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Do Chromebooks need antivirus protection?

The supervisor handed Jim a Chromebook and said: “Take this home with you and use it to send me updates. We want to minimize the number of visits to the office—anything you can do from home helps keep this place safer. When the pandemic is over, I’d like to have it back in one piece, if possible.” Jim is great at his job, but his reputation with technolo
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Office 365 users that are returning to the workplace targeted with Coronavirus training resources

Experts are warning of a new phishing campaign aimed at Office 365 users that are returning to the workplace with Coronavirus training resources. Threat actors continue to use Coronavirus lures adapting their technique to the current situation. The attack techniques adopted by the threat actors depends on the state of businesses in each region. In places
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Old habits vs. New Normal in the Time of Coronavirus

Reading Time: ~ 3 min. It didn’t take long for COVID-19 to completely alter the way we work. Businesses that succeed in this rapidly changing environment will be the ones that adapt with the same velocity. In our second installment from The Future of Work series, you’ll hear from Webroot Product Marketing Director George Anderson, who shares his perspective
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Why You Need More than Built-In Antivirus Protection

Reading Time: ~ 3 min. Most major tech blogs have run some variation of the following headline in recent months: Is it worth paying for an antivirus solution anymore? The insinuation, of course, is that built in antivirus solutions for Mac and Windows machines have progressed to such a point that it’s no longer worth reinforcing them with a paid solution
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Amnesty Sounds Alarm Over Gulf, Norway Virus Apps

Amnesty International warned Tuesday that contact-tracing technology developed to contain the novel coronavirus threatens users' privacy, highlighting Bahraini, Kuwaiti and Norwegian apps as "among the most dangerous".Many countries have turned to smartphones to trace people's movements and track their contacts, allowing officials to monitor coronavirus infe
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Coronavirus Tracing App a Test for Privacy-Minded Germany

Germany launched a coronavirus tracing app Tuesday that officials say is so secure even government ministers can use it.Smartphone apps have been touted as a high-tech tool in the effort to track down potential COVID-19 infections. Experts say finding new cases quickly is key to clamping down on fresh clusters, especially as countries slowly emerge from lock
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Norway Suspends Virus-Tracing App After Privacy Concerns

Norway's health authorities said on Monday they had suspended an app designed to help trace the spread of the new coronavirus after the national data protection agency said it was too invasive of privacy.Launched in April, the smartphone app Smittestopp ("Infection stop") was set up to collect movement data to help authorities trace the spread of COVID-19, a
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Coronavirus-themed attacks May 31 – June 13, 2020

This post includes the details of the Coronavirus-themed attacks launched from May 31 to June 13, 2020. Threat actors exploit the interest in the Coronavirus outbreak while infections increase worldwide, experts are observing new campaigns on a daily bases. Below a list of attacks detected between May 31 and June 13, 2020. June 4, 2020 – North
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Polymorphic Viruses – Intego Mac Podcast Episode 138

Polymorphic Viruses – Intego Mac Podcast Episode 138We begin by learning how Josh got interesting in computer security. We then discuss Apple patches and flaws, end-to-end encryption, coronavirus scams, a Google lawsuit, and a photo that can crash Android phones. Computer Viruses, Artificial Life and Evolution by Mark LudwigZero-day in Sign in with App
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French Virus Tracing App Goes Live Amid Debate Over Privacy

France is rolling out an official coronavirus contact-tracing app aimed at containing fresh outbreaks as lockdown restrictions gradually ease, becoming the first major European country to deploy the smartphone technology amid simmering debates over data privacy.The StopCovid app launched Tuesday just as the French government started allowing people to once a
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Coronavirus campaigns lead to surge in malware threats, Labs report finds

In the first three months of 2020, as the world clamped down to limit coronavirus, cyber threats ramped up. Our latest, special edition for our quarterly CTNT report focuses on recent, increased malware threats which all have one, big thing in common—using coronavirus as a lure. Our report, “Cybercrime tactics and techniques: Attack on home base,” analyze
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What Is a Heuristic Virus and How to Remove It

There is often confusion between heuristic analysis and what’s commonly known as a “heuristic virus”. Heuristics are more accurately described as heuristic analysis, the method in which dangerous code is found. The term, heuristic virus, can often be misleading. While the term heuristic virus can be referred to as the method in which malicious code is detect
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Coronavirus-themed attacks May 24 – May 30, 2020

This post includes the details of the Coronavirus-themed attacks launched from May 24 to May 30, 2020. Threat actors exploit the interest in the Coronavirus outbreak while infections increase worldwide, experts are observing new campaigns on a daily bases. Below a list of attacks detected this week. May 26 – Hangzhou could permanently adopt CO
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Virus Apps Expose Tension Between Privacy and Need for Data

As more governments turn to tracing apps in the fight against the coronavirus, a deep-rooted tension between the need for public health information and privacy rights has been thrust into the spotlight.Track-and-trace technology is being touted as a silver bullet that will allow economies to reopen and people to emerge from home confinement, with health auth
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French Privacy Watchdog Okays Coronavirus Tracing App

France's privacy watchdog gave the green light Tuesday to a government-backed cellphone app that will alert users if they have been in contact with an infected person.Use of the app called StopCovid will be voluntary, and will keep track of users who had been in close proximity of one another over a two-week period. If any become infected, they inform the pl
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