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ProtonVPN causes Windows BSOD crashes due to antivirus conflicts

ProtonVPN is working on fixing a bug causing Windows blue screen crashes affecting customers using the latest versions of the company's Windows client software.The BSOD crashes don't affect all users and are caused due to conflicts with unnamed antivirus software solutions."We have received reports that in particular circumstances the latest versions of
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Microsoft patches Defender antivirus zero-day exploited in the wild

Microsoft has addressed a zero-day vulnerability in the Microsoft Defender antivirus, exploited in the wild by threat actors before the patch was released.Zero-days are vulnerabilities actively exploited in the wild before the vendor issues an official patch or bugs that have publicly available proof-of-concept exploits.The zero-day patched today b
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Google Chrome fixes antivirus 'file locking' bug on Windows 10

Google Chrome has fixed a bug that enabled antivirus programs on Windows 10 to lock newly created files.The patching of the bug means antivirus programs running on Windows would no longer block new files generated by the Chrome web browser, such as bookmarks.Antivirus programs briefly lock new filesAs a safety precaution, oftentimes antivirus
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Vendors Respond to Method for Disabling Their Antivirus Products via Safe Mode

Microsoft and several major cybersecurity companies have responded to a researcher’s disclosure of a method for remotely disabling their antivirus products by leveraging the Windows safe mode.Researcher Roberto Franceschetti last week published an advisory, a blog post, a video and proof-of-concept (PoC) exploits demonstrating a method that could be used by
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Vaccine Documents Hacked as West Grapples With Virus Surge

Documents related to the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine were illegally accessed during a cyberattack at the EU regulator, the company said Wednesday, as Germany and other northern hemisphere countries grappled with a winter surge in the pandemic.The Amsterdam-based European Medicines Agency (EMA) reported the cyberattack as European countries eagerly await a vac
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Disable Windows Defender and most other 3rd party antiviruses

Windows Defender and most other antivirus applications can be disabled by booting into safe mode and renaming their application directories before their AV services are started in Windows. The renaming of the directories can be performed by creating a Windows NT Service that is allowed to start in Safe Mode. While Windows stops most non-Windows, non-critical
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The Best Cyber Monday 2020 Security, IT, VPN, & Antivirus Deals

Cyber Monday is here and great deals are available for computer security, software, online courses, system admin services, antivirus, and VPN software.These promotions have deep discounts from various companies and are only for a limited time. So if you see something you like, you should act on it as soon as possible.If there are any other deals th
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The Best Black Friday 2020 Security, IT, VPN, & Antivirus Deals

Black Friday is almost here and great deals are already available for computer security, system admin, antivirus, and VPN software.These promotions have deep discounts from various companies and are only for a limited time. So if you see something you like, you should act on it as soon as possible.If there are any other deals that we missed, f
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IoT forecast: Running antivirus on your smart device?

In 2016, threat actors pulled off a basic but devastating botnet attack that harnessed the power of the Internet of Things (IoT). After gathering a list of 61 default username and password combinations for IoT devices, threat actors scanned the Internet for open Telnet ports and, when they found a vulnerable device, gained entry, eventually amassing an ar
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Workshop Today: Threat Hunting With VirusTotal - Black Belt Edition

SecurityWeek and VirusTotal will host a free live workshop on Thursday, November 19th from 1PM - 3PM ET on "Threat Hunting With VirusTotal - Black Belt Edition".Threat Hunting is one of the most popular techniques used by security analysts for all kinds of investigations. It is both science and, to some degree, inspiration. However in the last years the secu
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Why Antivirus Protection isn’t Enough to Stay Totally Safe

Viruses and malware are the main tools used by cybercriminals to break into networks and steal data. As a result, anti-malware software like Panda Dome is absolutely essential for keeping your computer and personal data secure. These tools can scan your hard drive for virus infections and remove them automatically. But cyberattacks are becoming more sophisti
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UK Data Privacy Watchdog Slashes BA Fine as Virus Bites

The UK's data privacy watchdog on Friday slashed a fine imposed on British Airways over a cyber attack after taking into account coronavirus fallout on the embattled airline's finances.The UK Information Commissioner's Office said BA would be fined a "record" £20 million ($25 million, 22 million euros), considerably less that the proposed amount totalling £1
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Fake Windows Defender Antivirus Theme Used to Spread QBot

Digital attackers incorporated a fake Windows Defender Antivirus theme into a malicious document in order to distribute QBot malware.According to Bleeping Computer, the QBot gang began using a new template for their email attack campaigns’ malicious documents beginning on August 25, 2020.The template adopted the disguise of a Windows Defender Antivirus
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QBot uses Windows Defender Antivirus phishing bait to infect PCs

The Qbot botnet uses a new template for the distribution of their malware that uses a fake Windows Defender Antivirus theme to trick you into enabling Excel macros.Qbot, otherwise known as QakBot or QuakBot, is Windows malware that steals bank credentials, Windows domain credentials, and provides remote access to threat actors who install ransomware.Victims
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Experts warn of flaws in popular Antivirus solutions

Researchers disclosed details of security flaws in popular antivirus software that could allow threat actors to increase privileges. Security researchers from CyberArk Labs disclosed details of security vulnerabilities found in popular antivirus software that could be exploited by attackers to elevate their privileges on the target system. Antivirus so
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