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Project Freta, a free service that allows finding malware in OS memory snapshots

Microsoft launched Project Freta, a free service that allows users to find malware, including rootkit, in operating system memory snapshots. Microsoft has unveiled a new project, dubbed Project Freta, for the discovery of malicious code in operating system memory snapshots. The Project Freta is a cloud-based service that allows users to collect forensi
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Climbing the Vulnerability Management Mountain: Reaching Maturity Level 1

The time at ML:0 can be eye-opening form many organizations. There are generally a lot of assets discovered that are new or had been forgotten about. Almost every organization discovers their own Methuselah; this is the system that has been around forever and performs some important tasks but has not been updated in years. The system admins are scared to tou
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Moving to a Virtualized Environment? The Key Things You Need to Know about Your Security

Since cloud technology first appeared on the scene, companies have been battling with the concept of cloud security. The reality is that the cloud presents you with three unique challenges from a security perspective.1. You need to think differentlyIt may sound obvious, but the cloud is different from a physical data centre. When IT departments were focused
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Understand and Managing Change: Why We Shouldn’t Rely on the Human Element

At some point in our lives, we have all experienced a time when we had something break, quit working, or at the very least not work the way we expected. After exhausting our personal skills in trying to figure out how to fix the problem, we end up calling the repairman – the expert that will help us get back on track.In the IT Ops and IT Security worlds, the
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Does malware still detect virtual machines?

In the security field, virtual machines (VM) have been used for many years and are popular among researchers because malware can be executed and analyzed on them without having to reinstall production systems every time. As we previously discussed, these tests can be done manually or on automated systems, with each method providing different bene
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