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Tutorial for Building and Reverse Engineering Simple Virtual Machine Protection

1. IntroductionThe virtual machine protection refers to the kind of software protection technology by which the original executable and readable code are translated into a string of pseudo-code byte stream, and a virtual machine is embedded into the program to interpret and execute that pseudo-code byte stream. The difference between virtual machine pr
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The Internet Drafts and Security Issues Around a Virtual Private Network Infrastructure

All of our articles in this series have reviewed what a Virtual Private Network Infrastructure is all about. Essentially, it is simply another layer of Security that a business or a corporation can implement into their existing Information Technology Infrastructure, also known more specifically as a “VPN.”The design of a VPN can either be q
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An Introduction to tmux

In this introduction, we cover a basic set of features for tmux and a little hands-on using it in some specific use cases. The article was inspired by keeping w3af alive across ssh sessions questions on the w3af mailing list.FeaturesWhat is tmux?Resuming applications after disconnectPane splittingCheat sheetConclusionWhat is tmux?Tmux is a terminal mul
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VoIP Network Recon: Footprinting, Scanning, and Enumeration

The traditional PSTN has been replaced by more advanced and efficient VoIP network. VoIP has quickly made its place in the corporate and home environment as well; there are many advantages of using VoIP network over PSTN. But, the security risk has also increased over the period; securing VoIP network in a corporate environment is the necessity that yo
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Configuring a Test Lab for Data Analysis

The world of IT Security revolves around data. This data mainly consists of logs that are generated, collected, stored and analyzed. Considering the large amount of data security logs can generate; this can put a huge load on storage and processing resources.In a professional production environment, this should be well organised, and there should be en
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Build A Simple Cloud Using the Open Hardware Technology

AbstractData storage has become a critical problem that facing computer scientists. Not only is it the huge amount of data; it is also also the problem of safety and privacy because of the revolution of information technology security. In order to find a possible solution to these problems, this project combines open hardware and open source software.
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