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Consumer Antivirus Firms NortonLifeLock and Avast to Merge in $8.6 Billion Deal

Consumer cybersecurity firms NortonLifeLock (NASDAQ: NLOK) and Prague-based Avast announced on Tuesday that the two firms have agreed to merge in a deal valued between roughly $8.1-$8.6 billion.Under the terms of the agreement, Avast shareholders could receive a combination of cash and newly issued shares in NortonLifeLock, with alternative consideration ele
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COVID-19 vaccine appointment system attacked in Italy

In another cyberattack on a healthcare system, threat-actors have tried to throw a wrench into the ongoing COVID-19 vaccine roll-out in the region of Lazio, Italy. The large and densely populated region is the country’s second most populous and includes the country’s capital, Rome. On Sunday the Facebook page of the region informed the public
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The 3 biggest threats reaching for your antivirus software’s off switch

Having antivirus (AV) software on your computer is a staple. Modern antivirus offers layered protection—a cybersecurity approach that uses multiple techniques in one package to keep you safe if you download a malicious file from the Internet, find yourself worrying after clicking a link on a direct message from a non-contact on social media, or automatically
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The Olympics: a timeline of scams, hacks, and malware

The 2020 Olympics are, after a bit of a delayed start, officially in full swing. So too is the possibility for scammers to crawl out of the woodwork. And while actual, measurable cyberrattacks and hacks surrounding The Olympics did not truly get rolling until 2008 in Beijing, The Olympic games have traditionally been quite the target for malicious acts of al
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The Code Red worm 20 years on – what have we learned?

byPaul DucklinThere’s a famous and very catchy song that starts, “It was 20 years ago today…”In the song, of course, Sergeant Pepper was busily teaching his band to play – a band, as the song assures us, that was guaranteed to raise a smile.But can you remember where you were and what you were doing 20 years ago, if you’r
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Virus.Win32.Shodi.e / Insecure Transit

Discovery / credits: Malvuln - malvuln.com (c) 2021Original source:https://malvuln.com/advisory/37d4a5ba123dd32f1e2c4ba0be14e77c.txtContact: malvuln13 () gmail comMedia: twitter.com/malvulnThreat: Virus.Win32.Shodi.eVulnerability: Insecure TransitDescription: The virus listens on TCP port 7352 and has a chat feature.Messages are passed in unencrypted plainte
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Virus.Win32.Shodi.e / Unauthenticated Remote Command Execution

Discovery / credits: Malvuln - malvuln.com (c) 2021Original source:https://malvuln.com/advisory/37d4a5ba123dd32f1e2c4ba0be14e77c_B.txtContact: malvuln13 () gmail comMedia: twitter.com/malvulnThreat: Virus.Win32.Shodi.eVulnerability: Unauthenticated Remote Command ExecutionDescription: The virus listens on TCP port 7352 and drops its executablesunder AppDataL
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Virus.Win32.Shodi.e / Heap Corruption

Discovery / credits: Malvuln - malvuln.com (c) 2021Original source:https://malvuln.com/advisory/37d4a5ba123dd32f1e2c4ba0be14e77c_C.txtContact: malvuln13 () gmail comMedia: twitter.com/malvulnThreat: Virus.Win32.Shodi.eVulnerability: Heap CorruptionDescription: The virus listens on TCP port 7352. Third-party attackers whocan reach the server can send a specia
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VirusTotal ordered to reveal private info of stolen HSE data downloaders

An Irish court has ordered VirusTotal to provide the information of subscribers who downloaded or uploaded confidential data stolen from Ireland's national health care service during a ransomware attack.In May, Ireland's HSE, the country's publicly funded healthcare system, was the target of a Conti ransomware attack that caused massive disruption of IT syst
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Colombian authorities arrested hacker behind the Gozi Virus

Colombian authorities arrested a Romanian hacker who is wanted in the U.S. for distributing the Gozi virus that already infected more than a million computers. Colombian officials announced the arrest of the Romanian hacker Mihai Ionut Paunescu who is wanted in the U.S. for his key role in the distribution of the Gozi virus that infected more than a milli
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Colombia Catches Hacker Wanted in the U.S. for 'Gozi' Virus

Colombian officials say they have arrested a Romanian hacker who is wanted in the U.S. for distributing a virus that infected more than a million computers from 2007 to 2012.Mihai Ionut Paunescu faces computer intrusion and banking fraud charges in New York, where prosecutors say he was part of a ring of criminals that developed and spread the “Gozi” virus a
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John McAfee, Creator of McAfee Antivirus Software, Dead at 75

McAfee, who was being held in a Spanish jail on US tax-evasion charges, had learned on Monday he would be extradited to the US.John McAfee, the security software pioneer whose legal troubles and eccentric and controversial lifestyle ultimately forced his former security firm that still carries his name to distance itself from him years ago, died yesterday in
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McAfee Antivirus Software Creator Dead in Spanish Prison

John McAfee, the creator of the McAfee antivirus software, has been found dead in his cell in a jail near Barcelona, a government official told The Associated Press on Wednesday.Hours earlier, a Spanish court issued a preliminary ruling in favor of his extradition to the United States to face tax-related criminal charges.Security personnel at the Brians 2 pe
Publish At:2021-06-23 19:51 | Read:427 | Comments:0 | Tags:NEWS & INDUSTRY Tracking & Law Enforcement Cybercrim

Anti-virus Pioneer John McAfee Found Dead in Spanish Prison Cell

John McAfee was found dead in a Barcelona prison cell  on Wednesday afternoon, June 25 2021. McAfee was 75 years old. The cause of death, according to Spanish authorities, is suspected to be suicide.An outspoken cybersecurity pioneer and reclusive millionaire, McAfee was being held by Spanish authorities after being arrested in October 2020 at
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5 Signs Your Computer May Be Infected With a Virus

If your computer is behaving strangely, there’s a chance It has been infected with malware. So what are the warning signs you should be looking out for? My computer/laptop/smartphone is very slow If your computer suddenly slows down, it may be a sign that there is something wrong. Certain malware types, like crypto miners and botnets, will overload your
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