand was then in
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Microsoft confirmed it won’t fix kernel issue that could be exploited to evade antivirus

A design flaw within the Windows kernel could be exploited by attackers to evade antivirus and stop them from recognizing malware. A design flaw within the Windows kernel is the root cause for antivirus stopping from recognizing malware, and the bad news is that Microsoft won’t fix it because the tech giant doesn’t consider it as a security issue
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"VirusTotal Windows Uploader" poor design of privacy

Somethingto share with you, which I am not sure is known enough: Recently,while I was tweaking a network monitoring systems, I noticed an upload of afile that its name included a full local Windows file path, ending with a nameof a file I uploaded to VirusTotal, using their Windows application –"VirusTotal Windows Uploader", version 2.2, which is t
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How did Webroot's antivirus signature update create false positives?

Webroot Inc.'s issue happened on Apr. 24 between 1800 and 2100 Coordinated Universal Time, and it tagged particular Windows OS system files as part of the W32.Trojan.Gen. Once these files were tagged as malicious, they went into quarantine, and the systems were left inoperative.An antivirus signature update was pushed down from the Webroot cloud service, upd
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DNA Contains Instructions for Biological and Computer Viruses

University of Washington scientists have created an experiment that shows how DNA can be used to not only create biologic viruses, but also viruses that can infect computers. Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is one of the oldest methods for storing information. It is found in almost all living cells and DNA information is used in nature to determine “traits
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'AVPass' Sneaks Malware Past Android Antivirus Apps

Researchers at Black Hat USA will release a toolset that studies and then cheats specific Android AV apps.A team of researchers from Georgia Tech built an Android hacking tool that snuck past nearly all of 58 Android AV antivirus programs in tests conducted via VirusTotal.Their AVPass toolkit includes a query function that vets and probes an Android AV progr
Publish At:2017-07-19 20:45 | Read:2337 | Comments:0 | Tags: Virus

How Virus Protection Software Has Evolved With the Threat Landscape

John McAfee turned some heads in the security community two years ago when he declared that the virus protection software industry, which he is widely credited with creating 30 years ago, is dead. “In 1987, new applications for the Windows platform were being developed and released at a rate of about one new application per month,” he wrote. &#
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[CORE-2017-0003] - Kaspersky Anti-Virus File Server Multiple Vulnerabilities

1. *Advisory Information*Title: Kaspersky Anti-Virus File Server Multiple VulnerabilitiesAdvisory ID: CORE-2017-0003Advisory URL:http://www.coresecurity.com/advisories/Kaspersky-Anti-Virus-File-Server-Multiple-VulnerabilitiesDate published: 2017-06-28Date of last update: 2017-06-28Vendors contacted: KasperskyRelease mode: Forced release2. *Vulnerability Info
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WannaCry 'Scareware' Driving Downloads of Bogus Anti-Virus Apps

Fake anti-virus apps account for 12.2% of active AV apps in the Google Play store, of which roughly one in 10 are blacklisted, according to a report released today.Riding on malware fear factor, bogus "scareware" anti-virus mobile apps are infiltrating Google Play and other sites by the hundreds, as the high-profile WannaCry attack helps to prod downloads, a
Publish At:2017-06-13 19:15 | Read:2291 | Comments:0 | Tags: Virus

Adylkuzz, the new virus that follows in WannaCry’s footsteps

Adylkuzz, the malware that steals virtual money from thousands of computers All investigations seem to indicate that WannaCry, the global attack that shocked the world last week, was just the tip of the iceberg in terms of cyber-security threats. The new cyber-attack currently underway, called Adylkuzz, is potentially much more dangerous than its predecessor
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CVE-2016-9892 - Remote Code Execution as Root via ESET Endpoint Antivirus 6

CVE-2016-9892 - Remote Code Execution as Root via ESET Endpoint Antivirus 6---------------------------------------------------------------------------Summary=======Name: Remote Code Execution as Root via ESET Endpoint Antivirus 6CVE: CVE-2016-9892Discoverers: Jason Geffner and Jan BeeVendor: ESETProduct: ESET Endpoint Antivirus 6 for macOSRisk: CriticalDisco
Publish At:2017-02-28 07:00 | Read:3180 | Comments:0 | Tags: Virus

A flaw in ESET Endpoint Antivirus allows to hack Apple Macs, patch it now

A flaw in ESET Endpoint Antivirus is exploitable to get remote root execution on Apple Mac systems via Man-In-The-Middle (MiTM) attacks. According to the security advisory published by Google Security Team’s Jason Geffner and Jan Bee on Seclists, it is possible to get remote root execution on Apple Mac systems via Man-In-The-Middle (MiTM) attacks. The
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Do You Use VirusTotal? Give PacketTotal a Spin!, (Mon, Feb 13th)

Packettotal ( http://www.packettotal.com ) is a new site that does some nifty analysis of Packet Captures for you if youre not so familiar with Wireshark or other analysis tools Out of the gate, this site maps out connections, certificates, encryption algorithms and gives up files that are transfered in the session. A great start (I accidentally found ano
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Android Banking Trojan Marcher Targets Dozens of Apps, Bypasses Antivirus - Update

Android-targeting banking Trojan Marcher is on the rise, infecting devices via a phishing attack using SMS/MMS, gaining extensive privileges, displaying an overlay window to your banking app and collecting all your data, all the while successfully avoiding your antivirus apps.According to experts over at Securify, it all starts with a phishing attack using S
Publish At:2017-02-13 11:15 | Read:3015 | Comments:0 | Tags:Security Virus


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