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5 non-negotiable principles to combat cyber war on mobile

Cyber war is a term the U.S. government is intimately familiar with, but woefully unprepared for when it comes to mobile. Government employee mobile devices are a relatively new attack surface, and a particularly valuable one for espionage missions and other criminal intent. Mobile devices access confidential, classified, and other protected data classes. A
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Integrating OpenCanary & DShield

Being a volunteer for the SANS Internet Storm Center, I’m a big fan of the DShield service. I think that I’m feeding DShield with logs for eight or nine years now. In 2011, I wrote a Perl script to send my OSSEC firewall logs to DShield. This script has been running and pushing my logs every 30 mins for years. Later, DShield was extended to colle
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A Ceph guide for Kubernetes and Openshift users

Ceph is a self-hosted distributed storage system popular among organizations using containers in production. For those looking for a storage solution in their containerized infrastructure, we created this guide to cover: How to Deploy Ceph on AWS (part 1 of 3) Quick Introduction to Ceph and alternatives How to Deploy Ceph on AWS Other Ceph deployme
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Ceph Persistent Volume for Kubernetes or Openshift

State aware applications like databases or file repositories need access to the same file system no matter where the container they are running on is scheduled. Kubernetes and Openshift call this persistent volume. Previously we went through: How to Deploy Ceph on AWS (part 1 of 3) Quick Introduction to Ceph and alternatives How to Deploy Ceph on AWS
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How to Monitor Ceph: the top 5 metrics to watch

In Part 1 of A Ceph guide for Kubernetes and Openshift users, we covered: Quick Introduction to Ceph and alternatives How to Deploy Ceph on AWS Other Ceph deployment strategies for Kubernetes and Openshift While in our second piece we focused on using Ceph as Persistent Volume for Kubernetes or Openshift. Now that we’re up and running, we need t
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Understanding how Kubernetes DNS Services work

Kubernetes allows you to create container groups and define services on top of them. Kubernetes assigns each service a virtual static IP address routable within the cluster, so any connection that reaches this IP address will be automatically routed to one of the containers in the group. The benefit of using services is that you are able to access the fun
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SELinux, Seccomp, Falco, and You: A Technical Discussion

One of the questions we often get when we talk about Sysdig Falco is “How does it compare to other tools like SELinux, AppArmor, Auditd, etc. that also have security policies?” To help answer some of those questions, we thought we’d present a summary of other related security products and how they compare to Sysdig Falco. Specifically, we’ll l
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Creating alerts for mesos and marathon app failure

This blog was initially posted by an awesome member of the sysdig community, Kamol Mavlonov on http://blog.microservices.today/. If you’re new to alerting in sysdig cloud this how to video is a great place to start! Creating alerts for marathon failure Under Explore tab select Server -> Overview. Choose Group by mesos.framework.name. Cli
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On Monoliths, Kubernetes, and Monitoring: Transitioning to Docker at Major League Soccer

Earlier this week at Tectonic Summit hosted by CoreOS, we heard Brian Aznar speak about his experience migrating to Docker and Kubernetes, and how his monitoring strategy changed as well. Brian is the director of engineering for Major League Soccer. Brian was interviewed by Loris Degioanni, founder of Sysdig. Below is the text of the conversation, slight
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Tracking down application bottlenecks with Tracers

What if we could do application monitoring without complex dependencies, overhead and for free? That’s why we recently launched Sysdig Tracers: a new functionality that extends the open source Sysdig troubleshooting tool from the infrastructure layer towards the application layer. Tracers allow you to monitor execution time of any segment of code fr
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Creating Utilization Alerts & Dashboards for Mesos & DCOS

This blog was initially posted by an awesome member of the sysdig community, Kamol Mavlonov on http://blog.microservices.today/. He covers how to get up and running with Dashboards and Alerts to monitor the CPU, Memory, and Disk utilization in your mesos environments. Creating a Disk Utilization Dashboard Under Explore tab select Server -> Overview.
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Falco 0.5.0 Now Available

Falco 0.5.0 Released We recently released Falco 0.5.0, the behavioral security monitor. This release has a little bit of everything–new features, rule changes, and bug fixes. Here’s a rundown of the changes: New Security Monitoring Features Usually, you’ll want your ruleset to result in few-to-no falco notifications. However, it
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Troubleshooting Docker and Kubernetes

Container orchestration platforms like Kubernetes, DC/OS Mesos or Docker Swarm help towards making your experience like riding an unicorn over a rainbow, but don’t help much with troubleshooting containers: They are isolated, there is a barrier between you and the process you want to monitor and traditional troubleshooting tools run on the host doesn’t
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The Leet Botnet powered a 650 Gbps DDoS attack before Christmas

Just before Christmas a massive DDoS attack powered by a new botnet dubbed Leet Botnet hit the network of the firm Imperva. Security experts from the firm Imperva observed a massive attack against the company network on the morning of Dec. 21. The massive DDoS attack reached 650 Gbps, according to the researchers it was powered by the Leet Botnet and targete
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Fake apps, identity theft, and 7 tips to keep your data safe this holiday shopping season

If the twinkle lights on trees and the familiar tunes of carols emanating from coworkers’ earbuds haven’t given it away already: we’ve officially entered holiday shopping season. This means you may be likely to use your mobile device to purchase presents for your family and friends. It’s more important than ever to be vigilant while making purchases on your
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