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Attack Campaign Leveraged Coronavirus Theme to Deliver Remcos RAT

Security researchers discovered an attack campaign that abused fears surrounding the global coronavirus outbreak to deliver the Remcos RAT.Yoroi Security detected the attack campaign when its threat intelligence activities uncovered a suspicious artifact named “CoronaVirusSafetyMeasures_pdf.”In their analysis, Yoroi’s researchers determined that the fi
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Combatting Coronavirus Phishing and Malware Attacks

Attackers often look to take advantage of spikes in trends to launch attacks and trick innocent consumers into downloading malware or parting with sensitive, often financial, information.We saw it at the end of last year, when hackers took advantage of the increase in communication around Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) to steal credentials, as well as
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Cybersecurity Research During the Coronavirus Outbreak and After

Virus outbreaks are always gruesome: people, animals or computer systems get infected within a short time. Of course, viruses spreading across our physical world always take priority over the virtual world. Nevertheless, everyone should keep doing their job, which includes all kinds of malware researchers, digital forensics experts and incident responders. A
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IBM Confirms #RSAC Withdrawal Over Coronavirus Fears

IBM has confirmed that it plans to not participate in next week’s RSA Conference in San Francisco.Citing the “health of IBMers” as its primary concern, the company said it is continuing to monitor upcoming events and travel relative to Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) and as part of that, “we are cancelling our participation in this year&
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Organizers of major hacking conferences in Asia put them on hold due to Coronavirus outbreak

Organizers of Black Hat Asia and DEF CON China security conferences announced that they put the events on hold due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Bad news for cybersecurity passionates and experts, organizers of Black Hat Asia and DEF CON China security conferences announced last week that they have put the events on hold due to the Coronavirus outbreak.
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KBOT Malware Shows Viruses Are Not Extinct

KBOT, a piece of malware that has been infecting computers for the past year, has been classified by Kaspersky as a “living virus,” a class of malware thought to be extinct.Kaspersky discovered KBOT, which is also known as Kpot, in February 2019, and between March and December 2019 the company detected thousands of infections. A majority of infections were s
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Coronavirus-Themed Emails Deliver Malware, Phishing, Scams

Several cybersecurity companies have spotted campaigns that use coronavirus-themed emails to deliver malware, phishing attempts and scams.The new coronavirus outbreak, which started in China, has made a lot of headlines recently and has caused global panic. Over 40,000 infections have been confirmed and the death toll has exceeded 1,000. The virus has been n
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Battling online coronavirus scams with facts

Panic and confusion about the recent coronavirus outbreak spurred threat actors to launch several malware campaigns across the world, relying on a tried-and-true method to infect people’s machines: fear. Cybercriminals targeted users in Japan with an Emotet campaign that included malicious Word documents that allegedly contained information about coronav
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[OFF TOPIC]This post is a very much unrelated to information security and malware.However, it is still very much "Contagio" as it is a project for keeping stats for the coronavirus 2019-nCoV infections.While there are a number of resources that post current daily stats, it is harder to find daily historical numbers going to the first known infection cas
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Emotet Activity Rises as It Uses Coronavirus Scare to Infect Targets in Japan

IBM X-Force has identified a spam campaign targeting users in Japan that employs the Coronavirus scare as a lure to encourage people to open malicious emails. The messages contain Microsoft Office files loaded with macros that, when enabled, launch an infection routine that delivers the Emotet Trojan. In general, Emotet is very focused on infecting companies
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Email Attackers Abusing Coronavirus Outbreak to Spread Emotet

Security researchers observed email attackers abusing the coronavirus outbreak to infect concerned users with the Emotet trojan.IBM X-Force found that the attack emails appeared to originate from a Japanese disability welfare service provider. Those emails informed recipients that officials had learned of a developing coronavirus outbreak in Japan’s Gi
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Coronavirus Attacks Aim to Spread Malware Infection

Security experts are warning of new phishing campaigns designed to capitalize on global fears of the fast-spreading coronavirus.Last week saw the first reported UK infections of the virus, known for now as 2019-nCoV, after it spread around the world from an epicenter in Wuhan, China. Concerns persist over whether the true extent of the virus, which is s
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Coronavirus Phishing Attack Infects US, UK Inboxes

Cybercriminals capitalize on fears of a global health emergency with phishing emails claiming to offer advice for protecting against coronavirus.As people grow concerned about the Wuhan coronavirus, now classified as a global emergency by the World Health Organization, cybercriminals are preying on their fear with phishing emails claiming to have advice on p
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DEF CON China Conference Postponed Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

The second edition of the DEF CON China hacking conference has been put on hold as the country is fighting the coronavirus outbreak. The outbreak is prompting China to put several cities in lockdown. Beijing has also restricted travel and canceled a variety of events. The DEF CON China 2.0 conference is one of the events impacted by the health scar
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Antivirus Vendors Patch Bug First Discovered 10 Years Ago

Four antivirus providers have released patches for an issue that was initially detailed by a researcher more than 10 years ago.Reported by Thierry Zoller in 2009, the bug resides in an attacker’s ability to craft compressed archives that, although accessible to a user, cannot be scanned by the antivirus product.The flaw, Zoller explains, does not refer to a
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